Who Will You Support: England or the United States?

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Having England and the United States in the same World Cup group is one thing. They played each other once and life moved on. However, one item we neglected to consider is what happens on the final day of the World Cup first round matches (which begin tomorrow), and who we’ll support on Wednesday when both England and the United States kick off at the same time with their future in their own hands.

On Wednesday at 10am ET, USA versus Algeria will be shown on ESPN while, at the same time, England against Slovenia will be televised on ESPN2. With so much riding on both matches, which games will you be watching? And if you’re watching both, which ones will you be paying more attention to?

Many of us who watch Premier League games are used to watching two matches at once. One on the TV and another on a laptop. Or sometimes both on the television at the same time with the picture-in-picture feature. But Wednesday’s games are probably two of the biggest soccer games in recent memory that are being shown at the same exact time.

The intriguing aspect about Wednesday’s games is that soccer fans will be watching the games for different reasons. Die-hard USA fans will be hoping that they beat Algeria to advance to the next round. But many of those fans will also be cheering on Slovenia in the hopes that they can knock England out of the tournament. And I’m sure there’ll be plenty of England fans hoping for a win and hoping that the USA gets knocked out, too. As crazy as it sounds, there’ll be some US fans who will be looking forward to England losing more than the United States winning, such is the heated rivalry between both soccer nations.

What usually happens in these types of scenarios is that the scores go back and forth and one goal in either game has massive implications on the other one. If ever there was a game to be watched live, Wednesday it is. This way, whether you’re at home or at a sports bar, you can watch both games side by side and ride the emotional rollercoaster ride. This is definitely one day you need to call in sick or take the day off from work. World Cup fever strikes again!

For me, I’m hoping that both England and the United States advances on Wednesday. Neither game will be easy but I have a lot of respect for both nations and both teams. All I ask is that both teams show that they are worthy winners by playing wonderful games. If they deserve to go through to the next round based on their performances on Wednesday, then that would be ideal.

What about you? Which countries will you be supporting on Wednesday and how are you planning on experiencing the biggest USA and England games of the 2010 World Cup tournament? Share your answers in the comments section below.

80 thoughts on “Who Will You Support: England or the United States?”

  1. I’ll take the ALan Davies and Ian Stone route, Engladn to draw 2-2 and USA 0-0 Alg then England to win on lots and hopefully the whole tourney drawn on lots with England to win. ITs our best chance :).
    I personally hope both US and Eng win – you want the better teams in the last 16 – right now that isnt England but hopefully it will be by the end of Weds.

  2. US and Slovenia here. And what heated rivalry between US and England are you talking about? These teams have met in official game only two times in 60 years.

      1. So it is Rivalry 2.0 I guess. I wonder if players feel about this rivalry the same way. I mean not just lip service statements. Though as far as England is concerned it seems that the only rival they are facing is their own demons.

        1. Its a bit of a manufactured rivalry – its unspoken in the media here. ALl you’ll read about tomorrow will be Capello v Terry. No-one has mentioned the US since the opener here and most felt sympathy for the US being robbed by a ref. The internet is a law unto itself however. I am sure somewhere there is a Slovenian blog with Algerians slagging them off and vice versa.

          England’s real rivalries will always be France, Germany, Argentina and in recent times Portugal; and some team called Scotland.

          Germany apparently don’t care about England and focus on Holland.

  3. More scenarios for U.S. to advance with an England loss (or draw), so I just can’t cheer for England too much on Wednesday. If the U.S. is up 3-0 at halftime though, then I’ll be pulling for England to get through as well.

    1. I’m with Martin here. I want the US to advance first and foremost, so if that comes at the expense of England, so be it (with apologies to my English brother-in-law and his family!).

      1. I’m the same. I will start out with a “whatever it takes” attitude to get the USA through. While the US game is in doubt I will be hoping that Slovenia takes command. If/when the USA game is in the bag I would probably rather see England progress. I just find tournaments a little more interesting (for me at least) when England is around and I will be watching the 2nd round matches in an English pub. For atmosphere’s sake it will be fun to have England around. I have no love for this English team at all though and don’t find them very fun to watch. That being said, the fallout if they don’t advance will be fascinating to watch. If they don’t get out of the group I think that every England player should be forced to wear the E cover as a scarlett letter!

