In One Word, Depression: England 1-4 Germany

June 27, 2010 - South Africa - Football - Germany v England FIFA World Cup Second Round - South Africa 2010 - Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein, South Africa - 27/6/10..England's Frank Lampard scores a goal which the referee Jorge Larrionda (not pictured) did not give.

Devastated. Demoralized. Disgusted. Disillusioned. Can we get one more D? How about depression. This is a dark day in the history of the World Cup. And in the history of soccer. Yes, it’s that dark.

It’s hard to write the emotions I feel right now. I’m a citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States of America. So while yesterday’s win was disappointing, it was a fair result at the end of the day. Ghana outplayed the United States and deserved team go through.

But with England today, it was a different story. This was a team that deserved to be one all drawn at halftime, but it was cheated of a goal of massive proportions that is going to make soccer look like a joke and that is going to only infuriate fans against FIFA. In this day and age, how is a company like FIFA still in business? How many mistakes must we let them make? How many more near-tragedy riots are we going to see from their complete and utter incompetence.

Due to FIFA’s incompetence, a man will be sacked or will resign. Fabio Capello does not need to be cheated by FIFA when his job is on the line.

Before some of my readers complain against me being out of my mind saying that England could win this game, please understand that Germany played an absolutely outstanding game today. This was one of the best German performances I’ve seen in years. Simply incredible.

BUT, I guarantee you that England if they had gone in at halftime in this game would have gone on to win the game. England is that type of team. That type of country. That style of play.

Germany gained a massive advantage in that disallowed goal. There is no doubt.

Having said that, England was not nearly their best today but at the same time they put in their best performance of the tournament. They were nowhere near perfect and made plenty of comical defensive errors. David James should have saved a goal. Peter Crouch should have played. Joe Cole was brought on too late. Gareth Barry is absolutely terrible and should have never let the German attacker forward. The list goes on and on.

But at the end of the day I feel cheated. I feel that, despite an incredible German performance, England deserved a goal and deserved a chance to see if that would make a difference. Thanks to FIFA, they were not given that chance. And that is just a crying shame. Seriously. Honestly.

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  1. England would have gone on to win? True that we’ll never know because of that disallowed goal (not to mention the questionable offsides call) but I can’t see any evidence (beyond blind faith/hope) that England would have gone on to win. They’ve scored a total of 2 goals total before today. 2.

  2. ” BUT, I guarantee you that England if they had gone in at halftime in this game would have gone on to win the game. England is that type of team. That type of country. That style of play.”


    1. Nah. The pace of Germany was a threat on the counter-attack because England had to push forward hard for a goal. If they’d had that goal and could have afforded to sit back a little more, it’s an open question whether the counter would have worked as well. Yeah, Upson and Terry were rubbish this game. But that exposed us more than it might have because we were forced to play a strategy that relied heavily on the centerbacks. And the denied goal forced that.

  3. I can’t describe the utter disbelief and disappointment that I’m feeling right now. Never did I believe that we were in the ranks with Brazil, Argentina, Spain, etc… but I can’t get over how we got dismantled. This is a stunning loss. Capello has to go. Even though the players should shoulder most of the blame, Capello did not adjust tactics when preparing for this tournament. The 4-4-2 is an antiquated setup that, judging by this display, has been found out. I’m so fucking pissed right now over this shite.

  4. If that goal had been allowed, things might have turned out differently; maybe not—-we’ll never know. FIFA are really in the dark ages and perhaps the world soccer organazations should give them the boot and organize, and modernize, under a new governing body. American football has allowed challenges with the aid of technology, and, for God’s sake, even Wimbledon has changed. FIFA are hopelessly stupid on the subject of technology, just carefully read their statements. Maybe something is lost in translation but the bottom line is—no change.

  5. I know what you are saying Gaffer though England were fortunate to get back to 2-1 even the way it was going. Had England got the second – well anything could have happened but ultimately Germany were beyond superior.

