England Cheated Of Blatant Goal Against Germany: Video

England was cheated of a blatant Frank Lampard goal Sunday against Germany when the Chelsea midfielder’s shot hit the crossbar, bounced 2-3 feet inside the goal and back out of the goal. But incredibly, the referee decided that it wasn’t a goal which allowed Germany to go into half-time 2-1 ahead.

This is a blatant example of how FIFA needs to add video technology to aid referees and assistant referees.

For England to be cheated in this manner is an outrage and absolutely horrible. In 2010, FIFA should be using the latest in technology to ensure that decisions are handled correctly. The travesty of all of this is that the referee can only call when he and his assistant referees can see. We, at home, with the aid of TV replays can see much more which puts us an unfair advantage over the referees who are not able to see the replays.

I don’t blame the officials. I blame FIFA for putting referees into a very difficult position. It’s almost impossible for the referees to “win.” The referees will almost always lose, as do we the soccer fans.

At the end of the day, soccer should be fair. Fair decisions rather than teams being penalized by poor decisions by referees who are handicapped by not having access to video technology.

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  1. It was a yard past the line. I believe that this moment will cause FIFA to allow the use of instant replay for goal line situations. It would be a bitter way for England to lose.

  2. The shame of this is that if England’s second goal had been allowed, both teams would have gone into the half tied at 2-2 – which could have made this a completely different game in the second half.

    The Gaffer

    1. really gaffer, they were 1-1 at half time against USA.. england’s performance in previous matches doesn’t make us believe that.. gaffer let it go, better team won.. if you really think that way england would have never won(1966) a world cup..

      1. I agree with Gather, would have been a completely different game in the second half.

        Although England were shoddy, they might have found a goal to
        get them through. Nothing is over until the fat lady sings.

        Well whats done is done.

        Most of the refs and linesmen in the world cup are absolute garbage anyways , but thats a topic for another day.

    1. What was goal line technology needed for in this case the ball was so far over the line that you could see quite easily in normal play and yes i would blame the officials (particulary the linesman) because they could not have been watching or concentrating properly on the game. Everybody in the stadium saw it first time,everybody at home saw it ,i bet even the other linesman saw it .Havent they got specsavers in Uruguay.

  3. Heck, even if FIFA would go with a ref behind each goal like it is done in the Europa League, this would have been easily determined to be a goal, that said regardless of the injustice, England have not played like they deserve to win this game in the second half.

  4. What an epic failure of the Premier League at this World Cup. That Ozil kid is making the overpaid and overrated losers in Enlgand’s midfield look like 9 year olds. Yes, it was a bad call, but England should apologize to the world for its participation in the tournament; what a waste of space!!!Arrogant media-made stars…why did the media in England try to make Rooney into a world class player? The guy has the ball control of a warthog…
    And, let’s face it, England should have never won the WC in 66 with that non-existent goal by Hurst, so things come full circle!
    And, yes, on the evidence of this World Cup, the English Premier League, as entertaining as it may be, is seriously lacking in quality…thank God for the foreign players that make it look a little less mediocre than it actually is…

    1. rooney overated are u on drugs plays for one of the biggest clubs in the world scored over 30 goals this season clearly injured,even championship players would have played better

      1. No I think you will find Drogba got golden boot, and he only scored 29 goals, so get your facts right. Rooney had 26.

        He was a disappointment throughout England’s world cup campaign, he was one of the only players in the squad who everyone was counting on, but he didn’t have an impact on any of the games at all.

        About the Frank lampard goal, if Fifa feel as though they don’t want goal line technology then they should put sand behind the goal line, this would stop the ball from bouncing back out (or at all) and if it didn’t at least there would be a mark where the ball had landed.

    2. ‘England should apologize to the world for its participation in the tournament;’
      England don’t have to apologise to anyone but the english fans, what the f**k is it to do with the world?

      England won the final in 66,4-2 so even if you scatch the goal they still win.
      Finally, if you don’t like the prem, don’t watch it, simple.

      Now, STFU you prick

    3. sorry ivan maybe we should take two polish guys an iranian a turk a brazilian this is germany now no more real germans in 10yrs time the squad will all be like this ,this wasnt a german victory although i respect germany any 1 would of beat england in this tournamant

      1. This is actually a very true point. The actual German heritage players are of minimal impact- Schweinstager and Lahm. The rest of the top players are not of German descent. I guess they (Germany) deserve lots of credit for assimilating their immigrants into their football culture unlike Italy. In Italy the presence of Khederia and Ozil would cause national scandal not to mention Boateng and Cacau which would cause riots.