  4. Looking for two wins. Whatever you think of Slovenia and Algeria, neither the USA nor England deserve to go through if they can’t garner a single win. As long as the USA doesn’t become obsessed with the thought that they were
    robbed, I think they go through. England… I have no idea. Does Capello try something different or more of the same?

  5. Best case scenario for me is this:
    1) US win by at least 2 goals over Algeria
    2) England-Slovenia tie, thus US wins group, England knocked out.
    3) Germany wins Group D
    4) Australia beats Serbia 6-0, faces US in Rd of 16.
    5) Mexico wins Group A, but knocked out by South Korea in Rd of 16, US faces them in Quarters after Aussie ass-whooping
    6) Spain gets 2nd in Group G, upsets Brazil in Rd of 16
    7) Dutch upset Italy in Rd of 16, then self-implode vs Spain in Quarters
    8) US defeats Koreans, repeat upset of Spain in Semis
    9) Slovenia upsets Germany and Argentina in Rd of 16 and Quarters, then take out Paraguay in the Semis, setting up a US-Slovenia rematch in the final
    10) US wins 2-1, though Slovenia has tying goal disallowed in 89th minute.
    Referee states that Slovenian goal, regardless of legality, was disallowed to correct injustice. US wins World Cup, the big power soccer nations sit in ruins, and people start breathlessly waiting until 2014 in Brazil.

    Hey, a man can dream, right? :-)

    In all seriousness, 1-3 is what I’m hoping for, and the US faces either Ghana or Serbia in the Rd of 16 rather than Germany.

    1. Holy Hannah, you must not have been very productive at work so far this morning….

      USA with a big win, then I don’t really care after that.

  6. USA for sure, and I don’t care whether England or Slovenia progresses. Underdogs making it is always nice though.

    1. US fans should be rooting for a 1-0 England win. That way if we were to win the Algeria game we would go through as the group winners.

  7. I’m good with both going through.

    (reviews Rakeback’s obnoxious comments over last week)

    Go Slovenia!

    Kidding. Wouldn’t hold all Ingerland fans accountable for one jack***.

    Ingerland to face Germany though, thanks.

  8. I am hoping for 2 wins. Personally, i think it would be incredible for the US to win a group for the first time. Aside from the obvious bragging rights and the key aspect of advancement, winning the group guarantees that you will avoid Argentina in the quarters if either team make it past their group D adversaries. And with All of Group A and the rest of group B looking rather average, i would pip the group C winners as the favorite to make the semifinals.

  9. England’s future now rests on whether Capello’s ego will be able to make the vital changes and go to 4-3-3 and start Joe Cole on the left,thus admitting his tactics have been wrong. Other managers have done it ,it takes a real man to swallow his pride and do it. We’ll see if Capello’s a man or a pussy

  10. I know a lot of soccer people; I don’t know a single person who will be happier with the English losing than with the USA winning. That has to be a very small (and mis-guided) minority.

  11. I really don’t think there is any ‘heated rivalry’ between the USA and England in football. America is too far away, and hasn’t been involved in any real traditional rivalry with the English in football. It’s just a recent thing, and for that one WC game only. Unless they meet again in the tournament at some point I’m sure there won’t be many people who are rooting for one or the other to do badly from now on. There’s simply no point. Not enough in it to warrant the passion of rivalry. If it was England and Scotland, then yeah I could understand it. Or similarly USA and Canada; it only really seems to matter when it’s your neighbours you’re slugging it out with. But like I said, these two nations, England and the USA, are simply too far apart, and without a long enough history of matches between them to be considered heated rivals. As an England fan, I haven’t even looked at the USA since we played them, and I’m sure many Americans have done the same as regards England too.

  12. Gaffer, I enjoy reading your post here and have commented on many of your pieces. I think they are quite good but sometimes you seem to overhype things like the media and say sentences like the following:
    “heated rivalry between both soccer nations”,
    “two of the biggest soccer games in recent memory”.

    Some posters have already mentioned why your “heated rivalry” comments are way out of proportion and “two of the biggest soccer games in recent memory”, are you serious? two of the biggest? Since when did you start following soccer Gaffer?

    Good write ups until this piece.

    1. RVPFan, I’ve been interviewed a few times on the radio in the past week as well as in the press. And I’ve spoken to several soccer fans. And everyone is talking about England vs USA. Not only the game from last week, but also whether both teams will advance out of Group C. It’s a massive talking point.