    How can you be depressed? Your first team is Wales, your second team is America and your third team is England – how many teams do you cry for? :)

    1. My first team is Wales (country of birth), followed by the USA (country where I live and have lived for most of my life), followed by England (which is where most of my family comes from and where I have spent plenty of time).

      Since Wales never qualifies for these big tournaments, I support the USA and England.

      The Gaffer

  6. You are right. I think you are “being out of (your) mind saying that England could win this game”. The better team made her own luck. I am a neutral and its obvious Germany played much better football. They deserved to win. Glad to see England go out so that they can build another proper footballing side and not rely on reputation or star status of individuals. One evidence in point – Germany brought in youngsters towards the end game; England brought in Heskey. What a joke.

  7. Gaffer,
    Watch the match again and you’ll see that England were just not good enough on the day. Yes, the disallowed goal might have changed things but England had a full half to show their worth and they came second best. The young German side played with more poise and were technically better than the experienced England side. So I’m sorry that I don’t share your view that had England been level at halftime they would have gone on to win the match. I saw no evidence of that.

  8. It must be said that Frank Lampard played an exceptional game today. Nauer robbed him in the 30th minute, the refs robbed him in the 38th, and the bar robbed him in the 2nd half. He moved well, was seemingly the only red shirt to track back on the third goal… excellent stuff from England’s best midfielder, who was, quite frankly, the only England player who showed up.

    Steven Gerrard was poor once again. He commands too much of the ball, takes to many sighters, and deserves a lion’s share of the blame for England dismal exit.

    1. Lampard marked the wrong man on Germany’s third goal. It might be because of a justified lack of faith in his mates but he held up a hand to cry and then got back in the wrong position. He’s one of four or five red shirts clumped together at the top of the box while Mueller is left unmarked. But yes, Lampard/England were robbed of a goal.

      Gaffer. what are you talking about? Sure, England could have pulled a miracle upset despite playing much worse than Germany if the goal wasn’t bizarrely and unfairly disallowed. But I have no idea where you get the faith that this England team is the type of team to beat this Germany. No idea at all.

      1. If England had gone into half-time tied at 2-2, this would have been a totally different England performance in the second half. I can’t prove that, but Wayne Rooney would have had more of a fire in his belly coming out in the second half knowing that the game was tied.

        The Gaffer

        1. if you can find that fire in this current English side, I suggest that you should be the England national team manager.

  9. I understand some overstatement after defeat, I am prone to it as well. To suppose, however, that England would have one strikes me as rather extreme wishful thinking. In none of England’s WC matches have they shown they are “that kind of team” and they were clearly second best today. The call was awful, and maybe England would have gone on to nick it. Based on what we saw the past couple of weeks, there is no evidence the possibility was likely.

  10. Good to know that you’re writing in a very emotional time, because I can’t agree with you on this one. England deserved the loss. And your proposals include bringing in Crouch so the team could cross more balls? Aw c’mon!

    The team lacks good passing. And how can that be considering Lamps and Gerard are among the best midfielders in the world? The approach was wrong all along – in the group stage and today. Strategically England sucked as.

    As for FIFA being a lame and medieval institution, I agree completely.

    1. Peter Crouch is more gifted with his feet than with his head. If Cole and others had crossed the ball into the box (low to the ground), Peter Crouch would have made a difference for England.

      Alas, he was never given a chance and we must suffer as a result at the thought of what could have been.

      The Gaffer

      1. has Peter Crouch ever excelled against top class international opposition? with his head or with his feet? I remember him taking Jamaica apart in 2006, but that’s it!

  11. “BUT, I guarantee you that England if they had gone in at halftime in this game would have gone on to win the game. England is that type of team. That type of country. That style of play.” My take? that’s just prosaic trash. On all evidence, England should not have even been playing against Germany – they should have been home earlier. Thank God they played a good team today, or they’d have bored the socks off me again.

  12. Well I understand the emotions but I think should have waited for a couple of days to reflect what happened in that game. To me it was classical example of “men vs boys” though young German boys turned out to be true men.
    How you deal with adversity is what separates real contenders from fluff. You don’t control referee decisions or ball bounces. You focus on things that you can control. That means not making childish mistakes and going down two goals early in the game. Putting yourself in position to get that lucky bounce. Or capitalizing on young German team getting nervous after conceding a soft goal. You come out in the second half extra motivated and knowing that you are pretty much in the game and that disallowed goal is just bump in the road. And you definitely don’t start second half exactly the same way you started first.

