Beat The Pundits: Results From First Round of World Cup Predictions

 Beat The Pundits: Results From First Round of World Cup Predictions

A few weeks ago, I pulled together predictions from several sources where pundits had made their World Cup picks. As is so often during tournaments, we always conveniently forget what the predictions were so we rarely go back to see how wrong or right those pundits were.

Until now.

Based on the predictions saved in the June 8th story entitled 2010 World Cup Predictions: Beat The Pundits, here are the pundits with the most accurate predictions of which teams would advance from the first round:

  1. Richard Farley, correctly predicted 87.5% of the teams that advanced,
  2. The Gaffer, 75%
  3. Kartik Krishnaiyer, 68.75%
  4. Laurence McKenna, 68.75%
  5. Andy Brassell, 62.5%
  6. Paul Hawksbee (The Spurs Show), 57%

The other thing we did was we encouraged you, the readers, to submit your own picks to see if you could beat the pundits. No one beat Richard Farley’s winning percentage, but many of you came very close. Here are the results:

  1. Robert Carter, 75%
  2. Scott Alexander, 75%
  3. Paul, 75%
  4. JR1886, 75%
  5. Junseok Park, 75%
  6. Son Of A Pitch, 68.75%
  7. Cricketlover, 68.75%
  8. JS, 68.75%
  9. DannyDanny, 68.75%
  10. DoItForCharlie, 68.75%
  11. J Rich, 68.75%
  12. Brickthrower, 68.75%
  13. Adam Zdroik, 68.75%
  14. Kyle, 68.75%
  15. Up The Blues, 62.5%
  16. Mike In Ohio, 62.5%
  17. Adam Lim, 62.5%
  18. Calgeo 24, 62.5%
  19. GrobarDoGroba, 56.25%

After all of the upsets in the first round, it’s interesting to note how correct most of us were in our predictions. Thanks for playing the game.

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