England 1-4 Germany: England Eliminated and Left to Rue Disallowed Goal

Germany's Mesut Ozil unsuccessfully tries to score past England's goalkeeper David James (L) and Ashley Cole (R) during a 2010 World Cup second round soccer match at Free State stadium in Bloemfontein June 27, 2010. REUTERS/Christian Charisius (SOUTH AFRICA - Tags: SPORT SOCCER WORLD CUP)

In the crucial last 16 clash v Germany, England boss Fabio Capello elected to stick with his winning eleven that saw off Slovenia in the last group stage match. Unchanged and with growing confidence, England took the field against one of, if not their most hated international rival. The footballing history between the 2 countries span multiple decades, but it was all meaningless on the day when the whistle blew for kickoff. A place in the quarter finals beckoned and with all the pre game hype over, it was now time for football to do the talking.

Germany came closest to scoring early through Mesut Ozil but was easily denied by David James at the near post. The opening 15 minutes saw England’s determination in full view, but the match remained very tight and very tense. In the 20th, England thought it appropriate to take a nap during a World Cup round of 16 clash with their most hated international rival, something the England back line would perfect throughout the evening. Manuel Neuer played a long ball straight into the path of Miroslav Klose who held off Matthew Upson to slot past James. Shocking stuff as England were beaten at their own game.

For the duration of the first half, England continued to play very narrow and looked slightly confused at times as to where to play the ball. It didn’t matter, as Germany seemingly had their way with England’s back line throughout the first half. Matthew Upson and John Terry were inept for a decent stretch that resulted in Germany scoring twice and taking a commanding 2 goal lead. It looked all but over for England who hadn’t capitulated just yet.

England fought back through Matthew Upson who redeemed himself with a header to pull England back within a goal in the 37th minute. England’s attack quickly sprung into motion as seconds later, in a moment that will go down in World Cup history, Frank Lampard brilliantly chipped Manuel Neuer for England’s equalizer, only it wasn’t given.

In one of the all time World Cup refereeing blunders, Lampard’s clear goal to level the score wasn’t awarded, and a nation, hell, a world continued to wonder when, if ever, FIFA will implement some form of goal line technology. As the halftime whistle blew, players and fans across the world were able to catch their respective breaths as FIFA head Sepp Blatter contemplated the eventual backlash. An incredibly exciting game for the neutral, but England fans left robbed.

England pushed and pushed during the second half with mixed results. Capello elected to replace James Milner with Joe Cole to add some attacking flair to the front line, but England were too easily caught on the break in the 67th and 70th by Thomas Muller all but ending the game in the Germans favor. Credit England for going for it, but the three lions left themselves too thin at the back and Germany took advantage.

The eventual scoreline doesn’t lie. Germany were quick on the break and linked up well with each other over the course of the 90 minutes. They proved their quality and were simply better than England even if the three lions did have a perfectly legitimate goal disallowed.

Still, England fans will forever question the disallowed goal and how England would have approached the game entirely different at the start of the second half had the score been even at 2. Regardless, England go home and Germany move on as the world footballing community are left to ponder if we’ll ever see goal line technology or instant replay introduced into the game by FIFA.

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46 thoughts on “England 1-4 Germany: England Eliminated and Left to Rue Disallowed Goal”

  1. I dont think England fans will forever question the goal – had it been 3-1 maybe, certainly 2-1.
    Overally though the better footballing side won this game and won it well. Nothing you can do but put your hands up and say we werent good enough, we dont play as good a style of football and what will be more memorable is how England barely got out of the easiest opening group we’ve ever had and how poor they were. The enquiries will lay the blame primarily at Capello (who isnt blameless) but the squad wasnt good enough and English football needs to look at itself as this sort of result has been coming for a while.

    1. Love how Redknapp is polishing his resume as we speak. Capello is not blameless, but he needs to stay. By ditching Fabio and not letting him clear out the back stabbers, the FA will be doomed to disappointment. This group of inmates have had far too much control over the asylum for too long.

      Any of the blame foisted at Capello seems to stem from the undermining of his ways by certain players. “we don’t want to play like this, not like that. Wah wah wah.” If the 66 crew had that attitude toward change as the current group does, there’s be zero stars over the 3 lions.

      This so-called golden generation has worked its way through Sven (no great shakes, but success before them), McLaren (success before and after) and now Capello (lots of success before, no doubt more after) There are only two constants for this generation: Great disappointment and certain players.

  2. The non-goal was a kick in the groin, no doubt, but the back line (and Barry) of England was so piss-poor, anyone looking at the non-call as the reason for the result is doomed to more years of the English trying to pass off shite as shinola.

    Johnson’s defending is well known. Cole ball watched on the second, Terry ran around like a chicken with his head cut off for all 4, and Upson was out-willed for the first.

    Thanks to the match, the term “Schoolboy” is trending on twitter!

    And Rooney had his best game of the World Cup, which really says it all about his contribution.

  3. I missed the prematch show, and I wanted to know if there was a reason Carragher wasnt started. Because as we saw, Matthew Upson didnt belong anywhere near the field today.