    Just a brief reminder. In the last year Confederation Cup final Brazil was down 2-0 against US. They had their goal disallowed in exactly the same fashion. They just shrugged it off and went on pressing and winning 3-2. That was something that England should have done today. The problem is that unlike Brazil they didn’t have the quality to do that.

    1. It’s easy for Steven Gerrard to say that. And I agree that Germany was the better team. But in this day and age, a goal should be a goal should be a goal. It could have changed the game. Unfortunately, we will never know if it will.

      The Gaffer

  13. England even if they had the goal that was not given were not going to win this game. They were outplayed by Germany in almost every way. England scraped by into the knockout phase and were not going to win this game. England need a major overhaul but when all people focus on is the horrible call on the goal, nothing will change with England and England need change.

  14. As a German I am naturally relieved that we have reached the quarters and am pleased at the maturity with which our young guns have equipped themselves.
    Whilst it cannot be denied that the England team were cheated by the goal that wasn’t given and yes, we’ll never know what would have happened had it stood, but I wonder what embarrassment the three lions would have suffered at the ‘feet’ of a top class team like Argentina in the next round if they had beaten our U21 side today…
    England’s performances in RSA have been disappointing throughout and abject today.
    But whilst the England players and Capello will feel cheated by a disallowed goal (and rightfully so), thousands of England fans who went to RSA to support their team at great expense to themselves MUST feel cheated by the ‘performances’ and ineptitude displayed by players and management alike… Whilst I have no sympathy for the dashed hopes of overpayed primadonnas who think themselves world champions by virtue of pulling on the England shirt, its the fans I feel sorry for and it is to their credit that they were still singing their hearts out whilst their heroes had already surrendered and accepted humiliation. The England shirt and the fans deserve better than that.

    1. hah – nice overreaction the other way/trash-talk couched in concern for the hard-done-by English fans.

      1. Schweinsteiger and Lahm are not U-21ers and Klose has been poaching world cup goals since 2002 IIRC (maybe only 2006)

      2. Michael Ballack is an overpaid primadonna

      3. The English fans are just as culpable in this as it is their myopia over the state of their football (grassroots up) that fuels the media overhyping machine that provides the feedback that these guys are only lacking the passion to play for the shirt.

      Henry Winter seemed to think that John Terry’s impassioned coup last weekend was just the thing England needed, not any new ideas introduced by a foreign manager. He was also concerned for those poor fans who were lot down by Capello and the players. What about the FA? What about the media who all picked England to win no questions? What about the Premier League who puts undue financial pressures to win and stay up at all costs and whose money structure drives up the prices of English players so that clubs decide to buy teenagers from Spain and France (some illegally) instead of develop the English talent. What about the grassroots system that’s miles behind France or Holland?

      What about Henry Winter and his ilk that protect and advance this outdated romantic notion about the way the game should be played in a proper English manner. Reminds me of all the baseball myopians who were so blind to the steroid problems.

      England’s football, like America’s political system, is in serious need of an overhaul … and will never get it because there’s too much invested in the status quo by people who are out for their own interests.

  15. Gaffer,

    too emotional/bias man.. except for that pathetic referee decision, england were awful.. Germany deserved it..

    1. Emotional, yes. But that’s what soccer is all about. I wrote the article after the game and shared my honest thoughts. Nothing less. Nothing more.

      The Gaffer

  16. I don’t see what point you’re making. Germany were the better team. If England were really that great they wouldn’t have to rely on one decision of a referee to decide their world cup.

    1. I have to disagree here. 36 of the 64 games in 2006 were either draws or wins by one – i.e. cases where a single decision of a referee could have decided the game. In the knockout rounds, 10 of 16 were. The fact of the matter is, in a low-scoring game like football, a wrongly allowed or disallowed goal makes a massive difference.

