The Colbert Report Discusses US World Cup Soccer Team

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Mainstream America is beginning to get World Cup fever. Such was the case with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night on his TV show, The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

Colbert even named Landon Donovan, President Donovan! How’s that for a compliment?

Watch the humorous video above.

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  1. Yes soccer has caught on. The haters are looked at today as a fringe element who are unwilling to change. Yet, as we know the US advanced into the quarter finals as recent ago as 2002. So, why the difference this time. Eight years of a lot more soccer on tv and the internet has helped from all over the world but it comes now to four letters ESPN. The all sports network has used it’s vast media presence to put the World Cup into our homes, cars, radio’s offices, and phones. No one can escape it. They have always done a great job of promoting their products on every platform they have and the results are apparent in the vast increase in audience. The shows are well done btw and justify what we American soccer fans have always wanted an American production of the worlds game.

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