    1. jesse, rooney injured in the last world cup or sent off cant remember which rooney clearly injured tthis tournament been way of the pace since march even a league 1 player wouldve done better

  4. Forget about the disallowed goal. The better team won on the day. An experienced team should have been able to continue where they left off before halftime. England didn’t do that.

    The young guns of Germany were much better than the experienced old-timers of England.

  5. Defence was piss poor today, i accept that johnson and A.Cole aren’t the best but they give going forward. Upson isn’t good enough to play at this level. Terry is fine providing he has someone with pace at the side of him which Upson does not.
    For me the formation is all wrong, I refuse to accept that these players are not good, i do think they will get hammered playing 4-4-2 though.
    Players need to play in a style and formation they are used to and the fact is they are not. 4-4-2 is fine when the opposition is playing it but not when they are playing a 4-3-3/4-5-1 formation. It is too easy for them to control the midfield.
    Capello will get the sack, lets hope the new man can see the obvious and play the players in the position they play for their clubs.


    1. No doubt he should get the sack, but will the FA pay off that large contract? I tend to think they’ll keep him and hope he changes his tactics and squad selections. Maybe they will bite the bullet.

      Germany has a better squad, but had Capello actually properly scouted Low’s side he’d have come up with a much better tactical setup. As it was, even with the blatently bad missed goal, England were always going to be second best because they setup in a way that actually played to Germany’s strengths. It was a shocking display from a highly rated manager.

      The next few weeks will be interesting for sure.

      1. If it were tactics, then this same team could beat Germany in another configuration. No way!

        NO tactics compensate for the shocker John Terry had today. First goal was a laugher. Second He ran around like a chicken with his head cut off Third? He’s that high on a shooting FK? Why? Promise you Fab didn’t instruct that. Once again, nowhere in sight for #4.

        John Terry told us a few days ago he was going to take matters into his own hands. This is what you get when certain players think they know more than the boss.

        Fab and his level of discipline must stay to take on this generation of entitlement who have already driven out managers and never had to take the blame for poor play. Leave this one at the feet of the people who actually kick that ball.

        1. Spot on, all the talk of tactics goes out the window for that first goal which was unbelievable. 1970’s Route 1 Arsenal. Wow.
          After that we were forced to make the breakthrough and Germany are well equipped to counter attack against a defence with 2 very slow Central Defenders and with Gareth Barry passing to the opposition at every turn.

  6. Awfully disallowed goal, but Germany thoroughly deserved to win. English players, as we all came to realize still in the group stage, are overestimated (especially Rooney) and slow. They clearly lack pace. It’s time, above all, for an intense scrutiny on English-style football. Hadn’t the Americans been so “english” in their playing style, they could’ve won the Ghana match. When they were down 1-2, all they could do was to kick the ball in the air towards the enemy’s box, hoping something would happen. Of course, what happens is that the winning team recovers the ball and pass it around, making time. It’s truly unfortunate that English people are now blasting and blaming everyone and everything they see, apart from the style. With all the supposed talent, the midfield struggles, the passing is poor and the crosses remain – as England’s only (allowed) goal shows – the country’s main attacking approach. Think about it.

    1. I agree, and can also tell you with much certainty that within the game in this country, since last night, significant discussion of the angliczed style of American players has come up. Except changes from new technical director Claudio Reyna in how we structure our youth system.

    2. People keep talking about the ‘english style’ without really knowing what it is. Look at the big four and tell me one of them that play 4-4-2?
      Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal do not play 4-4-2 so people referring to the ‘english style’ need to first work out what the english style is.

      1. Actually we’re talking about the long ball style and poor technical/tactical training methods brought over by English ex-pat managers/coaches to the USA.

        The actual tactical variation in the Prem today is more diverse and impressive than the traditional English style. I get your point and agree- we’re talking about two different things.

        1. Agree that the coaching style brought over to the US by British coaches is poor. But it’s not because they’re poor BRITISH coaches. It’s because they’re just POOR coaches, regardless of their nationality. If they were good coaches, they’d be making a living in England already.

      2. POKER:

        You picked four clubs that don’t rely on 4-4-2. You also picked four clubs that rely on a fair number of players and whose managers are from outside England.

      3. I thought I was clear enough about my concept of the english style. More so when we see the country’s performances in World Cups.

        We all know England has very talented players (i.e. Gerard, Lampard, Rooney etc.), so what went wrong? The approach. The style. Crossing and shooting from afar. Where is the midfield passing? Have you seen Barcelona, Arsenal, Spain or Argentina play recently? I tell you, all I know is that it is NOT english-style.

        The EPL, for that matter, only became the best league in the world when more foreign players and coaches were brought in, and some teams (like Arsenal) began trying different approaches.

        4-4-2 is not exactly the “english-style”, since it can be played in multiple variations. 4-4-2 with a two-line defense, on the other hand, is very english. And once again England used it – as well as crosses and long distance shots.

        Got it?



  8. England were disgustingly awful… just like Carlos Alberto said. Spot on Carlos Alberto, spot on. England just doesn’t have any character. They really do just suck in spite of their talent.

