Wayne Rooney Has Words For England Supporters

Wayne Rooney has never been one to hide his personality. His temper on the field has been scrutinized for years, but most Rooney and Manchester United fans chalk it up to the passion and heart he has for the game and for winning. The same passion and heart that makes Rooney one of the best players in the world. It cannot be argued that he plays every game with 100% effort. Even tonight’s game against Algeria, the effort was there, but in my opinion he just had an off night as did the rest of the England squad. So love or hate Mr. Rooney’s temper, was his behavior on the video above fair or foul?

For me, I think Wayne Rooney’s comments possess a fair amount truth. However, I think regardless of that truth, it would have been best if he just kept his mouth shut. With the English media already foaming at the mouth ready to rip Capello’s squad from limb to limb and create even more distractions off the field, Rooney did not need to add gas to that fire. I understand the frustration he must have been feeling, we all know how competitive a player he is. The whole English team all the way down the bench to David Beckham was frustrated. But, Rooney and England need to get it together because the fact of the matter is, if they win their next game, they’re through to the round of 16. So, let’s look at it from the perspective of both Mr. Wayne Rooney and the England fans.

When you are the 8th ranked team in the world as England is, fans are going to expect a certain level of play. When you’re favored to win your group and after two games you’re in third with 2 draws, fans are going to be upset. England, a team of Premier League stars, is expected to get results. And frankly, after their first 2 games, not only have they only earned 2 points, but they’ve looked awful. Fans expect better. Fans demand better. As a fan of a team with expectations, certainly you could make the argument that the play on the pitch deserved the audible disgust from the English supporters. But, does that make it right?

Now, from Rooney’s perspective, does he have the right to voice his opinion back to the supporters after his team’s ugly performances? I’m sure Wayne is just as frustrated at the poor result as the fans in the stadium and back in England are, and just as disappointed, if not more. Well obviously Rooney, who rarely holds anything back, felt it was his right. And I understand that. He’s battling out on the pitch for his country, still earned a point in a frustrating game, and didn’t receive the support he felt the team deserves. England still has a chance to move on. Their World Cup is not over, I’m sure he feels the fans still need to be behind their country and most definitely feels a little betrayed.

That being said, Rooney as well as the rest of the England squad are professionals. They’re used to the limelight, and have to understand by now how fans are going to respond. That is why, for me personally, I think Rooney has to rise above the level of the fans and block the criticism out of his mind. This isn’t an England-only case, this happens with fans in any sport. While I don’t think it’s acceptable for fans to ever boo their own team in any case, I understand that fans will be fans. But pros have to be pros, Rooney should just be focused on the next game against Slovenia. In any case, I’m sure the England faithful will be behind their team on Wednesday when they take the field in Port Elizabeth. And if they’re to move on to the knockout stage, I’m willing to bet the same.

What do you think? Did the play by the England squad deserve the negative response of the supporters? Or do you think Wayne Rooney has a right to be upset?

48 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney Has Words For England Supporters”

  1. I’m not a Man U supporter but I really do like Rooney. I agree with you Jake. I love how he speaks his mind but with this one he handed critics an easy platter of ripping. They will be fine in the long run but this does not help. Great post Jake!

  2. There’s one really easy way to stop the booing, Wayne

    Neither ripping your fans nor stomping some Portuguese nuts ain’t it.

  3. Rooney may feel bad and I hope he does. The fact of the matter is though that there are thousands of fans who have spent a fortune to go out there and watch this and they don’t earn £150,000 a week. They are normal people, plumbers, joiners, factory workers, people who have had to save up for months to make that trip.
    I’m sure the fans feel they deserve more, not just from Rooney who was shit tonight, but also from the other players and the coach.
    Whether it’s right or not, I’m sure if Rooney was one of those fans in the stands he would have been booing too. He is happy to be adored when things are going well so he’s gonna have to take the shit when they’re not.

    1. Agree 100%. Watching on TV is bad enough. Investing the time, the money and the energy to make the trip and then to watch THAT display is inevitably going to result in some booing from the fans.

      I’m sure in the cold light of day Rooney will regret his remarks. The players, like the fans, would be frustrated in the aftermath of such a dire performance. It wouldn’t be what they wanted to hear, but they have to understand the fans. Perhaps after they watch the game themselves, they will understand.

  4. Take it like a man Wayne! Typical reaction from a pampered player who still gets tucked into bed every night!

  5. IF Ronney had played even moderately decent, if he had one decent shot on goal, if he had completed one meaningful pass, if he had lost possesion due to poor touch less than 30 times, if he had not shot his mouth off about how easy it would be to beat Algerie THEN he might have reason to complain about the fans He didnt so he needs to shut up, grow up and start to play like he deserves to be wearing the England jersey.