        For me the Bundesliga is the best l;league top to bottom in the world not just because of special playmakers like Ozil, but the number of Eastern European and South American imports that excel even for midtable clubs. The top 4 of the Prem are better but beyond that the Bundesliga is the best. Still the Prem continues to be much stronger top to bottom than the Spanish league, which is a new fangled version/glorified version of the old firm/SPL and Serie A which did have a bounce back year this season but is still well behind England and Germany in quality top to bottom.

        1. Actually guys like Podolski and Klose are of German descent… in fact, that’s why they’re Germans today. Cacau, Ozil and some others are immigrant kids or even immigrants. Boateng’s mother is German and therefore is as about as African as Barack Obama.

          So who cares really… this is modern Europe, an immigrant continent.

          1. This would also mean that every black ever to play for England wasn’t English… which is true if you viewed racially. Do we want to go there really?

  5. What’s going to happen to capello? just been given a long term contract, plays 4-4-2 which none of the top teams in england play, we get overrun in midfield and today got hammered on the counter when we’re trying to chase the game.
    Just awful, capello should not have been given a long contract before this comp, a new contract should have been given based on what the team managed to do.

    1. I agree. No tactical flexibility at all. Wenger, Ancelloti, Fergie and Mancini all play different systems. These players look lost because of the tactics. England’s talent level is over stated but the tactics did not help for sure. In fact, the tactics hurt England more than it hurt just about any other decent team in this World Cup.

    2. Is this the part where I act like a dick to you and your NT for sucking today? Cause I swear that’s what I’ve had to put up with from you for the past two weeks. Your NT is a joke and what’s worse is all of your false hopes and ridiculous pressure and expectations.

  6. It’s a disgrace that the linesman couldn’t see that the ball crossed the line.

    However, you get lucky and unlucky breaks in games and you have to continue onwards. Our midfield did not play any defense at all today. We got embarrassed by a counter-attack time after time.

    It’s a disappointment we couldn’t get to at least the next round. I feel we’re a quarter-final team but we just haven’t played well enough.

  7. Even as a Germany supporter, it is hard to watch a blown call that significant.

    I think an extra official behind each goal to assist making the right call on goals and infractions in the area would be better than video review.

    1. Forget about linesmen, i trust videos more, they dont lie or have prejudice, as is demonstrated by the wonderful replays we get on home tvs, Its tiem for FIFA to move with the times

      1. In this case of course video wouldn’t lie; but not every goal line decision that video would be so black and white. Again it’s true that you see something in the video but what after people have to interpret what they just saw. I’d say in many cases, 2 folks looking at the same video might see something different.

      2. Goal line video would not be able to help in other situations though (depending on the angle of the camera. If for example, there were multiple cameras built into the cross bar showing a top down view, or one on each post, sure they would solve this problem.

        But, they wouldn’t solve things like Henry’s hand ball during qualifiers, or the blatant offsides that provided Argentina their first goal this afternoon.

        People are fallible, that is true, but a live official, positioned behind the goal, tasked with keeping an eye on play in the area, and providing more direct rulings on goals would help in a wider variety of situations than a camera ever could, and it wouldn’t slow the game down at all.

        1. Why not have both? Have an extra linesman on each end and access to the same camera angles that FIFA are pumping back to us at home. If the it is not completely and obviously conclusive then the ruling by the referee stands. If it is completely and obviously conclusive then the referee is informed and the officiating crew gets to do the game without accusations of bribery or incompetence. It seems like a fair deal to me.

  8. Fact: The goal by Lampard should have been given. FIFA will have to do something about using instant replay or using another official behind the goal as used in the Europa League.

    Fact: England were second best on the day regardless of the disallowed goal. They had a full half to show their worth and fell extremely short. The young German team had more poise than the veteran English team.

    The best team won and to that there can be no argument.

  9. wow you are so delusional , even if the game was 2:2 at halftime there was no way england would win – they were clearly outclassed, and if you didnt see that, sorry then you should stop blogging about soccer because you are just writing bullshit

  10. Little to no outrage when it happens twice to the US in the group stage, but all of a sudden it’s a “game-changer” that happens to England in a 4-1 route… I think I hear the world’s smallest violin playing God Save the Queen

  11. Anyone who thinks the non-goal cost England the game needs their f**king eyes testing as much as the linesman and the referee.

  12. The disallowed goal would have made no difference and a 2-2 scoreline at half time would have been a travesty anyway. England were every bit as poor as they were against Slovenia, the difference was they were facing a team with attacking flair. I couldn’t believe how many people, including amazingly Kartik tipped this bunch to beat Germany!
    Remember the 4-0 German win over Australia and how people were doubting the validity of it considering Australia were a ‘poor side’?

