England v Slovenia, World Cup 2010: Open Thread

England vs Slovenia International Friendly 05/09/09 Photo Nicky Hayes Fotosports International Jermain Defoe takes on defender Bojan Jokic.

It all comes down to this. Ninety minutes in Port Elizabeth. England against Slovenia in a must-win World Cup game for Fabio Capello’s team.

Before, during and after the match, post your comments, questions or observations in the section below. And no matter where you live in the world, let’s hope you enjoy what we hope will be a brilliant game to watch (no guarantee).

Whatever happens, it’ll be a nail biter.

11 thoughts on “England v Slovenia, World Cup 2010: Open Thread”

  1. BBC say inside sources tell them it will be a Diamond



  2. Where the hell is the USA vs Algeria thread? I’m so freakin pissed. US screwed once again. I’m so tired of blown calls by the refs. FIFA better get their act together.

  3. Not a great first half from England, but they scored when it matters and that’s all that counts right now.

    Slovenia started better, but as the game evolved, England got more comfortable and had a few chances near the end of the first half to make it 2-0.

    England has been having a tough time getting the ball threaded through midfield, so they’ve been playing more long balls to Rooney and Defoe. But Rooney, Defoe, Gerrard and Lampard have been linking well together.

    England has had some shots at goal by Lampard and Johnson, but both have been straight at the goalkeeper.

    Slovenia has looked dangerous too. A nice one-on-one in the penalty area, but great tackle by John Terry.

    This should be a good second half!

    The Gaffer

  4. England completely dominated, could have been at least 4-0.

    It’s never comfortable with us, always nail biting stuff!

    Congrats to the US on topping the group.

    1. “……completely dominated, could have been at least 4-0.
      It’s never comfortable with us, always nail biting stuff!”

      Could be speaking about the U.S. :-)

      Congrats to you guys, too. Got my wish.

  5. After all the bashing about the England team, they made it out of the group stages, shame on you fans, way too emotionnal. They will probably win the World Cup.

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