  6. how can rooney say that, 2 draws, and yes, alot of pressure on the team, but rightly so, there top playes, most of them, although they didnt show it, to pay thousands of pounds to travel to south africa gives the England fans the right to criticise a terrible performance
    rooney should be disgusted with himself

  7. I detest Rooney. He’s one of my least favorite players and I can’t stand his attitude. Having said that, I think he has every right to say what he said. I think that England supporters should know that eviscerating their team at every turn is counterproductive, to say the least. They were a team afraid, that’s for sure.

    Having said that, he should pretty much plan on getting lambasted for that statement, too.

  8. YEAH. You keep picking up those Nike endorsements for playing in the world cup you fat p***k! Thats what a greedy judas is.

    The moron doesn’t realise people have spent thousands trying to get to South Africa. Its a drop in the ocean to him, he’s more concerned with picking up his World Cup endorsements. Hence playing injured/unfit.

  9. I disagree with two things in your article. One, that Rooney gave 100% effort. He gave up on challenges and walked towards loose balls. He didn’t look like he wanted to be there. I’ve defended Heskey’s inclusion before but it is now obvious as to how to deal with that combination. Heskey should never start another English game unless he discovers some new talents. My theory has been that he’s been playing hurt because Ferguson played him too often when he wasn’t fit in the final two months of the premier league season and maybe that is true but by the second half he appeared to be playing with a fraction of the effort he normally gives for his club. Secondly, that fans should never boo their own team. Of all matches, this was a game to boo the inexplicable choices by Capello. I can’t understand why it took so long for Capello to either put in Defoe when the Algerians had obviously neutralized England by figuring out how to deal with the Rooney Heskey combination or to concentrate on having Gerrard and Lampard just blast 20 to 35 yard shots until they notched a few goals. Or more generally do something else. England just kept doing the same things as if the Algerians were going to remember that they were supposed to concede to England. Why wouldn’t the fans boo. This is infuriating and painful to any supporter.

    Emile Heskey, Ashley Cole, and Steven Gerrard all at least looked like they were giving everything that they had.

    1. On your first point, that may be true. But based on Rooney’s career up to this point, I give him the benefit of the doubt. And in that case, your theory of Rooney not being 100% fit would make a lot of sense.

      1. I’m generally inclined to give Rooney the benefit of the doubt as well. I’m not sure why he wasn’t doing what I see him do every time he terrorizes my club but something isn’t right with Rooney. In Rooney’s case it isn’t just found out tactics (although tactics are minimizing his chances). He is too good and too invariantly passionate about club and country for him to play like so without something being wrong. Obviously Rooney does care about club and country. It just didn’t look like he was putting in the effort today or at least in the second half. Maybe disillusioned. Maybe injured. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just disillusioned. I still think that England can go through if they change tactics and that a second place finish might actually be good if Germany finishes second. Today was hard to watch.

        1. I should have also added that I generally agree with everything in your article except those two points. good posting

  10. I actually like how passionate and emotional Rooney is. He does wear his heart on his sleeve. I can see both sides though. The fans who have spent so much time and money to be there expect more from their team and the team expect support from their fans. These guys do get paid gobs of money for their club teams, but not so much for their national teams. I can’t see how it’s ever ok to boo your country’s team.

  11. I think Rooney has every right to express his opinions. I just think his opinion is revealingly wrongheaded.

    You pay your money to go to the game, you have every right to make your views on the game known. That’s how it’s always been, and how it always should be.

    Some humility might be wiser.

  12. It’s funny the people who critisize are the same people who wouldn’t last three seconds on that same pitch.

    Rooney has a right to his opinion and he is right in saying that being booed by people who wouldn’t last a split second on that spot are morons. Only glory hunters would turn on their own players if they lost.

    If your Premier League team loses a game you don’t boo the players or stop supporting the club you move on. If England exit the World Cup hating the players for it is retarded.

    1. Of course Rooney has every right to say anything that he wants. That isn’t the issue.
      “and he is right in saying that being booed by people who wouldn’t last a split second on that spot are morons.”
      That’s an interesting position. So anybody who expresses a critical opinion about someone else’s performance who isn’t in the top .00002% of that profession is a moron?

  13. hey jake i got a question for you, i heard from my friend that rooney has irish parents or parent is that true. the name rooney sounds more irish to me then english.

  14. Too many of my countrymen have been spending time criticzing the vuvuzelas instead of how pathetic England has been in the World Cup so far. Right now I rather like the sound of the vuvuzelas over the sound of the players complaining about the fans yelling at them.

