World Cup 2010 Day 8: World Cup Buzz Podcast

Was the United States robbed by the referee against Slovenia? Perhaps, but we were all robbed of a football match from England and Algeria, two results that overshadowed the days’ biggest surprise: the? Serbian derailing of the Nationalmannschaft. On this edition of the World Cup Buzz podcast, I’m joined by Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer to talk about Friday’s triad of results and the trio of matches awaiting us on Saturday.

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  1. Are you guys podcasting from a Waffle House? Haha! Farley was wrong about USA-Slovenia not once but twice. Question: What good does it do to spend your entire life watching soccer on the Internet if you can’t even make an informed prediction about an International soccer game and stick with it? I probably watch about .001% of the soccer that you guys do, but my prediction of a USA win, which I stuck with, was better than any of Farley’s self-contradictory predictions of this game.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Russ. We appreciate all our listener, especially ones that seem to consume the show with such passion. Not all listeners react the same, but we appreciate them all, so thank you.

    1. Well I’ve been listening, but hardly with passion. Hey dude, wanna know why you got Group C totally wrong?

      You were so busy worshiping all these allegedly big time Euro coaches, you lost sight of the fact that guys like Bob Bradley just don’t lose very often, at anything.

      Check out Bradley’s hyperthyroid Yankee face, with the scary mix of intellect and crazy:

      It doesn’t matter what the game is, never bet against that guy.

      In fact if you ever see a CEO with a face like that on CNBC, put all your money in that stock.

      Kek, Capello, What’s-his-face… please. I knew Bradley would get us out of the group.

  3. Love the podcast/website as a general rule.
    Kartik’s weird quasi-argument that…what…the called-back goal was some kind of karmic justice for Dempsey’s early elbow. That was as just-plain-silly an argument as I’ve come across. It’s stuck in my craw since hearing it, and tonight i searched, to no avail, for film of the Dempsey foul. Fairly sure I caught a worse example go un-carded in the Aussie-Ghana game today. Fair mindedness is one thing. Constructing absurd arguments for the sake of contrarianism is another.

    1. I haven’t found a video clip of the Dempsey elbow, other than what I saw live on television, but it looked like the deliberate elbow was worthy of an automatic red card dismissal to me.

      The Gaffer

  4. I live in Britain & your podcasts are very refreshing to listen to as most of our media are biased & unrealistic regarding England’s chances in every tournament they enter. I agree 100% with Laurence’s assessment of England – they are simply not good enough at this level and haven’t been for years. The problem we have is our press have a vested interest in talking the side up as world beaters to boost sales of their services.
    As for the England players under performing, they actually aren’t. Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard and company look great for their club sides because they are surrounded by the best foreign talent available like Drogba & Torres, yet how many English players are currently in Serie A or La Liga?
    England fans have been living in a dream world for years and I blame the British media for that, so you have to understand those who were angry enough to boo at the end of the Algeria game and I’m pretty sure U.S fans would react the same if your side played like that.

    As for the USA, you have to stop giving the opposition a goal start!
    The referee was wrong to disallow your ‘winner’, but you should do the business against Algeria, who look to lack real firepower up front.

    On refereeing, the Spaniard in charge of the Germany/Serbia game was a disgrace who contributed to Germany losing the game and who knows maybe Klose’s chance of breaking Ronaldo’s all time WC goalscoring record. Despite this, the German manager Löw has rightly criticised his players for wasting so many chances to level or win the game, unlike Capello who will not in public give his England team the roasting they deserve.

    Keep up the good work!

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