World Cup 2010 Day 10: World Cup Buzz Podcast

Brazil has clinched a place in the knockout stage, for which Kaká will be rested, thanks to a one match suspension. The defending world champion Italy was drawn by New Zealand, while Paraguay sits alone at the top of Group F after their win over Slovakia. To talk about these matches plus Monday’s three fixtures, I was joined by Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer for this edition of the World Cup Buzz Podcast.

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  1. (to the rescue) kartik i hate you would love to educate you on football but u love leaving snide remarks rather than engage in fan to fan debate,u r a fan arent u kartik on a bandwagoner,this laurence sounds like a right posh mummys boy should be playing polo instead of getting involved in football that farley guy sounds like an upper class rentboy(scots invented nothing england had first football assocation an league an cricket which ur ppl go crazy for an i enjoyed playing it with them during my trip to india,most eng fans dont think we should win the world cup but on the other hand if italy can do it 06 by grinding out results then why not

  2. oh yeah kartik america bought all the tickets more than any other nation . funny didnt look like that when u played england 80% or more was eng fans get a grip mexicans living in the states more than likely bought loads of tickets,oh a take a look at ur own fans ive seen comments left by yanks on games involving mexico embarrassing lack of understanding for the game racist remarks an comments about how good ur military is so ur team will be 1 day aswell no wonder mexican hate ive been to cancun seen the way u guys treat them,maybe u met some englishman there who abused then an argentinian came to the rescue an u talked about mls

  3. lampard scored 22 goals an double figures for assists in 38 pl games if he was honduran you would be raving about him adam johson shouldve went to the world cup kept w philips out of the m,city team kartik youve proberly only been following the game for a few yrs,kartik i dont care what u say youll never have the feeling for the sport as much as someone from a footballing nation,to drunk now lets see if ur man enough to respond in the morning proberley not ur a bitter man go work for la liga talk if u h8 eng so much an stop talking shit about r fans,when yanks the most ignorant ppl on the planet,lets wait for the story when some 1 english upset kartik an a dutchman put him straight

  4. u wouldnt last in europe with ur bollock talk ,ur lucky other europeans wont have to hear the verbal diorea u spout,try an learn to talk out of your mouth an not ur arseto all these yanks who think there american through an through an write comments like eurotrash ,just remember where u really come from u cant all be that niave,european cast offs ,

  5. whos the bellend who said lampards only good cuz essien is behind him an like wise alonso for gerrard didnt rekize alonso helped him fire in goals from outside the box on a regular basis i might add,so kaka was nothing without gattuso,sneijder without cambiasso u articles r retarded u just make urselves look like dicks,an no wonder europeans wont take u seriously when it comes to this sport

  6. gaffer ur a stupid taff whats wrong with you,r u playing out ur fantasy having ppl call u gaffer ur a buch of wrong ens mfc till idie,kartik wouldnt uderstand what its like to love ur club nore do most of u yanks leave it for us outside of the us i dont give a shit how many games u see on tv u think ur passionate because of that eng took more fans to a tournament yet again

    1. Liam,

      You may be surprised but the depth of the coverage Richard and I both receive on our telly’s far exceed anything available in the UK. Having spent much time in the British Isles (add up all my visits and I have been there about half a year) you have until Setanta and now ESPN UK little exposure to non British football.

      Richard and I, on the other hand are able to watch live matches from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Japan, Australia, South Korea, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Portugal, Italy, Russia and of course England and Scotland regularly via different media outlets.

      Our observations and thoughts are based on watching many leagues and players. I watch the Bundesliga closely, and that league has produced the most players in the World Cup besides the two divisions in England. Stylistic difference between leagues and international game are important to appreciate, note and incorporate in any analysis. The Premier League as Kevin McCauley noted yesterday is not the exclusive province for top footballers. In fact, the opposite. Far more recent major international trophy winners have plied their trade in other major European leagues. Frank Lampard’s goals for Chelsea mean zero at the international stage. Similarly, Emile Heskey’s struggles at Villa mean nothing. This is a different game, in a different environment against different styled opposition.

      Too many English fans are isolated in their football preferences and then quickly condemn anyone whose opinion on the sport may be shaped by watching different leagues, different styles of play and ultimately come to different conclusions about the strength of English Football.

