Poll: How Will the Premier League Be Affected By England's World Cup Exit?

BLOEMFONTEIN, June 27, 2010 Gareth Barry (R) of England reacts after losing the 1/8 final match to Germany at the 2010 FIFA World Cup at Free State stadium in Bloemfontein, South Africa, on June 27, 2010. England lost 1-4.

Now that England is flying home today from the 2010 World Cup, what type of impact do you think this will have on the Premier League in England?

Will it not change anything at all? Will people be upset that the Premier League is killing the England national team? Will crowds and season ticket sales decrease? Or will England fans not care about their national team and will throw their energy and money into their club team instead?

Vote in the poll below and share your opinions in the comments section.

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15 thoughts on “Poll: How Will the Premier League Be Affected By England's World Cup Exit?”

    1. You may be right, but I think that can only hurt the game.

      Imagine Major League Baseball with quotas on “foreign” players. Even A-Rod plays for another country in off-season international play. If you want to be the best, you have go and get the best players, regardless of where they’re from.

      1. Oh absolutely, I dont think it’s good for the game, and it’ll reduce the quality of the EPL. I was just making the logical statement here – I’m a huge Arsenal fan so you know how i feel about quotas… :)

        1. Quote system will actually hurt not just EPL but English national team as well. Yes it will create more opportunities for English players who will still have to compete with players from other British federations. But it will also leave English football more isolated and players less exposed to other styles of play. It will also make EPL teams less competitive in Europe and overall level of the league will suffer. Which will lead to less funding and consequently less investments in the youth system.

          Instead of trying to limit number of foreign players in EPL how about encouraging English players to go and try their luck abroad? One particular player who would definitely benefit from this move is Rooney. It will give him a chance to progress to the next level if he can and I believe he will be successful outside of pristine MU environment.

          1. Unfortunately English players aren’t really in demand overseas because of the youth setup in the country. Rooney moving to Spain won’t magically make the English side good. A vast overhaul of a largely useless youth system throughout English football would.

            Rather than foreign quotas, which are a poor idea, I think the way forward is to reward clubs for bringing through English talent.

  1. Time to get back to the premier league!

    FA are stuck with Capello because of the cost of the contract……..
    Liverpool are looking for a manager and Hodgson is supposedly #1……
    Hodgson is mentioned as a replacement for Capello…………….


    Liverpool take Capello and pay him the same as the FA ($6 million year)
    FA off the hook and can take Hodgson

    Everybody happy……………

    Liverpool take Capello and pay him the same as the FA ($6 million year)
    FA off the hook and can take Hodgson

    Everybody happy……………

    1. “A different manager does not a better player make”

      I think the FA need to get some better players before they look to change managers…

      1. I disagree with your assessment. In a one-off tie, anything can happen. Look no further than Germany v Serbia as one of numerous examples in the WC where the underdogs pulled off shock results. Once the score was 2-1, England were clearly gaining confidence and had that perfectly valid goal by Lampard stood, they would have had the psychological advantage at the end of the 1st half, which can be the decisive factor. I do believe that the strategy for the 2nd half would have differed. England could conceivably have taken that tie.

        Having said that, England were a pale shadow of Englands past and in truth deserved to be well beaten. For that reason, Germany are to be congratulated.

  2. “Liverpool take Capello and pay him the same as the FA ($6 million year)
    FA off the hook and can take Hodgson

    Everybody happy……………”

    Yes, Liverpool fans will be happy if the FA pays Capello’s wages. Otherwise, no deal.

    Capello has won titles in Italy and Spain so he isn’t really that bad.

  3. Positive, the players will get a couple weeks more of holiday, they will be fresher for the season’s start. In two months no one will give a damn about the the world cup outside the two finalists.

  4. It is not an issue of skills/talent level that caused the downfall of England, France and Italy (and Spain (almost, if not for the referee). It is that:
    1) the rest of the world has caught up to a certain extent to the level of those “usual suspects”
    2) Those countries’ leagues seasons run a bit too long and take a toll on their players’ bodies. Yet no one is addressing the issue of shortening the season for that would mean loss of revenues for folks at the top
    3) The players representing those countries are multi millionaires and have already made a name for themselves. While wearing winning is ok and somewhat desired, it is not needed. They will not go the extra mile for fear of injuring themselves which may possibly end their career.
    4) Most of these players are primadonas and expect everyone to kiss their asses and fear them by the simple mention of their names. When they find that their opponents do not fear them but rather came prepared to face them, they find themselves unprepared.

  5. I don’t buy the long season excuse – France, Italy, Spain and England all have 38 games and Germany has 36.

    i do think that this new “austerity” budget might have a knock-on effect on ticket sales especially at the smaller EPL clubs.

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