World Cup 2010 Day 11: World Cup Buzz Podcast

Portugal gave us our first true rout of the World Cup, beating North Korea 7-0, while Spain returned to their winning ways and Chile said goodbye to Valon Behrami and hello to first place in Group H. To talk about these three Monday matches and a Tuesday’s docket which will see four teams sent home, I was joined by Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer for this edition of the World Cup Buzz Podcast.

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  1. to all the septic tanks go listen to guardian podcast not these mummys boys richard an laurence sound like upper class %$%$ as for kartik well how long have u got,the comic book guy of the simpsons springs to mind

  2. this kartik %$%$% leaving messages saying how the septic tanks bought more tickets than any other nation funny 80%of the eng v septics was all eng fans,funny how theres been eng flags at every game so far because we appreciate football more than u even if it isnt our own team playing so keep ur fat mouth shut saying were ignorant to other football cultures,were as yanks r just ignorant to the world,or do most yanks even know………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  3. im a massive boxing fan ive seen the american ignorance at work with they way dismiss european fighters media an fans alike as well as other sports an things in life in general, now they get a taste of their own medicine when it comes to us an them over football an they h8 it,well theres a lesson for you there poor old america not getting the respect they think they deserve from the eurotrash

  4. bet u dont answer any of these points youll pick an choose which points you think u can come back on,then comment on unrelated matters,mfc till i die not that u would ever understand having the passion for your local club footballs not a hobby for ppl like me its a way of life…it is my life same goes for my european,south american,african,asian comrades

  5. Do you think Portugal and Brazil should rest their stars now that they’re in? I think it’s too short a tournament to rest players who aren’t hurt or in yellow card trouble. These teams don’t play together enough to have that luxury.

  6. as an ex-pat here in america i can say the yanks are terrible. they disrespect the passion of english football and supporters groups and will ruin the sport if they are successful. thanks you that yanks will never have a side like 1966. we have given the world this gift and they thank us except for yanks who try and ruin the game changing rules and setting up a domestic league with caps on wages and squad limits. they want to impose an american structure on the world game. we made this game. ac milan, barcelona, corinthians, boca, river all started with english help. i am so sorry we did not start la galaxy. we thought yanks would be good custodian of the game but instead they could not even have the decency top take care of becks putting him on the pitch injured to sell shirts and tickets. all yanks care about is money and tv. hollywood. thanks gods he went to milan and go away from the stinking yanks.

    – nigel a suffering englishman in texas

  7. we will never allow the yanks to destroy football by calling it soccer. gaffer, show you are a true love of english football and a brit. dismiss richard and kartik, both inconsiderate, ignorant yanks from the show. put them on gardening leave. but they are typical yanks who would hire a poor mexican to do their gardening.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with calling the sport football or soccer. The issue I have is with some people using a condescending tone when telling people the sport should be known as football when most of the world uses the terms ‘soccer’ and ‘football’ to mean the same thing.

      The Gaffer

  8. Three Lions – ‘the Yanks’ didn’t invent the term ‘Soccer’, its an English term and over a century old. Regarding the two codes, ‘Rugger’ was the slang term for RUGby Football, while ‘Soccer’ comes from aSOCCiation Football.
    The story goes that in late 19th Century England at some public school or university, a guy named Charles Wreford Brown was asked if he was going to play rugger and he replied ‘no soccer’. Documentary evidence that it actually was Wreford Brown doesn’t exist, but it definitely is an ENGLISH term!

    Regarding some of the posts here, you may disagree with Kartik, but lets stay civil. It always pisses me off that people have to start trading insults rather than arguing their case intelligently. Kartik thinks England are over rated and I agree. Can any of you attacking him provide evidence to the contrary? Mind you I don’t agree with everything he says as England fans have in my opinion the right to boo the team if they are terrible and against Algeria they were! Considering the passion Kartik puts into the podcast I find it pretty hard to believe he would quietly seethe if the USA plat that badly against Algeria!

