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Everton Home Jersey for 2010-11 Season: New Photo Leaked

everton home jersey 2010 2011 Everton Home Jersey for 2010 11 Season: New Photo Leaked

Everton’s new home jersey for the 2010-11 season will be a simple but beautiful design instead of their away kit, which is bright pink.

The new leaked photo of the Everton home shirt reveals a very traditional and clean design featuring Everton’s famous blue shirts. The sponsor’s name and the Le Coq Sportif are in white but the rest of the shirt, other than the Everton team crest, is in blue. You may also notice a swaft of blue across the upper chest and into the corner, which looks very similar to the swaft of blue across the away shirt. Consistency between the home and away shirt is definitely a good idea.

It’s refreshing to see that Everton has gone with a design concept of ‘less is more.’ The end result is an attractive shirt that supporters will love, I’m sure.

What do you think of the new shirt design? Click the comments link below to share your feedback.

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Source: Todo Sobre Camisetas

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16 Responses to Everton Home Jersey for 2010-11 Season: New Photo Leaked

  1. Pablo says:

    Boring, I’m one the few who liked the away kit.

  2. Landon says:

    Perfect, been waiting for this kit for years

  3. Bluevertonian says:

    If this is indeed the new shirt I am pleased. I haven’t ordered a new shirt in a few years but this one I want.

  4. Bishopville Red says:

    It’s “less is more” bit still has a little too much! It has a very similar cut to the Middlesboro kit from last year:

    But it’s blue with blue instead of blue with white.

    Looks fine, but why even bother with the template “detail” if it’s not going to be used as a detail?

  5. EFC says:

    Le Coq Sportif – Finally!!!! I’ve hated every single one of your kits you’ve designed for us since you lot took over from Umbro..including the disgraceful pink thing …but this kit looks class!!! … more like this from now on please!!!!

  6. Telly Savalas says:

    Like landon, I’ve been waiting forever for a shirt like this. From our worst home jersey last season to the best I’ve probably ever seen. More this from now on. Like the black & pink from last season, but if the new one helps visibility, that can only be good. Might “dazzle” the opposition.

  7. Niall mcnally says:

    I will not be buying this if this is it .it is awful i love kit designs but this is just so plain

  8. anton says:

    Well done efc a decent shirt for a change! unlike that poncy pink number!

  9. James says:

    FINALLY! After years of messing about with ridiculous white patches, this is what we’ve been waiting for. Beautiful.

  10. Mick says:

    Excellent, a nostalgia trip and hopefully and inspiration to the players who will be wearing it. Pity no one will be able to get hold of it thanks to Kitbag (or should that be shitbag)

  11. Rob says:

    I like the new shirt. I was dreading that upper-chest part to be white. (Similar to the 1986 shirt) Surprised Le Coq Sportif opted for a plain shirt. But it’s the best Everton shirt you can possibly make. IMO

  12. John says:

    It just looks like a basic training jersey

  13. Yuzman says:

    haaaaaa.. so meaningfull, it tell the stories about the beautifull castle, a hen stuck in triangle and relation between tree and elephant.. but they had something in common, they live in blues..

  14. c cleary says:

    Thank you efc a jersey to be proud of, at last something with taste!

  15. Edmund says:

    I bought this new Everton home jersey from Everton.Direct recently, and must say that I’m disappointed by the filmsy material and out-of-shape round neck, which reminds me of a cheap cotton T-shirt after numerous washings. There is absolutely no shape to the so-called ribbed collar, which is floppy and way too loose.

  16. Angelina Susanti says:

    I ordered this Everton home jersey for my husband for Christmas. He likes it a lot, but I personally think it’s overpriced for such a basic T-shirt design. The material and finish is dull and has a cheap-look to it. Some previous designs by both Umbro and Puma were far better in terms of quality and patterns.

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