England to Play Germany in World Cup This Sunday

30th July 1966:  England and West Germany lining up before the 1966 World Cup final at Wembley Stadium which England won 4-2.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

After Germany overcame Ghana in the last game of Group C today, Germany will now play England in a mouthwatering second round World Cup tie, which is scheduled for this Sunday at 10am ET.

Germany is one of England’s greatest rivals. The teams have played against each other many times in major tournaments including the 1966 World Cup Final which England won 4-2, and the 1990 World Cup semi-final which England lost on penalty kicks in Italy.

The question is, who do you think will win Sunday?

42 thoughts on “England to Play Germany in World Cup This Sunday”

    1. “There’s nothing bigger than England vs Germany”

      I’m actually a lot more interested to see Germany vs. Argentina. Now that will be a huge match.

      1. “I’m actually a lot more interested to see Germany vs. Argentina. Now that will be a huge match.”

        Gave myself a thumb’s down there since I don’t mean that. I want England to go through (lots of family/friends across the pond).

        If only Poker Rakeback was a German supporter . . .

        1. I don’t think England will get very far they have pretty tough games. If they beat Germany they face Argentina.

          On the other hand the US is facing Ghana and then if they overcome Ghana they face either Korea or Uruguary which pretty much guaruntees the US will get to the semi finals at least.

          With England they are unlikely to even get to past the round of 16.

          1. BTW I should add England also has to go through Spain and Brazil(assuming they qualify) to win the World Cup.

            So Englands games to the final are:


            Like I said I think by coming second Englands chances have faded but the US have pretty much two easy games to the semi finals at least.

          2. I don’t see how the US is guaranteed a semifinal position. Are you accusing the US of cheating? It would be a slight upset if they were to beat Ghana, and a gigantic upset if they were to beat this South Korea in a world cup.

          3. Scott I don’t think its an upset for the US to beat Ghana, I think the US will beat Ghana and maybe by quite a margin.

            Ghana is likely to be the only African team to even get out of the Group Stage. The tournament may be hosted in Africa but the African teams are not very good. With Essien injured as well I don’t think Ghana are much of a threat to anybody at the moment.

            Similarly South Korea/Uruguay have never gotten very far in a world cup. If you had to pick between facing Germany and Argentina or facing Ghana and SK/Uruguay who would you pick?

            The US is on an easy track to the semi finals and I am pretty sure they will get there.

            Cheating how?

          4. England definitely have a tougher route to the semis than the USA does but the USA’s route is by no means easy.

            Ghana looked evenly matched with Germany and being the only remaining African side in the tournament, they’re going to be very up for it.

            Spain are not a certainty to win their group by any means, even if they beat Chile, they’re not guaranteed 1st place. If Spain draw with Chile and Switzerland beat Honduras, Spain are out.

          5. “Similarly South Korea/Uruguay have never gotten very far in a world cup”

            Uruguay has won the world cup twice!

          6. Tyson – I’m assuming your trolling, but I’ll bite:

            A guaranteed path to the semi-finals? Two easy games??

            I don’t know if you’ve been watching this world cup much, but if you had been you might have learnt that there are no guaranteed paths or easy games at the world cup. Just ask Italy.

            And as for Uruguay and South Korea never having done much…Uruguay have won it twice (granted that was back in the jurassic age), and South Korea were semi-finalists in 2002 – i.e. more than the US has ever done in our lifetimes.

            I wouldn’t write any of those teams off. In particular, Ghana’s squad is built around guys playing in England, Italy, Spain and Germany and will provide very strong competition for the US. Uruguay are on paper (and on the evidence of this world cup) light years ahead of the US. They have two of the most prolific and sought-after strikers in Europe, strong players throughout the squad, and one of the most tactically-intelligent managers in the competition. Even South Korea have shown so far that they’ll be no push-overs.

            I know games aren’t won on paper, and shocks can happen, but to say the US has an “easy” route to the semi-finals is crazy.

          7. lOL @ Tyson ‘…the US is facing Ghana and then if they overcome Ghana they face either Korea or Uruguary which pretty much guaruntees the US will get to the semi finals at least.’ – I’d take that prediction back to the shop pal, but the guarantee doesn’t seem to be worth the paper it’s printed on! USA 1 -Ghana 2! YANKEES GOING HOME!!! XD

  1. Neither team is playing particularly well right now. I believe England has the edge because they are more experienced and in a knockout match that is very important. The German side is young and it is left to be seen how they cope in this huge encounter. England vs Germany always produces something special so I’m hoping not to be disappointed.

  2. Should be a great game. This Ozil kid is incredible…interested in seeing how he performs against England.

  3. I feel good about England’s chances v. Germany. I think the worst is behind Capello’s team and they have more play-makers who will shine when it counts.

  4. seriuos question guys; how can you say you like englands chances agains a german team that is better in every position and won a much harder group while you only finished second in an easy group, youve only scored twice and and the germans have only allowed 1 goal(i know so have england) while playing better teams; the germans are playing fun soccer, theyre not having fits like you guys are; they have a true clinacal striker(rooneys been sub par and is reported to be hurt) a real am to pull the strings and good holding midfielders; wings are better no doudt(maybe not mueller) better keeper, coach, cbs and wbs
    I dont know how you can say you like your chances?

    1. HA HAcuba rebel u must be on crack germany have better players in every posistion dont make me laugh lahm an ozil thats it just a fact most krauts i spoke with even agree,however germany play better than us as a team but dont talk shit an say they better players cuz they clearly dont ,thats why they resort to stealing polish an brazilians an panamainians

      1. Klose will be back for the england game and he’s 4 goals off tieing the world cup record set by Ronaldo. It takes more than an average player to do so. Schweinstagger has been doing well taking over for Ballack as the leader in the mid field. Mueller and Ozil have been playing way better than expected. I think you may have a bit of tunnel vision when looking at the German squad.