  17. Does anyone who was watching the game think England deserved two goals before halftime? Germany were far and away the better team and could have scored at least a couple more goals before the half. Yes, Lampard’s goal should have been allowed but on the whole England didn’t deserve to be level at halftime nor did they do enough in the second half to win the game. At the end the better team won.

    I too am gutted but England showed nothing in all 4 games they played that they were good enough to be in the quarterfinals. Germany deserves to be in the quarterfinals.

    1. I am always puzzled by the logic that a team “deserves” goals that don’t go into the net. I mean, when you say Germany could have gone up by more before the half… why didn’t they? Surely being up 4-1 or so at the half would have been an advantage. Why did they not score these goals it was possible for them to score?

      My assumption is that, in fact, they could not score those goals, either due to inaccuracy from their strikers, or because the England defense was good enough to stop them on those occasions.

      The fact of the matter is, in the first half, both teams were good enough to score two goals.

      1. Well I am surprised then you’re not puzzled at your own supposition that at 2-2, England’s tactics in the 2nd half would have prevented Germany from scoring 2 goals, when at 0-0 they didn’t prevent the Germans from scoring 2.

        “The fact of the matter is, in the first half, both teams were good enough to score two goals.”

        Well the fact of the matter is in the second half only one team was good enough to score two goals.

        1. Yeah. Only one team was. And that’s why that team won. I mean, I think there’s a real chance it would have gone differently if England hadn’t had to spend the second half pushing forward in increasing desperation. But my point was merely that saying that England was outplayed in the first half seems factually untrue.

  18. English taxpayers are paying Cappello 6 million a year for that crap?

    Why not use Dawson,he is younger and quicker than Upson and terry or old man Carreg..?

    Should have dropped Rooney after the Algeria game, he hasn’t been up to it and he knows he is untouchable?

    Why the hell do they play Barry as DM, he is too slow and not agile enough?

    Lampard over GERRARD in the centre is a mistake, do you ever see lampard tracking back? he did what he does at chelsea wait for the other players (foreigners) to win the ball and pass it to him

    Just to start off?

    probably the most telling factor of the world cup they came SECOND to the USA, in football as the yanks say SOCCER

  19. England’s D was an absolute joke

    Germany just did simple passes and they dominated the counter-attacks. It was like watching a little-league team at times

    Pathetic coaching

    1. Over the course of 90 minutes, I completely agree with you. But England’s second goal had been allowed as it should have done, we’re talking about a completely different game and a completely different second half.

      The Gaffer

  20. Gaffer.

    With all due respect, you need to go back and read the chapter in Simon Kuper’s book “Soccernomics” regarding England. It was so true to form that it’s scary. I was eagerly anticipating the train wreck back home so I switched back and forth between 606 and Talksport with Collymore. I promise you I’m not exaggerating when I say not one call blamed the loss on that obvious goal.

    The massive discussion revolved around the regression of English football and that unless the style of play changes, England will continue to regress. There was also massive discussion about hiring an English manager.

    The only obvious observation of this World Cup is that the Three Lions have no heart to go along with their lack of creativity. They relied, as you do, on the belief that Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard would eventually come good. They never got the chance against Germany. They were punished by a better, more organized, more talented and scarily younger team.

    I’m sure you don’t want to hear this (and I’m positive POKER RAKEBACK doesn’t either) but whereas the passion, commitment, and belief carried the USA beyond moments like these (and make no mistake about it, the USA faced these almost in every game this World Cup), England couldn’t and didn’t recover from the bad call.

    The other glaring observation, if you’re honest, is that the USA and England football programs are much closer to each other than you think. Unfortunately for England, they’re on the way down and the USA on the other hand is traveling north. Again, Simon Kuper proving to be eerily accurate.

    Poker Rakeback, I hate to make you the poster-boy for typical English arrogance, but have a bit of self-realization and admit the obvious. I can only assume you’re either too pissed (the English form of pissed) to type or you’re on some ledge right now with all hope lost. Fear not mate, we’ve got plenty of room for those with heart, passion, and will to survive under the protective shield of the stars and stripes.