    What Rooney and the others need to do is put in a decent performance if they want the criticism to stop. I’m glad I didn’t spend money to go to South Africa as I would have been angry too.

  15. Lets look at it this way….if you were out in the middle would you like all that booing from your own supposedly loyal fans? Imagine playing as a junior and your parents, your supporters, start to boo your performance. It’s just another added pressure to the team that already has to carry around huge expectations put on it by it’s countries media.

    Get behind your team (without the knives)

    1. um yah it sucks. I’ve been booed and my teams have been booed. some times it’s motivationally helpful and sometimes it kills off our want. I’ve always thought that I understood why fans boo and why fans cheer though. but yes it does suck.

  16. I don’t know what it’s like in the U.S but fans booing their team whether at club level or internation level is nothing new.
    Fans in this country wont accept it if they they think that players are not doing everything they can for the cause

    As Lord Nelson said ‘ England expects that every man will do his duty’.

    1. It’s the same in the US, in any sport when the fans suspect that the players aren’t giving 100% they boo them, and rightfully so.

  17. Fair enough, but he is some little short fat unfit stout c**t married to some chav from up north. Earns far too much money, wishes he was beckham but got hit HARD by the ugly stick. Sure England expects every man to do his duty but sh**heads like him need to give up as they aren’t men.

    Alison xx

    1. I was struck by your incredibly incisive and vile comments. It’s been some time since I’ve read such utter bile, but laughed at the same time. This has clearly been thrown together in some sort of hissy fit. Not only are you ignorant and rude, you display a remarkable degree of stupidity too.

      For all that Rooney has been a shadow of his form at club level, I doubt anyone questions his commitment, desire and determination to succeed on this stage, bearing in mind his contribution in an England shirt to date.

      He looks drained to me, much like the majority of the team. No spark, no creativity nor resilience and devoid of ideas. This squad is weak by comparison to others in the past and is just not good enough.

  18. Normaly i love Rooney but dispite his and all the other players diluded worlds us normal ppl that have to save for months and even years to go to the world cup deserve more and when the player give wot they did tonite they deserve getting ripped into, they mite earn alot for doing nothing but the rest of us dont. if i performed in my job like they have in theres in the last 2 games i wud get the sack.

  19. I think Rooney is out of line. I’m American, I don’t support England, but the English fans had every right to express disappointment with their team. A lot of these people have scraped every penny together in a recession or burned up their credit cards in order to get to South Africa and support the team, they should at least be rewarded with heartfelt effort. Rooney didn’t give 100% today, far from it. He was — by far, and it isn’t even close — the laziest man on the pitch today. He lost the ball several times and never bothered to chase the man down, just seemingly said “screw it, let Barry get it”. Not only did the team deserve to be booed he should’ve been singled out for harsher treatment personally.

    Emile Heskey was horrible but at the end of the day he’ll be able to look in the mirror and say he put in an honest shift, Rooney won’t.

    1. Bobby,
      I don’t think that Rooney was out of line. He can say anything he wants. I just think that his comments express a certain not getting it. As Poker Rakeback said, I also think that Rooney would be booing if he were in the stands. I completely agree with everything else that you’ve expressed.

  20. rooney boy, you’re using the same loyal fans to make millions of pounds through endorsements.. man up and tell you’re mates to learn something from Slovenia vs USA match.. don’t give up fight till end.

  21. He is the only player who could go out and say this. Capello just is too ignorant to get it. Fatty and Stevie cannot play in the middle together, plain and simple. because even if you mask it will gerrard on the “left” he is still going to be playing a CM role and not a LW role.

    Push Stevie up the park and have him work directly off rooney. it worked for liverpool in 08/09 with him and torres against much better back lines than Slovenia. and now i can officially, and sadly, admit that Jozy Altidore is by far and away the second best forward in Group C. Dear lord.

    tell fatty to sit back and ghost in late because he has always been unable to score for england and thats not about to change. Start cole and lennon outside. I dont have a f-ing clue who plays with JT, but if YOU START JOE HART IT WON’T MATTER BECAUSE HE IS THE BEST ENGLAND GOALKEEPER BY MILES!

  22. If ever in my life there has been a time and reason to “boo” England it was today.

    Even loyalty has it’s limits, Wayne.