      When was the last time when England played a match of so importance as the one against Slovenia this Wednesday? Four years against Portugal? When was the last time the US played a much of similar proportions? Over a year ago. “Recent memory” doesn’t mean the 35 years I’ve been following soccer.

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer, I agree its a very big game for England and USA, but I wouldn’t characterize it as “two of the biggest games in recent memory”. The problem with your statement is that you think the rest of the world does not matter. What about today’s must win game against Honduras for Spain? Would you say it’s “the biggest game in recent memory”, since Spain has to win today for a chance in the last 16, or would you rather say “biggest game for Spain in recent memory?”. Which one Gaffer?

        1. Biggest game for Spain in recent memory, yes. These games mean so much to the players, fans and nations. I think the heightened importance of these games is justified.

          The Gaffer

  13. All the English players are alll bunch of OVER-RATED, OVER PAID waste men. I HOPE Slovenia Humiliates them on Wednesday.. So they all can be on their way home on Thursday..

    They make England seem to be the best in the world, thats why they can never win the World cup again.. Stick to the memory of 1966..

    Imagine writing

    Yanks USA..


        1. Is the team you are supporting a previous World Cup winner then? Or is the nation you back one of those minor footballing minnows that have nothing to shout about in terms of WC honours exactly, past, present or very probable future?

          Can’t be a side you’re proud of if you’re too embarrassed to name them anyway 😉

          1. I want the “REAL Best team”…………. in the world to win the World Cup.

            I will leave you to fill in the space. I definitely know it doesn’t start with “E”.

          2. Just ignore comments from Frank Lucas (who is obviously American) and the like.

            They’ll forget about football in a few weeks or two and leave us be.

    1. Like you frank.. Well said.

      They are wankrs… They E.A.S.Y.
      Stupidity. I read the Sun paper that said E.A.S.Y. Pisses me off when they go on about 1966… 44 Years ago.. Come on..

      They will have to wait another 66 Years to win the World Cup..

      1. Really? Since when has The Sun been representative of the views of England fans????? Perhaps I’ll base everything I think about the US on Fox News, another Murdoch outlet….

      2. I think it’s all fine and good slating a team for reveling in past glories, and England is certainly guilty of that. But only IF your own team has actually won a World Cup in the past too. Because you know, if your team has won sweet F.A. on the world stage, and you don’t even have one gold star above your shirt’s badge, you don’t have any business having a pop at a World Cup winning nation until you’ve earned that title for your own team. For those teams who haven’t, sure, England only won it once back in 1966. When did your boys last lift the gold?

        1. And I’m really not sure Frank’s made up his mind who he’s supporting yet or not, lol. I’m sure he’ll get back to us when he knows the result of the final and can say his team were the winners all along 😉

          Oh, except if they’re ENGLAND of course! because the team he backs most certainly does not start with an ‘E’ @_@

          1. 😀 😀 😀
            Brazilian.. Don’t think that it starts with “E”..

            “2002” We got 5 stars on our shirt… It will take you guys another 16years of lifting the Golden Cup to reach us..

            So i will leave you to define who the best team in the world is… :D.
            Thank you.

        1. We wait until Wednesday.. Cant wait for the humiliating failure for England..

          Why would u think i am Scottish.. IS that how much the Scots HATE the English???
          Tut tut, not a good sign. I will expect a scot to be cheering England, since you are all Brits. That’s SAD.

          1. Because if you were a Brazilian, you’d have no legitimate reason to be so anti-England. We’ve never had any rivalry with you, so to hate England so much as a Brazilian would be like an Englishman despising Finland. There simply isn’t any point, you little closet Scotsman you! 😉

          2. frank stop replying this ignorant english fans.. I am scottish. I will eat my pant if england wins the wc. i am for brazil to win.

          3. They should support England given how much money we give them within the UK. We really have grown tired of this incessant & pathetic xenophobia from north of the border. Here’s hoping the SNP are successful and get their way

      3. It’s amazing how mad people can get over something printed in a newspaper.

        Only about 5% of England even buy the bloody thing.