    1. I love Soccernomics. It’s one of my favorite soccer books of all time. But it’s one thing to sit back and look at the statistics compared to living the moment in the game itself. England were cheated. Pure and simple. If that goal had gone in, it would have changed everything. Statistics go out the window when FIFA makes awful decisions like that.

      The Gaffer

      1. so if the 1966 goal were disallowed, Germany would have been crowned champs and England wouldn’t be as arrogant about their place in the football world?

  21. Lampard’s “goal” just creates a smokescreen for the fact that the Germans should have won this match 9-2.

    England were inferior in every department.

    1. I have to say, failing to score four goals you should have scored seems to me a worse offense than conceding two more than you could have afforded. If Germany should have won 9-2 and only won 4-1, well, that’s also a problem.

  22. I will realise the obvious when i fail to see English players playing for the big four in England and also when i fail to see those big four in England fail to get to the latter stages in Europe. My feeling towards England is not based on arrogance, it is based on what i see those players do on the European stage. The same stage that the like of the Brazilian, German, Dutch and Argentinian players are judged.

    If the same English players are playing well on that stage and reaching the latter stages, i’m afraid i will ask questions of the manager, his tactics, his formation and the general commitment, and belief he has bought to the team.

    1. What a na’ive thing to say. I’m a bit surprised to be honest. In England, 70% of the players in the Premier League are foreign. Doesn’t that factor?Not saying guys like Lampard, Gerrard, Terry, and Rooney are not important to their clubs but look at the starting 11 in each of those teams and tell me that England players are responsible for the fortunes OR failures. A better analogy would be Spain and Barcelona. Until England face the truth, and I’m positive you don’t want to hear it from an American, these results will continue to occur. Arguably the best results in Champions League football for English teams came in 2008 when United beat Chelsea in the final and what did the national team do? Fail to qualify for Euro 2008. You think that was coincidence?

    2. how many English players are on those teams? How many of their deficiencies are masked by the foreign players also on those teams. The foreign players who are hungrier and leave their countries to play in the EPL and bring the kind of skill that English players lack?

      Lots of Croatian players in the EPL but they didn’t make it. Lots of Irish players. French EPL players didn’t make an impact. Club form has nothing to do with the national team. Just ask Italy.

  23. Those same English players on “the Big Four” (really three because you can hardly count Arsenal as having English players) also greatly rely on the prowess of foreign players to free them up to succeed. I think we saw this year how badly Gerrard struggled without Xavi Alonso, for example, and I know Lampard wouldn’t be nearly as free to score and play the way he does without Drogba stretching out the D up top.

    I’m not saying these aren’t highly skilled players themelves, but I just think that “Big 4” argument is a bit of a stretch. I still think the problem lies with tactics and club selection–the 2 up top were a waste without sufficient midfield support, and there wasn;t sufficient midfield support with Lampard, Gerrard and Barry seemingly just tripping over each other.

  24. Gaffer are you not Welsh? I’d calm down a bit if I were you because your credibility is crumbling! England were shocking today and gave me exactly the performance I expected after watching the previous 3 games. Simply not good enough

    1. I was born in Wales. My father’s side of the family lives in England, so I have ties to both countries. And I’ve lived in the United States for 26 years, so I support all three countries.

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer lived in the US for 26 years.


        That pretty much explains why he thinks that, had the goal been allowed, Englad would’ve won.

        Sorry folks, ready-made joke…

  25. No club team is based on one nationality so your argument is rubbish. Are we gonna start saying that the spanish players are rubbish because Barca rely on Messi and Danny Alvez.

    The Likes of A.Cole, Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard, Terry, Ferdinand, G Johnson are all crucial to Chelsea and Man Utd and Liverpool and all could play in the same position they do for their club. See below at a formation that not only is the same as Chelsea and Man Utd use but also allows the players to play where they play for those clubs. Two clubs i may add that were in the final of the Champions League not so long ago





    —–J. Cole————————————————–A.Johnson


    1. I’m not saying my team would be good enough to go all the way in the World Cup but i certainly don’t think it would hurt to have players playing in the positions that they play for their clubs and using a formation that those clubs use.
      It just seems obvious to me and i can’t believe it is not obvious to a man who is getting paid £5,000,000 a year,

      1. You say some crazy stuff, Poker Rakeback. Not this.

        That looks more like a 2010 England side to me.

