England v Germany, World Cup 2010: Open Thread

They think it’s all over (Sie denken es ist alles vorbel), well it is now. Not quite, but before, during and after England’s massive game today against Germany, post your opinions and observations in the comments section below as Fabio Capello’s men aim to overturn the Germans to reach the quarter-finals.

According to the UK press, Capello is going to name an unchanged team from the one that defeated Slovenia last Wednesday. It’s a gutsy move from Capello considering that Gareth Barry had a weak game. And there is still not a place for Joe Cole on this side.

Germany, meanwhile, fields an under-strength team that is missing Bastian Schweinsteiger, Cacau and others.

The one thing about Germany versus England matches is that they’re always entertaining. England loves nothing better than to beat Germany, but it doesn’t happen that often. This is absolutely one game you’ll want to sit back and enjoy.

It’s going to be an incredible day of soccer with the later match of Argentina and Mexico, too. Have a wonderful soccer Sunday!

43 thoughts on “England v Germany, World Cup 2010: Open Thread”

  1. two world wars and one world England!!!!!!

    there where 10 german bombers in the air, 10 german bombers in the air…
    and the RAF from England the RAF from England the RAF from End shot one down…..

    Germans hate the war songs, they want us to forget history…

    ENGLAND 5 Germany 1 Michael Owen’s #1…

    1. what is the problem with you guys bringing the worldwars in ?
      football isn’t war but it seems to be englands mentallity to refer back to the past you guys won the worldcup 1966 but you never moved on in fact you still play the same style of football. the premier league you say is the best in the world but if you take all the foreign players out you will find you only average.your own youth has hardly a chance to grow and than you lacking for players in the big tournaments .Before the worldcup the majority of english fans and media saying we win the worldcup ! With what team I said right by the begin england won’t win it not with this old squad.The germans outclassed you the first 2 goals from germany england was under no pressure and even by 2-2 you would have lost because after 70 minutes your old players were standing ko.Why can’t you just take a defeat in grace without bringing the sad history of worldwars in .Shame on you!!

        1. Well historically that’s not 100% accurate. Yes, we did not commit a full military force until late in the wars but we had been allies from almost the start. The US financed and supplied the British weapons, etc.

  2. They’ve said FIFA will only seriously consider goal line technology when a major team gets screwed out of a goal in a big game at the World Cup. As of right now, still waiting for a major team.

  3. How many times is Frank Lampard going to take a free kick that will hit an opposition’s wall? And in this particular instance, Germany breaks on the counter and scores to make it 3-1.

    I wish David Beckham was on the pitch to show how a real free kick is taken.

    The Gaffer

    1. my thoughts exactly. Heskey isn’t going to score intentionally. Why not throw in Crouch for a midfielder like Lampard and just throw everybody at it? Goal difference doesn’t matter. better to lose 9-4 and have a chance then just concede a loss… hope I’m wrong

  4. I think this might be the day video tech gets a sure foothold in football. This game is entirely different if that goal is properly given. Instead, England have to chase the game and give up 2 counters.

    As a rabid fan of the stars and stripes, that call, in my book, is sooo much worse than the Edu disallowed goal. At least with that one Bocanegra could have been whistled if you tuned into the play at the wrong time. There is no excuse for missing a call like that.

  5. For all the talk that we had whether US is England’s rival, you just wonder whether the Germans consider England a rival at all.

    What a beatdown

  6. the disallowed goal would of made a slight difference in the game then Germany’s class would of taken over. england lack any foot skills. they have not looked like scoring. it doesn’t help that the england players are heavily scrutinized because of their media and the fact that everyone watches the epl and knows the players: and therefore cant understand why they are rubbish and talk about it.

    1. Maybe. Germany is Germany and were understandably favoured but that disallowed goal might have made for a shock win despite the difference in class that you mention.

  7. Capello isn’t to blame here. He didn’t have the players. Simple as that. He played solid tactics. England created chances. England scored goals. But two huge problems exist. First, he has no partner for Rooney. Heskey is done – at 32, injury prone, and deeply flawed, he has no 2012. Defoe and Crouch are not proving to be capable of partnering with Rooney. Capello needs a system that uses Rooney.

    But more fundamentally, we lost because of defense. Simple. Our defense was non-existant. We had NOTHING. Time to start counting up who’s out in 2012. Ferdinand is surely done at an injury-prone 33. So we need to actually come up with a central defense that works. So what, do we need to get Dawson up and running?

    Gaping holes in central defense and strikeforce neutralized what else we had. Simple as that. A solid midfield and a lone good striker isn’t enough when you can’t get the link between midfield and the box to work. And a fantastic CDM in Barry doesn’t do anything when central defense is in shambles. Those aren’t problems that you can tactic around.

    I hope we keep Capello. Because I think he can build a squad for the future. And that project starts now as we prepare for 2012. It’s time to drop the players who aren’t going to be there in that tournament – Lampard, James, and Heskey most notably – and start building.