    1. well said gaz.just to add,this bunch of overpaid gutless,spineless,scared so called english players need to look at their proffession,and think to themselves,i live in england,i play for england,and by god,i will win for england,instead of thinking,this is great,a hundred and fifty grand a wek for doing nothing.come england,get out there and do what youre supposed to do “PLAY BLOODY FOOTBALL”

  23. Had to watch the game in a bar and so i didn’t hear what he said first off…To be honest I PRESUMED that he had said something like..”we will win on Wednesday” since they know that if they win they will go through, I thought he was just reassuring the england fans at the end of a very disappointing night.
    Now after getting a chance to listen to it, I am really disappointed, while I agree that the booing would get on my tits, it would have been much better served to reassure and motivate his countrymen at home and abroad that they were going to give it everything they have on Wednesday, instead…the red tops will go after them, and rooney especially, over the next few days.

  24. wayne rooney talks about loyalty,how about giving some loyalty and commitment back to the fans that pay your rediculous wages.The whole england team deserved nothing more than a booing after that performance.I feel sorry for the people that have spent hard earned money to travel and watch that rubbish.Lets hope we see better next week or we can boo them back at the airport on our early exit.

  25. I think he is completely out of order – after these England supporters paid all that cash to get over to SA, fork out for accommodation, tickets to the game, and then sit through another dull and disappointing performance from the England team, they have EVERY right to loudly voice their opinion in this way. I cannot stand Rooney’s disrespectful, arrogant attitude. He needs a good shock and kick up the backside, along with his team mates, to give them a reality check, overpaid pillock!

  26. This squad is total crap.

    Rooney walked around that pitch quite clearly showing he didn’t really give a crap about being there. he spent more time in the back half than up front his supposedly favoured “long striker” position.

    Gerrard and Lampard together is a disaster. Lampard needs to be a sub to Gerrard (or just drop him altogether; he’s been total crap in every WC I’ve ever seen him play).

    Screw “lone striker” Rooney; we need to start with both Rooney and Crouch on pitch.

    As for Heskey; he was the only player with any heart last night. That poor bugger ran from one end of the pitch to the other to get possession and position only to fire it forward to find that either Gerrard and Lampard were stood there looking at each other to see who’d go and get it or to an empty space where Rooney should have been because he was back at the England goal looking at daisies.

    Whoever takes over from Capello needs to fire the entire squad and start from scratch because not one of this lot deserve to wear the three lions.

  27. What a pathetic thing to say, when there are thousands of England fans who have made the journey all the way down to South Africa, spending upwards of £10,000 in the process, and for them to be subject to such a dire a pathetic performance they have every right to boo, i’m not Rooney’s biggest fan anyway, but even if i was, i wouldn’t and am not happy with this..

  28. Rooney gets payed a boat load of money he should keep his mouth shut. When you have a 50+ million pound contract you shouldn’t be opening your mouth at fans who are making ends meet and are saving money to fly and see you play.

  29. Look face it everyone, England (the country) cannot produce anything good these days in sport or any other practice. We used to rule a large portion of the world, now we can’t even cough without having to apologise to Europe. England has nothing left.

    We are a joke of a landscape hanging out of the bumhole of Europe like a turd clinging to Europe’s bum hairs.

    Our sportsmen earn so much they don’t have/need/want to have any heart. A poor country produces great sportmen coz they have to fight and struggle to get anywhere great. We give ours £100,000+ per week and say “do a Pringle advert too”. Don’t you love watching them nonce around on TV adverts only to humiliate themselves on the pitch to the world? LOL!! What a sad freakshow.

    Any wonder this country is going down the tube, both in South Africa at the moment AND on our own soil politically. I’m emigrating next year, I’m ticking off the days on my calendar :) come on England, lose to Slovenia!

  30. Has anyone else noticed that all other countries (with exception of France) have players that look like they actually belong in their countries? It’s over 90% true that the Germans all look typical German, the Japs all look Jap, the Dutch all look Dutch, the Aficans all look African etc but when it comes to England half the players are black (?) and France suffers the same problem. What’s with England and France? Why are they the dumping ground of the world’s problems?

    Interesting thought.

    1. Well Germany has more foreign players than England did in this world Cup. 4 weren’t even born in Germany, and there were about 3 more that were born in Germany but either of mixed German or foreign heritage so you’re point doesn’t really make sense because if it was the “foreign” players causing problems for England and France then surely Germany would have had more problems than England because for sure there were more ethnically English players in the England squad than there were ethnically German players in the German squad this year, it’s just that Polish (which many of the German players were) and German look a lot more similar than Black and English/French so it’s more noticable in the England and France squad.

  31. Rooney is the most overated player ever and a goon.
    A 10 year old striker could make the goals he gets because
    everyone on his team gives him the pass a 10 year old striker
    is suppose to score. However in the World Cup if you are a goon
    and depend on the perfect pass you look like Rooney who
    still has problems controlling simple passes to his feet and does not
    create. Rooney I mean Gooney should have been bared from the game years ago for his violence against other greater players.

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