        Its going to be a great match and certainly one to remember. Would love to see Rooney vs Messi if England can muster a win against the Germans

      2. You can’t steal someone for the world cup. You have to grant them a valid passport with all attendant civil rights. I am not sure how you confuse this with kidnapping.

      3. lets see player by player ok
        neuer is easily better than james
        lahm youve agreed on; mertesacker and friedrich are better combined than terry and who ever youve got(terrys not the man he was)
        badstubber isnt as good as cole illl concede
        schwiensteiger khedira are out playing bary and lampard easily
        podolski is better than gerrard(out wide mind you)
        mueller isnt as good as milner
        ozil over rooney(in the cup so far ozil is playing better and producing more)
        klose way over defoe and im a spurs fan

        1. podolski 4 goals all season yh great ozils not STRIKER IDIOT friedrichs average jagielka of everton better than him or mertesaker an dawson is aswell theyve hardly been tested either an hart is better than neur although he wont play an adam johnson should be in this team im pissed off about this he could done some good in this competition like joe hart anyway ballacks regarded as there best player he dont compare to gerrard or lampard however i accept germany play much better as a team than england but dont come at me with podolski etc who should be playing for poland anyway

        2. and u aint aspurs fan do u even know anything about spurs freidrich he got relegated with berlin average same as mertesacker an i was talking about there carears thus far not whats happend in this tournament if thats the case you could say chabalalalalala of s.africa has been better than f lampard

          1. yes id rather have tshabalala than lampard right now, hes hot lamps is not; and what does being a spurs fan have to do with the bundesliga moron, I follow serie a and the epl, germany not as much
            what do you want me to tell you about spurs? who are best players are; whos being loaned out right now, whos coming in/leaving what what do you want to know? let me guess your a manu or chelsea fan, or a sorry ol liverpool fan?

  5. Presumably, England and the states are massive underdogs in the next round. More power to both but I’d think the states have a much better chance at the big upset than England given the opposition. Nonetheless, fair play to Capello for rescuing the WC and netting another knockout appearance to take home after that ghastly start.

  6. England and the US are probably both underdogs going into the next stage as things get a lot more difficult from out here.

    While the US may beat Serbia I don’t fancy Englands chances against Germany. England are not exactly playing to the best of their ability(though neither are Germany) but you underestimate the Germans at your own peril.

    Either way it is now that the World Cup gets started. Most of the games in the round of 16 are going to be tough and everything past the round of 16 phase is going to get even more difficult.

    I can’t wait.

    1. “While the US may beat Serbia . . .”

      Normally I’d say this was impossible, but based on the way US games have been officiated thus far I think there’s a decent chance Serbia wins the US/Ghana game Saturday.

  7. Finally a proper game of football. No need to motivate any England player for this one. We will be ready for Germany. These are the games where Capello will earn his salary. If we play as well as today we are well in with a shout. Germany don’t park the bus, they will attack. Our defence was immense today with Terry in particular superb. Soak up the German pressure and hit on the counter attack. But please also practice penalty taking just in case!

  8. We definitely have a very different German team on our hands this time around. Thus the typical rules, that usually suggest that Germany beats England (especially with penalty kicks), can be thrown out the window.

    Despite that, the Germans are still the better side. Better team cohesion, more energy, and if we can judge anything from the group stages they definitely seem to want to win more than the English squad. Unless England really turns themselves around, they would be lucky to even get to extra time.

    With a record-hungry Klose returning from suspension and handfuls of young players eager to prove themselves against a classic, respected rival, expect to see the German team that crushed Australia.

    As for Ghana and the US, either of the teams can beat each other. They are a pretty fair match-up, in my opinion. The deciding factor will probably be which team makes the most mistakes.

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  9. have a feeling that England could be done by the pace and consistency of the german attack, and barry may struggle to keep ozil occupied, against slovenia he wanted to come forward quite a bit, making it difficult for lampard

    I cant call it though, germany have been more impressive but england could still do it

    Argentina is the problem for whoever wins really…i cant see either of these sides handling their attack!

  10. Looking at the Germany against Ghana game today, Germany is definitely beatable.

    I’d go as far as to say this is one of the weakest German teams ever (though a weak Germany side is still a considerable force).

    I think England could beat Germany but if I were to put money down, I’d go with Germany slighting it 1-0 or 2-1.

    As far as the US goes, they definitely have a much easier route. Then again, the US relies heavily on a counter-attack and that may not work too well against some of the better, more defense-strong teams coming up.

  11. Stefan..if you hate England so much..dont comment…u obviously like hating the team..because this page is for England and Germany…so you hate the team..and the country ..yet you came to this page..to comment. And England definately has a chance to win both England and Germany have been playing really bad but hopefully England will get through this round and get their shit together.

  12. England vs Germany the best football rivalry in the world nothing can bead this we see us sunday tommis cheers from Germany

  13. it is pretty interesting that the whole thing is more of a one side rivalry. the english press doesnt miss out on any chance to attack germany or the german team. english fans celebrated germanys loss against serbia.
    but the germans talk about the english with respect and are really looking forward to that game. sorry guys – we dont dislike you as much as you dislike us :)

    no doubt, the game tomorrow is gonna be super exciting! even though england hasnt played very well in the last games, i think they will do really good tomorrow as playing against germany is definitely going to encourage them a lot more than playing against any other team. it is going to be pretty tough for our young german team but i really hope we make it. whoever wins has a tough challenge ahead though playing against either mexico or argentina!

    cant wait for tomorrow. enjoy the game and may the better team win! cheers from germany

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