Special1 TV: Episode 3 Featuring England v Algeria Humor: Video

The third episode of Special1 TV, the BBC 3 version, has been released and there are plenty of laughs to be had in this video.

Some of the highlights include:

  • A few laughs at the expense of England’s performance against Algeria,
  • Sven pimping for a Dutch ambush marketing company,
  • Someone stole Wayne Rooney’s tuna fish sandwich,
  • A couple of Robbie Earle jokes, and
  • Two guest callers from Manchester named Noel and Liam.

Be champions!

3 thoughts on “Special1 TV: Episode 3 Featuring England v Algeria Humor: Video”

  1. ok. that is some seriously funny shite.

    rafa stealing food from the england camp, stephen frye pontificating, the special one proclaiming he is the champion of the interwebs and arsne’s critique of tv pundindtry “a dadaist counterpoint to the usual tv pundintry”.

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