  14. ‘As crazy as it sounds, there’ll be some US fans who will be looking forward to England losing more than the United States winning, such is the heated rivalry between both soccer nations.’
    – Sorry but there is no such rivalry (although it’s slightly different for me as I’m an Englishman living in LA). The vast vast majority of the American population and media have no idea what England even is, constantly calling us ‘British’ or ‘Brits’, and incorrectly using the British flag when talking about the England team. Scotland, Argentina, Germany & more recently Portugal are the teams we dream about stuffing. The USA is just one of a long line of countries that equates British colonial history with England and the England football team, something that they bizarrely fail to do when they play Scotland & Wales etc. There’s no rivalry; a lot of countries just want to beat us.

    Personally, as I live in the US, I’d like to see the USA go through too (although of course I’d like England to top the group!).

  15. I will be cheering for both the US and England to advance, and hope the US wins the group.

    The rivalry exists mostly in the mind of Americans who would see beating England, or advancing further than them in the tournament as some sort of validation. Most Americans would admit we aren’t in England’s class yet. However, we’ll gladly take that one point and use it to wind up certain people on this site.

  16. Funny being that I am follower of the English Premier League, but I would get a chuckle to see England go out. Even more so to see a locker room blowup after the game due to arguing.

    USA baby!!! Come on Americans!

  17. Cheering for anyone that plays against England.. Over-Paid PU$$Y’s.

    Sweet Home, Sweet Chariot… Coming to carry you home on Thursday..

    BOO YAAA……..

  18. I will be rooting for the US to beat Algeria and top the Group and for a draw in the England-Slovenia match. I think Slovenia have showed they have wanted this more then England and at this point deserve to advance out of the group.

  19. If US plays a full 90 similar to their last 45, they should go through.
    If England comes out with their chests out and chins up, setting aside all negative banter from fans and journos and play fundemantal English football, they should go through too.
    Beers boys!!!

    1. Thats our problem though so far this World Cup, playing a full 90 minutes the way we really should be playing it. Too many lapses in concentration.

      I know the team is capable of doing it though, so lets hope that team shows up on wednesday.

  20. Basically if England progresses to the 2nd round then they’ll go further than the USA. Period. In the unlikely event that i’m wrong, USA still won’t win, they’re just not that good. And Brazil are overrated, especially this time around. Argentina looking FAR better and are my favorites to win.

  21. I’d like both to go through to the next round but I’m afriad I think this will be the result in both games:
    Slovenia 2 – England 2
    Algeria 2- USA 0

    1. Algeria 2-0 over the US? An Algeria who’ve scored a whole two goals in their last seven matches, with their one win in those seven coming over the UAE? The USA have started cold the last two matches, but I don’t think they’ll be THAT bad. Especially with the game opening up as both teams need the win, expect the USA to open Algeria up on the counter and win 2-0. Would not be surprised if this is the match the Yanks finally keep a clean sheet, and oust another tired North African side in the 3rd group match of a FIFA tournament, like Egypt last year.

  22. Most important is that the US finish top of the group. But Slovenia must be knocked out, so I don’t have to hear about how great a team they are again. They were horrible against Algeria, just because they have the points doesn’t mean they earned them.

  23. I don’t think there is a rivalry like there is between say Holland & Germany because there just aren’t the regular matches, but I can fully understand Stateside fans relishing the idea of getting one over on England and its not really the fault of the players. First and foremost its our wonderful British media who make things difficult by bigging up the England side way beyond their true worth while trashing the opposition. That stupid ‘EASY’ headline was a case in point. In the days before the net the chances are fans in the US would never have seen it, but thanks to the online Sun, it can be still viewed in all its stupid glory.
    The other reason is the behaviour of England fans on forums like this.
    Too often they are aggressive, abusive, ignorant and intolerant, typically going crazy at anyone who dares call the game soccer!

  24. As an English man who lives in Kentucky who supports Everton theres only one team I can support. USA USA. I can’t cheer for Rooney, Gerrard and the over rated Chelsea players. England games are boring.

  25. For me it’s the USA. Get the win. Would I love to win the group over England. You know it. Do I care if England advances? You know I am conflicted but feel may be England would be better if it did not. Strange?

    1. How conflicted were you when you predicted the US to beat England 3-0? :)

      England wouldn’t be better or worse off if they didn’t advance. It would just… be.

      Seriously though, I’m constantly surprised with how important beating England (or, doing better than England) is to American fans. It seems that fans want the US to do better than England instead of doing well period.