        Loved how his substitutions to chase the game at the end were Heskey and Wright-Phillips. Seriously?

  26. It doesn’t matter if they play for ‘the big 4’ or anyone else… all this cobblers in the press about them being world class players is ridiculous.
    You’re not a world class player unless you can produce it on the world stage and not one England player did.
    Everyone of them bottled it and produced woeful performances.
    Our best ‘world class player’ Rooney was the worst of the lot and Heskey is no more an international footballer than I am.
    Capello broke his own rules, lost the plot, picked players unfit and out of form and got the result he deserved.
    All in all, a gutless shambles of a campaign.

  27. I’m English, but I’m really not that bothered about the disallowed goal. Them’s the breaks. England had a full 45 mins+ to get the anger out of their system, gather their composure and make amends for the disallowed goal, but instead they collapsed. Collectively, they’re just mentally very weak.

  28. What a complete and utter joke football is becoming: Rugby, Cricket and Tennis all have state of the art simple but intelligent technology enabling overriding decisions by adjudicators on inevitable disputes that millions of us worldwide have seen in the game for decades. So someone needs to stick a gun in that fat prick Sepp Blatter’s mouth at Fifa, cock it and watch him sweat until it gets through to him that things have to change… ok an overreaction but what else do these tossers understand? As for England, well is something very seriously awry? or are they just a bunch of passionless, precious little spoilt-brats who if it were not for SKY Sports would be laying tarmac and chucking up scaffold for £500 pw.. John Terry would revert to type and sell a bit of coke on a Friday night to make an extra £60..

  29. So the goal wasn’t allowed, is this the excuse for a team of “stars” to come out in the second half and amble around like a bunch of drunken red faced men having a kick about on the beach after a heavy drinking session?

    Come on! get off the crack! When you have to rely on that cart horse Barry to control midfield (he caused two of the goals), when Rooney played like a schoolboy who had accidently wondered on to a Premiership game, when Terry lumbered around like a man with inflamed hemarroids, when Upson continued to look bewildered like he did when Cappello included him in the squad (“who me?”), and Capello, when he needs to go all out for goals and brings on Shaun Wright Phllips and Heskey!

    And I’m English

  30. Just watched Argentina-Mexico match. Once again, the referees got it wrong. Two of them even conferred on this decision (Argentina was given a goal even though the goal scorer was 5 yards offside, and standing still before heading into the net) and still got it wrong. It makes me think they don’t even know the off-side rule. You can refer to my earlier post. FIFA are hopeless.

  31. I really do believe (like the Gaffer) that that goal (to make it 2-2) would have completely changed the game.

    We all know Fabio and his tactics – he would have England sit on the draw and look for a break.

    That doesn’t guarantee that Germany wouldn’t have won or scored more goals but it does mean that England could have been setting the pace instead of Germany. The experienced England side could have been the ones to counter instead of Germany.

    The fact that England had to push up so much flattered them. Two break-aways and we’re done.

    Having said all that, it all evens out and goes both ways. Sometimes we get some great luck and sometimes we play Germany.

  32. It’s a big of a funny situation to talk about really.

    I mean look at it this way. Next Saturday Germany will face off against Argentina. Now I think most of us will agree that Germany has every chance of beating Argentina if they play really well. If Argentina play poorly then Germany are even more likely to beat Argentina.

    The point is Germany are one of the contenders for the World Cup and when they play well there isn’t a team in the World Cup that they can’t beat. Germany may very well beat Argentina next week and then beat Spain and Brazil. What if Germany win the world cup does that mean everybody that has been beaten by them is a horrible side?

    Germany are a very good and a very solid team. England had a chance but they were never guarunteed to win. In fact if anything Germany were more likely to win and in the end that was the outcome.