  13. If the second goal of England would have been allowed (it should have been allowed), then , definitely the game would have been different in the second half. The strategy of england’s second half surely would have been different……any dumb can say that. So, u german fan….dont be so blind.

  14. Where was this post when the US was getting goals disallowed? This–glaring refereeing errors–are just part of the game, and is not going to change as long as the soccer establishment keeps rejecting American notions of ensuring the fairest play (exhaustive video replay or technology utilization for potentially game changing moments).

  15. listen people there is a lot of bad/bitter comments on here and as an England fan just want to clear things up. No real England fan has said that we were going to win the world cup thats the media for you although it pains me to say. Germany were much the better team and deserved the win they played fresh modern day football unlike England who were poor slow and totally readable. However the disallowed goal was a Big turning point in the game and if it would of stood u never know the game could of been different in todays game why not have goal line technology?? WTF ITS 2010 COME ON, JUST LIKE MEXICO ARE GETTING ROBBED RIGHT NOW from another bad decission sort it out fifa!!
    ps can i just say to all the bitter scotland fans at least we went to south africa your all sat at home getting fatter haha

  16. Similar to many other who commented, I strongly believe video review by the officials is badly needed.

    However, I’m surprised that no one is talking about the lack of ethics that permeates soccer.

    What I mean is, the German team knew very well that the ball crossed the line but no one made an effort to explain this to the officials and put the ball in his own net. Actually, I’m sure that this very idea seems preposterous or absurd to many of you. However, this is a reflection on the state of the game where the object is to win at all costs whether by fair play or not. Perhaps it is also a reflection on society and human nature at large. Regardless, I am disappointed that football at its highest level is permeated by deception and a lack of morality. Was it always this way? Is there any hope for a better future?

    Is the best we can come up with, better officiating via video review? Is honesty and morality beyond us?

    1. When money and pride get mixed up, fair play goes right out the window.

      That, I suppose, is more than a bit cynical. Cheating, in almost every sport, is the name of the game. Players tug on shirts, push and pull to jockey for position, claim the ball went off the defender, when it didn’t (and vice versa).

      My own philosophy when playing sports was to go as far as the officials would allow me to go. Should I not hold a player who has being doing the same to me all match? Should I worry about making calls, or leave it up to the official?

      I suppose I look at it like this: The players job is to win. The officials job is to uphold the rules. This was driven home to me as a young player, when, in my first soccer match, I called myself out for a handball that was never getting called, and at halftime heard the official making fun of me for it. From that day on, I played the game, and let them make the calls.

  17. You guys got a shit call as well, and it sucks, it may have changed the game if you got the goal, maybe you still would have lost.

    If the US had beaten Slovenia as they should have on that 3rd goal, then maybe we wouldn’t have had to try so hard in the Algeria game. And if we had gotten the early goal not wrongfully disallowed maybe we wouldn’t have had to scramble all game for the goal and been more rested for Ghana.

    But that doesn’t matter. And it’s something I basically predicted because once England gets screwed, it’s time to change the rules. The US gets screwed (again, like in 02 and 06) then it’s just us bitching and complaining.

    Stop acting like your shit doesn’t stink, bad calls happen to everyone (just like in the Mexico game today), but I bet England feel more sorry for themselves than all the other wrong calls this tournament.

  18. The thing is they kept the momentum going after the goal wasn’t allowed, so nobody can complain about how the outcome of the match might have changed. Germany completely destroyed us in every sense. We were giving players which are better than us easy chances that they took every time

  19. You play to the referee. As much as I would have liked for the Germans to throw the ball into the net I can’t blame them for accepting their fortune. Then again if England had gone into half time on par it for me would have been a greater travesty than the disallowed goal. England were awful, and they’ve won far too many games over the years they just have not deserved to win on balance of play.
    Anyway, in 1966, Hurst’s winning goal was not in, so finally after 44 years the Germans get karma!

  20. Come on, this is no more horrible and disgusting than the 1966 World Cup title England stole. Rattin ejected for “violence of the tongue”. Every game played in Wembley Stadium. The granting of the 3rd so-called goal (which clearly wasn’t a goal). The 4th goal was permitted even though English fans were on the pitch running wild. Yeah, instant replay and goal-line technology should be implemented. Blatter is a joke. FIFA is a politically correct and inept organization. But the English really deserve nothing but scorn and ridicule.

  21. Germany Played wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Better than England…and Germany is better them anyway..i don’t how can someone even expected that england had chance againist Germany …where england drew with Algeria!!!

    someone are on drugs i think lmao!

  22. maybe england should stop playing sports because they are not good at it :/annnnnd England players are getting overpaid they aren’t worth of that much.

  23. and how is it the germans said now we are even but polland beaten u years ago and nothing got said about it

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