      I understand that this is probably how many fans judge how well the team is doing (due to many ex-pats and the popularity of the Premier League in the States) but it seems counter-productive to me.

      I’ll put my prediction out there so I can look incredibly stupid or incredibly clever in the future:

      England 2 – Slovenia 1
      Algeria 1 – US 1

      The start of each game is very important. England need to come out and boss / control the game from the start… with pace and aggression. They can’t let the game plod on and allow Slovenia to slowly build up momentum. The US needs to defend well and not switch off at the back – early goals against have prevented this team from being the clear group leaders.

  26. Thank you Stuart. These arrogant yanks on here have witnessed no previous success with ‘Team USA’ to be in the position to make the overly optimistic statements they are making. USA ARE getting better as a team compared to previous years, but are still miles away from being one of the top teams yet. If any of them had watched football for as long as i have, they will know that England can pull it out of the bag when they want. ONE-BAD-GAME-DOES-NOT-MAKE-A-BAD-TEAM. Go back to soccer school.

    I look forward with great anticipation to tomorrow’s games.

    1. You’re right, we Americans don’t have any reason to be overly optimistic. We don’t have an established record of success in the World Cup. But what would be the point in being pessimistic. Our boys beat Spain last year, so why can’t they beat Algeria?

      However, your statement that England can pull it out of the bag when they want does not appear to be backed by any facts. I’m open here to being proved wrong, but where is the evidence that England has this capability? If you’re just confident because you think the players are up for it and good enough, then fair enough. But it’s been a long time since England showed they are remotely close to being among the world’s best, no?

      1. Don’t want pessimism – just some humility.

        Two facts for you:

        1986 – England lost and drew before winning the last game to advance.

        1990 – England drew two and won the last game to advance.

        England always squeak by the group stage. We could go out (we do look pretty terrible) but it’s pretty much par for the course.

        They also frequently go out the next round (just don’t let it be penalties again).

        1. Gaz,

          Come on. Humility? You’re a regular on here and you know it’s only a couple of Americans needling the English. The lack of humility has come largely from the English (predictions of 5-0 win over the US, statements that only Howard would make the England squad, making excuses and continuing to belittle the US rather than accepting the draw against the US,etc.). At some point you would think people would accept that, although we all watch and enjoy the Prem, some of these players are nowhere near as good as they have been made out to be.

          The two examples you gave are from 20 and 24 years ago, which I think backs my point.

          Anyway, good luck today. I do hope England advances (just not at the expense of the US).

          1. The lack of humility has not come from many English fans (especially on here) that I see but the media. As we all know, the English media are crazy idiots and do not represent my (or the English fan’s) views.

            I know its not all the US fans on here. There’s just a few (I did mention it was “a few bad apples”) that probably won’t care for the sport after the Cup is over. As the English media doesn’t represent me, I know those few bad apples do not represent you.

            The two examples I gave are from England’s history – yes. How else would you make judgement on a country’s chances? I can’t make predictions on the current squad (or the current US squad) because they, by definition of being the current squad, don’t have any previous World Cup experience. Generally, the only chance you have of making a solid judgement is by looking at a team based on historical perspective. Things change and upsets happen but it’s usually a good bet.

            And again, England squeak by in the last game. Typical England. To make it a really typical English performance we’ll have to meet Germany next round and go out to penalties. :)

            Good US game though – Dempsey is an ‘effing beast!

  27. half time report:

    england 1 slovenia 0

    usa 0 algeria 0

    what’s that i hear you say, clampdown? lol.

    england to win, usa out. england looking great, shoulda been leading by at least 2 or 3 by now. some great set pieces by the lads.

  28. Fair play, i don’t care – we’re through!!!!!!!

    Actually it’s better that the USA came first in the group because we have a better chance of beating Germany next (potential group D winners) and Argentina (potential 2nd round winners) in the quarters then the USA ever would. We’ve beaten them before and we can again. This way at least both teams have a chance instead of (vice versa) England getting the easy route and winning their games and USA getting the hard route and losing. Good luck to both at the weekend.

  29. Thanks Clampdown, you too. Believe me i want the USA to do well. At lest now we’re both out of the group it’s not a (direct) competition between the two teams anymore. Thank God. It’s been crazy, on and off the interweb highway.

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