The BBC's England World Cup Rallying Cry

The offices, factories and roads of England will fall silent at 3pm GMT today as virtually the entire population pause to watch the national sides final group game of the World Cup.

The nation will collectively hold its breath once more, as the hope and torment of the England national team captivates for another 90 minutes at least.

It is days like today that those of a delicate composition, wish they were from a non-qualifying nation. As this kind of torture is definitely not good for the blood pressure.

Yet for the naysayers, remember, this England team are still only five games from immortality.

Follow my thoughts on England’s campaign

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4 Responses to The BBC's England World Cup Rallying Cry

  1. Phil McThomas says:

    That is a chilling video. Blessed and Shakespeare are a great combination, pity they can’t do a stint in the team today (I see Shakespeare as the tricky left-winger, Blessed as the big man up top).

  2. ovalball says:

    Tell the Gaffer I *almost* got goosebumps from that one.

    This Yank hopes it works.

  3. ‘England and St George’ .

    Love that

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