  9. Every england player should be dropped from the squad and make the under 21’s the first team and add to it in time. get rid of capello and get an english manager with beckham as assistant and coach. the current players have had their chance and failed on more than one occaision, so now get players in that play for the country and not their ego’s and paycheck! plus change the old school club that is the F.A.

    1. Possibly, I think the decision will be made easier by a few retiring.
      I’d keep Cole, Johnson by default and Rooney. Crouch too who will come away untainted. After that there will have to be Rodwell, WIlshire, Gibbs etc to all come in and be fed to the wolves.
      THeo Walcott has no idea how lucky he was this Summer .

  10. Agree, think it’s time for the young ones to have a go, they managed to get to the final of the U-21’s comp without A Johnson and Rooney who were both young enough to play in that comp.
    The older ones have had there go and not done it, time for an English manager, a 4-3-3 formation and hopefully a new England.

    1. “hopefully a new England”

      You mean you have other ideas than hoofball?

      How’s that humble pie you nancy??

  11. I almost wish we had gone out in the group stage rather than suffer the humiliation we got today. Take flags down, stop buying the f*cking shirts and lapping up all the bullsh*t that comes along with England’s world cup campaigns. Accept that we are sh*t and will continue to be sh*t until we make some radical changes. #1 How about starting with an English league for English players, at least a minimum of 5 per team. Arsenal….f*ck off and play in France if you can’t put out any English players. #2 Put the national team first. Cut the fixture list in half e.g. drop the league cup, mandatory 4 week winter break in January. #3 Get the money out of football. The England team was stronger in the 1980s than it is now and there was no overpaid arseholes representing the nation back then. Time for a salary cap. Make the f*kers earn the right to wear the shirt.

    Until we decide the national team and not the champions league or Sky Sports is the priority, we will always be second best to any team that can string two passes together.

      1. And about 10 league games between them last season. I’ve no problem with how Arsenal play the game. Wenger has it down as far as coaching is concerned. But he needs to play these players ahead of the foreigners if England is to improve.

        1. Why does Wenger need to? You have hit the problem on the head but put the blame at the wrong person.

          Theo and GIbbs spent half the season injured else would have had more games, Campbell played a lot. Eastmond is just coming through, Wilshire played at Bolton a lot.

          Wenger has no responsibility to the English national team. Its not his fault that English players are more expensive than foreigners with perhaps better skills. His responsibility is to Arsenal.

          Its a problem the Premier League needs to address but shies away from. Arsenal tried to sign Smalling but at 10 million it was too much. United did – lets see if he proves value for it.

    1. In the final yes, but they had already beaten them leading upto that final. Like I’ve said Roony and A.Johnson could have played in that tourney which would have added to the team a lot.
      I don’t think anyone is saying just put the England U-21 team in but I think now is the time to start getting a few of the older players out and the new ones in.

  12. Hopefully all those Rooney loving bastards will shut up now. Altidore had a better world cup. It looked like he didn’t even care. Disgraceful really.

    1. In total agreement. He showed nothing in four games, no goals, no memorable moments and no inspiration. The only plus point is he managed not to get himself sent off. His greatest contribution to the tournament was when he moaned into the camera about booing England fans- something which will probably haunt him for a long time.

  13. In addition to obvious lackluster performance during the games it seems that there was lack of team cohesion and some sort of discontent off the pitch. Terry challenging Capello decisions and Lampard defending them in the press. Why Lampard and not Gerrard? He is the captain where was his “leadership”? And what was Beckham doing on the England’s bench? Doing his WC swan song thing? They didn’t bring Ferdinand along and Germany didn’t have Ballack with them. What about princes William and Harry hanging around on English team campus? To me looks like some sort of celebrity circus was going and it didn’t help team spirit and motivation. And it definitely smells of lack of professional team management.

  14. Here’s a start. Get English players into foreign academies or get most of the English coaches out of the English academies. And do not pick a squad of players that only play domestic football.

  15. Thank you for your article .England were undone before the half by a referee’s blunder that makes goal line technology ,Miroslav Klose leads all players at this World Cup in career goals scored in the tournament. , hope you will continuo your informative post.

  16. Why does england cry ?The England team wasn’t worth wearing the shirt .3 Lions? Pussycats is the better word .Why do you all say capello should stay because of his great cv? he managed footballclubs and had money to buy players to make his club strong ,but england manager can’t buy players they have to use what is available .on the 23/06/2010 he capello said we will win the worldcup and you fools believed him ? The second oldest team that was england players was selected of their glorius names not on form 11 chiefs but no indians.The english fa as a whole is in tatters I believe england will never win a major tournament Comments like 1966 have backfired on england the players were tired england played well the ball was rubbish the referies rubbish it was boring ,english fans dressed as cappello bomberpilots english flags with germany 1 england 5 come on guys face it england was not worth to play in this worldcup only the best teams should have this honour .The germans tought you the way but because it was germany you won’t follow it because your overhyped pride doesn’t allow this so you will only be fooled again by your media and the FA.

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