    1. Capello is as much to blame as anybody else. He has FAILED miserably when we needed him most. Bringing on Heskey when we needed 3 goals – what kind of tactical masterstroke was that? The emperor has no clothes. Capello has been outed as a mediocre tactician with zero man management skills at the very highest level i.e. international level. All the trophies he has won in weak Spanish & Italian leagues count for nothing. The proof is there for all to see today. Time to rip this England squad to shreds and start again with the under 21s, build for 2018 not 2014. Let ‘Arry manage them with Beckham not Pearce as his assistant.

      1. Oh, you’re just having a laugh here.

        1) Capello’s trophies in “weak” leagues? Funny that of those wins, twice teams from his league won the Champions League, twice more a team from his league was in the final, and he’s got two appearances and a win in the final himself.

        2) Heskey was brought on for a tiring Defoe. It was a gamble, yes. But the gamble was this – Rooney has never scored for England with Defoe on the pitch. Goals needed to happen, and Capello, not unreasonably, reasoned that Rooney was the best chance of them happening. So he put on a player who could provide better service for Rooney. Might bringing Gerrard into center have helped more? Perhaps. Might Heskey in for a midfielder have helped more? Maybe. But Heskey on was not an unreasonable strategy given that Rooney has a better success rate with Heskey on the pitch.

        3) We’re building for 2018? So we’re giving up on three major tournaments off the bat? Yeah, good luck finding support for “give it up for six years.”

        4) And on top of that, we’re going to sack Pearce, who has guided the U-21s to a semi-final and a final, in favor of Beckham, who has no managerial experience whatsoever? Gorgeous idea. Let’s promote you to head of the FA immediately.

        Come on, be real here.

  8. As a Brazilian who loves the EPL, I can’t understand the English team. I can’t understand how a country with five football divisions can’t find one good player to play as a goalkeeper and can’t find better defense players. Does Capello and his team really watched other unknown players or they had to select only the guys who play in the big leagues? I was expecting an equal game but the Germans humiliated the English team in a way I could not believe. The British team played like if they were all overweight and retired. If Brazil loses like the English team, at least will be a fight in the field. Somebody would have a red card and something bad would happened. You can’t be slapped in the face like that and exchange t-shirts at the end of the game. I know…I know, they call sportsmanship. Sportsmanship my ass. It is a matter of honor and the guys in red could not run, could not tackle, could not challenge. What a hell people. In minutes you are going home…Hello? As a guy who loves football I can’t accept this famous line about the English team in world cups. In Brazil, in Argentina and in other power house countries, everybody wants to get the English team on the last portion of the tournament, accordingly with the specialists, everybody knows the English team will choke when facing the big power house countries in the WC. And the history had been showing that is may be the truth. I believe the crowd in England is like in Brazil, they rather have their teams winning than the National team, BUT, I believe the English fans should be a little bit more on top of the national English team. Be very critical and ask their stars for explanations. They can loose. Loosing is part of the game. But never like that. Never without fighting. That goes completely against what the world expect from the English people. Cheers.

  9. Germany 4 – England 1

    The score does not lie. A young German side outclasses a so-called experienced English side. End of.

    1. England was outplayed, I agree.

      I think the scoreline flattered Germany, and that the degree of outclassing was not so high that it left England hopeless – I’ve seen teams win playing as well as England did against teams playing as well as Germany did.

      And I wonder if Germany would have gotten two more goals from 2-2, instead of from a position where England had to push forward. Germany’s goals were all on the counter-attack. If that hadn’t been so appealing a route… well, what-if is an easy game to play, but I’m not sure the game was quite as clear cut as you say.

  10. England have Joe Hart. Maybe no international experience but at least he has the talent. If England were hoping to go far, their best chance was to put it in Hart and hope that he grew with the squad so that by the time they hit this game, they’d have an understanding between him and Terry.

  11. Sack the “manager”, donate the team’s salary to charity, start the football season at a reasonable time and NOT mid-summer, and rewrite the rules concerning foreign players/managers.

    Then we just might have a chance for 2022 !

    1. You definitely got to limit the amount of foreigners playing by any English team at the premier league. If you leave to foreign investors, they will always focus only at the profit while the English player will continue to be relegated to the bench. I am a foreigner and I love to watch the EPL games, but, it is clear that you are hurting the development of English players if they can’t compete in the same league with the foreigner superstars. There is no such thing as free market when dealing with the national team of football or any other sport. The main goal should always to find a perfect balance between a great league and a superb development to the country’s native players.

  12. Germany 4 (WOW 4) vs. England 1 (OK, maybe 2, but Rooney definitely 0)
    England, England, England,
    Why is it we need to sing “God Save the Queen” every 5 minutes. I mean, how much saving does the Queen need? Does anybody know? No? OK, let’s ask Mick. He’ll tell us he couldn’t get no satisfaction, because you can’t always get what you want.
    Hey, Fabio, didn’t I tell you to wake up and smell the bananas after the pre-World Cup Friendship Match with Japan, in which England did zilch to win the game? Hey, hey, hey, did I tell you or did I tell you? You weren’t listening, were you? Shame, shame, shame.
    Aside from one lucky win in the first stage, England did zilch overall. I’m surprised we even went to South Africa.
    Fabio Capello, good luck in your career change.

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