World Cup 2010 Day 8: World Cup Buzz Podcast

Was the United States robbed by the referee against Slovenia? Perhaps, but we were all robbed of a football match from England and Algeria, two results that overshadowed the days’ biggest surprise: the? Serbian derailing of the Nationalmannschaft. On this edition of the World Cup Buzz podcast, I’m joined by Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer to talk about Friday’s triad of results and the trio of matches awaiting us on Saturday.

2 thoughts on “World Cup 2010 Day 8: World Cup Buzz Podcast”

  1. ok frank lampard’s stats are on the left and steve gerrard’s
    are on the right
    so why are you still banging on about lampard
    clearly the issue is gerrard

    134 Total Passes 124
    107 Passes Completed 80
    80% Passes Completion Rate 65%
    15 Long passes 27
    11 Long Passes complete 9
    73% Long Passes completion rate 33%
    85 Medium Passes 71
    69 Medium Passes complete 55
    81% Medium Passes completion rate 77%
    34 Short Passes 26
    27 Short Passes complete 16
    79% Short Passes completion rate 62%
    8 Corners 7
    4 Crosses 7
    3 Crosses Completed 1
    75% Crosses completion rate 14%
    0 Assists 0

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