  9. Sorry, I meant ‘I find it pretty hard to believe he would quietly seethe if the USA play that badly against Algeria’!

  10. To Richard, Laurence & Kartik I have been listening to the EPL Talk podcast for about six months now and this is my first time posting on your comments page. I have to say first up well done on the podcast!!!! At first I found it a bit weird hearing mostly Americans talking about the EPL, but that quickly passed and I have found myself finding engrossed in a podcast that is clearly made by people who just love soccer/football. I have also heard from a bunch of writers and journalists from right around the world that had I not listened to the Podcast, I would not have heard about. It is because of the podcast that I have gone on-line and bought books from people who have been on the show (Simon Kuper, Jonathan Wilson, Barney Ronay to name a few) Living in Australia a lot of the coverage can be biased to and English perspective and I have really enjoyed hearing different perspectives, I love the in-depth analysis you provide including detailed discussion of tactics. I have been extremely impressed with your World Cup Podcasts and I look forward each day to listening to your thoughts on the previous days games. Also the preview shows you did in the lead up to the “big dance” were fantastic and I loved hearing from experts from around the world, even Australia’s own Simon Hill from Australia’s Fox Sports (despite him being English by birth and a Man City Fan). I must say I don’t always agree with your points of view, but isn’t that the beauty of discussing any topic (debating different views and insights) I think I mostly find myself agreeing with Laurence as he tends to see things from all sides (life tends to be more shades of grey than just black and white). Kartik has a great insight and he wears his heart on his sleeve and passionately defends his point of view as we heard recently in the preview shows. To Richard I have to say that in the time I have been listening you have really found your feet and I am really enjoying your questioning. You have really grown into the anchor role after taking over from Kartik and whilst people may comment on how you sound or a number of other things, they can not question the quality of your questioning. Keep up the good work team and despite the recent knockers, I will be continuing to tune to what I consider to be one of the best podcasts going around. David from Australia

  11. gaffer, eventually you have to choose. do you love english football? do you want england to be successful? this site and show were previously pro england and about england. by allowing the yanks editorial control you have made the show about south korea, usa, mexico, germany, chile and a daily bash session of england.given kartik being so pro germany in his comments and articles it was shocking he was made epl talk host, but he did okay then. now as a co-commentator he had reverted back to his pro germany and anti england ways. you cannot be for germany and be respectful of england. germany is scared of our strength in the game and they always try and keep us down. look at fifa making the official tomorrow german or the german head of uefa at the time banning english clubs from europe. they do not want to admit they are nazis that supported hitler and we fought them.

    as an ex-pat, the yanks simply annoy me. they do not respect football the way we do. i think it is the mexican and italian influence. they watch different leagues, slow leagues with no pace and playoffs.

    gaffer, if you truly love english football you will not let the yanks run roughshot over this wonderful website and destroy all the work you have put into making this our home away from home. being an ex-pat lover of english football in usa is not easy fighting against yanks who think landon donovan is pele and baseball and basketball fans. kartik is pro germany, and richard is flat out disrespectful of english traditions and the real history of the game. laurence should stay but needs to remember he is english rather than trying to fit in with yanks. i would work to get some true englishmen on the show.

    oh and kartik, saying the scots invented football is the most blasphemous thing you or anyone else could ever say about england. do not change history. do not rewrite history. we know you talk alot about football, oh sorry soccer history. you are too smart to think scots actually did anything for football. i know you like germany, but you know too much to deprive the us of our rightful place in history.

    1. I love English football, but I’m Welsh (and American). So I’m always going to root for Wales. But since they hardly ever qualify for international tournaments, I end up dividing my support between England and the United States. But I won’t support England just because they’re England. They need to play with heart. They need to deserve the support they get. Play well, they’ll be supported fully. Play like crap, and they don’t deserve to be supported.

      Kartik, Richard, Laurence and I call it like we see it. And we try not to let the support of our countries or clubs get in the way. I pride myself on being unbiased, so maybe it’s a good thing that Wales aren’t in big tournaments and my club, Swansea City, aren’t in the Premier League. Otherwise it would be hard for me to be impartial.

      The Gaffer

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World Cup 2010 Day 11: World Cup Buzz Podcast

​Portugal gave us our first true rout of the World Cup, beating North
Korea 7-0, while Spain returned to their winning ways and Chile said
goodbye to Valon Behrami and hello to first place in Group H. To talk
about these three Monday matches and a Tuesday’s docket which will see
four team sent home, I was joined by Laurence McKenna and Kartik
Krishnaiyer for this edition of the World Cup Buzz Podcast.

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