      The evidence is clear. Very few teams in this world cup would struggle to generate scoring opportunities against an Algeria side which is among the worst recent qualifiers for the competition. England may push on and beat Slovenia and make it to the quarters again, but our analysis based on observation of football and historical factors, I believe is fairly sound. You simply have to look at England’s big tournament history since 1966 to realize we are not that far off base.

  7. Is this the same guy you guys were talking about in the podcast, this liam guy? I thought he wasn’t listening anymore?

    you’re going home, you’re going home, you’re goingggg England’s going home!

  8. Trust me as someone who has dealt with KK for years in Florida, he’s been around the game A LONG TIME, and knows the history of the game exceptionally well.

    That is why he doesn’t rate England. 44 years without a major final appearance? Greece just won the Euros six years ago! Denmark won it and the Confederations Cup in the 1990s.

    Lampard in the opinion of most non English or anglicized fans is a soft midfielder whose performances on the big stage in major internationals has not just underwhelmed but been flat out miserable.

    I am sorry, but as someone who enjoys La Liga and Serie A far more than I care about the EPL (I hardly even watch it because the technical football is so freaking poor compared to the other two major leagues), very little about these podcasts have been controversial. For introverted England fans, perhaps, but then again we watch more football than you. Being close to a club does not make you more of a football expert than people who actually observe the game from all over the world.

    I cannot believe we continue to have these arguments. As the world opens up, I wish England football fans would let their mind expand and appreciate the sport and the form it has taken outside your enchanted island.

    If you want a real wind up who does not know anything, Johnathan Starling who once hosted the podcast is your man. He’s a yank also.

    Oh and by the way, the Scots did invent the game. The English simply codified the rules.

    1. We can argue who invented the game, but Scotland certainly has a claim, as much as England or Italy both of whom claim it. And Tony, thanks for your support but Scotland may have in fact not only invented the game BUT ALSO codified the first rules, or at least put the initial rules into practice.

      David Wedderburn, teacher of the Aberdeen Grammar School, has written a book that can prove that. “Vocabula” shows a detailed story about the game’s rules. And, in order for you to believe me, I’m going to show you a short paragraph of his book. The indications in the paragraph refer to his pupils.

      “Let’s pick sides. Those who are on the outside, come over here. Kick off, so that we can begin the match…Pass it here”.

      A 1711 manuscript of the book – written in 1663 – was stored in the Scottish National Library, in Aberdeen.

      “The book is the first evidence we have come across of a passing game with goalkeepers and players passing the ball to score goals. The other interesting thing is that the FA was not formed until 1863. In the first FA rule book there is no mention of goalkeepers and the game is based more on a rugby-type structure, where players could not pass the ball forward. Scotland has a fantastic claim to have developed the modern game. It is frankly an amazing discovery and one which is hard to dispute”, said Richard McBrearty, the curator of the Scottish Football Museum.

      In fact, it appears rules may have initially been developed in Scotland as well. Sheffield is given credit for codifying rules first but these discoveries indicate it may have been the Scots first. We do know without any dispute that Glasgow emerged as the first real center of football in a major city long before London. Manchester and Liverpool also predated London as major footballing center by decades.

  9. scotland bla bla just bullshit,bitter jocks who have no life bunch of degenerates,u may have access to these leagues,because of the latin community etc,but we still get a really good la liga coverage on sky sports ,portutal,french,argentina ,brazilian,german,italian,some of these leagues were available on non cable channels and eurosport whats ur point im sure italians arent watching ecuardorian football either

  10. let me guess kartik youve only been to london in england nowhere else,eng took the game to the world hence why clubs like ac milan were founded by englishman ,before coming accross these blogs etc i enjoyed seeing americans in the prem now after why i was reminded why i didnt like americans in the first place

  11. Hello Gents,

    I’ve immensely enjoyed the podcasts. And while I don’t always agree with the commentary (i.e. what elbows are card worthy in the tourney) I really enjoy the insight that comes from the volume or your football consumption provides. I don’t have time to follow every league closely. I like the straightforward format even if the production value lacks a bit, but I prefer content to charisma.


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World Cup 2010 Day 10: World Cup Buzz Podcast

​Brazil has clinched a place in the knockout stage, for which Kaká will be rested, thanks to a one match suspension. The defending world champion Italy were drawn by New Zealand, while Paraguay sits alone at the top of Group F after their win over Slovakia. To talk about these matches plus Monday’s three fixtures, I was joined by Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer for this edition of the World Cu Buzz Podcast.

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