    People act like losing to a good German side is the end of the world. With the way Germany are playing right now they might be lifting the trophy in 10 days. Hats off to a fantastic German side that is likely to go very far.

  33. There is nothing to suggest a second England goal would have changed the course of the game whatsoever.

    1. England would have been a completely different team in the second half if they were tied 2-2. It would have completely changed the dynamic of the game.

      The Gaffer

      1. That’s possible. Maybe even probable. But certainly not definite. It’s dependent on far too many variables, wouldn’t you agree?

        But what is your guarantee that England would have won had the goal stood based on? When was the last time they came back from two goals down to win in a game of this stature? Or a game of any significance at all? How is this group of players “that kind of team?”

  34. “If England had gone into half-time tied at 2-2, this would have been a totally different England performance in the second half. I can’t prove that, but Wayne Rooney would have had more of a fire in his belly coming out in the second half knowing that the game was tied.”

    Gaffer, against the USA the game was tied at the half yet where was the fire in Rooney’s belly in the second half? The same against Algeria. I’m sorry but you have no evidence based on performance in this World Cup to prove your point. In fact I think with the team behind by a goal Rooney and others should have had more of a fire in their bellies for the second half. Performances don’t lie.

  35. Doesnt make those Aussies look that bad now does it? It’s true though, for a game that claims to be the ‘world’ game, the continual unchallenged mistakes in refereeing are a joke. Looking at another world game, tennis, it’s almost exactly the opposite, in some tournaments the PLAYERS even have the right to a certain amount of video challenges!!! Referees & umpires make errors in sport, they are human. In the world of football, those mistakes are crucial, match-changing. Why cant the ref go to a 3rd umpire? Maybe because it wouldnt allow them to influence tournaments the way FIFA wants them to. [Sth Korea at home in ’02..?] FIFA wants some African success at this tournament, so is it surprising, for example, that Ghana got to the round of 16 scoring only 2 goals, both from controversial penalties. Serbia were robbed, remember they beat the Germans. Don’t even start with the paucity & color of cards shown to the Ghanaians. And when are they ever going to start to penalise dives? Great to see the Italians out, they could all get new gigs as stuntgirls on the next Charlies Angels movie. C’mon, you play rugby all over the British Isles, how can you stand for that crap. It’s an insult to this amazing sport which is the ultimate, like chess for athletes.

  36. John Terry reverting to type down the pub after SKY pull their money out of the PL.. ” lovely, lovely yeah lovely.. doin all right now back on the scaffolding (sniff sniff, spit, mouth wipe ) yeah £500pw does me alright, draw a a bit of social and sell a nice little bit of coke on a Friday night just for another little £60 in the bin, yeah lovely…. what tonight? yeah lovely going to see me cousin aint I Terry Terry, she’s a pole dancer at that new club in Basildon Lace and Cava, very classy… well yeah she is my cousin (sniff, sniff, mouth wipe) but she loves it don’t she, both av a little toot after and well you know, me old man Ted Terry Terry Terry Terry he gets on it and loves it with her too..and me other cousin Toni ( Toni with an i) Terri Terry Terry .. cor she has it.. better move me scaffolding truck, parked it on a disabled bay and it aint taxed or insured… ( touches nose, sniff, sniff mouth wipe) we’ll get on it afterwards, allwight ?

  37. gaffer you talk stupid with all my respect it was 0-0 by begin than germany went up 2-0 than from a set piece england scored 2-1 ok lampards shot was over the line but disallowed but england had a whole 45 minutes left to find an equaliser why on earth just before the german counter leading to 3-1 were there 9 english players on the german box without heading the warning they already had ?Am sorry but england was outplayed outruned and quiet frankly they were standing ko after 70 minutes,how on earth would the have survived extra time against this young german side take the truth on your cheek england was rubbish and very lucky to get to the last 16.

  38. “BUT, I guarantee you that England if they had gone in at halftime in this game would have gone on to win the game. England is that type of team. That type of country. That style of play.”
    you talking about old time German, not England

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