USA Robbed Of Victory, And What It Means To Group C

USMNT Fans Cheer Their Team On To A Memorable Comeback Against Slovenia.

Many football fans around the world, when they think of football, do not immediately associate it with USA. The game just doesn’t seem to fit in with American sports. American football, basketball, hockey: superhuman men playing at a level that is untouchable to us mere humans. If you’re not 6’6 at minimum and you don’t weigh 270 pounds, you just won’t make it at the top level in most American sports. And then in steps the beautiful game, the one that has swept the globe up in World Cup fever. The one that creates an atmosphere unlike any other. The one that unites nations, the one that makes everything better. The one, unfortunately, that Americans have not fully taken to.

USA were out-played in the first half against Slovenia. At half-time, I turned to a friend and said, ‘Are USA as hopeless as France? I don’t even feel like they have enough to grab a goal here.’ Literally minutes later, I was proved wrong. The unbelievable thing isn’t the comeback, the unbelievable thing is how very American it all was. We all think of great American sports folklore in the form of Rudy Ruettiger who made it at Notre Dame playing American football against all odds. We think of Rocky Balboa, who came from nothing and rose above the competition. We think of Bull Durham and Field of Dreams. We think of Michael Jordan and we think of Lance Armstrong. Now, if this team of Yanks representing USA at the World Cup can come up with a big win against Algeria, they should be included in that mythical American sports folklore.

While many placed so much importance on beating England on the field, and the magnitude of that match, it ended in a draw that would not have grabbed the attention or the headlines for very long in mainstream America. After USA’s comeback against Slovenia, though, the seeds are planted and the root is growing for USA to beat Algeria and knock England out of the tournament.

You’ll be asking, though, how is this at all possible? USA, who are on 2 points, will play Algeria, who are on 1. England, on the other hand, are on 2 points as well, and will play Slovenia, who are on 4 points. Now, if USA can handle their part and get a win against Algeria, preferably a win that includes a few goals, they will be in a great position to top their group and qualify for the knockout rounds. England, who have only scored one goal in two games, don’t look very likely to pull off a win against Slovenia. Should Slovenia beat England, or even grab a point from the Three Lions, England will be eliminated and Slovenia and USA will advance from the group.

While it is not the most dramatic way of beating the big boys and upsetting the odds, it will certainly live on in the memory of us USMNT supporters. Of course, England could still go through the group if they grab the win against Slovenia, but anything is possible.

USA, by all accounts, should be on 4 points after today’s match after Maurice Edu’s dramatic late goal should have won them the game against Slovenia. Despite the win slipping from their hands, the comeback was fantastic and inspiring. Confidence will soar in the American camp, and coach Bob Bradley will be encouraging his players to take advantage of their situation and secure qualification against Algeria. Taking England’s qualification place will not be on their minds, though, as it will only serve to distract them. But certainly for us fans, while qualification is the primary objective, making England take the early flight home will most definitely be in the back of many minds.

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  1. Team USA was robbed of their win today and England unfortunately is not playing half as well. I came into his series supporting England but there is something to the underdog rising up and conquering the greater force that has me cheering for a USA win – at least at this point in the competition.

  2. USA and England both suck. Slovenia has a population that could fit inside the Bronx with room to spare. The winner is not coming from this group.

    1. I agree Dave. The US whines too much. Thats what happens when you come from a Nation that has a massive sense of entitled. They would have been better to man up and move on. Mind you, wer’e talking about Soccer so that ain’t going to happen.

      1. What is the US whining about? Is it the third goal by Edu that was nullified? I don’t know about you, but to me the goals were well deserved and the sense of entitlement is not without merit. The team left everything they had in Ellis Park. Not one of those players walked off that pitch with energy to spare. These are mature adults, they’re moving on, and it isn’t because you suggested them to do so.

      2. Bad calls are bad calls. I’m outraged whenever a bad call is made regardless of team or even sport for that matter. The USA will eventually dominate Soccer as it does in all things and that is why the world loathes us.

      3. I would like to see how you would react if an idiot ref took away your winning goal and possibly taking away your chance of moving on to the next round.

  3. I just wanted to point out that if the US does win against Algeria they are guarnteed into the round of 16, not just in a good position.

  4. This result really makes me wonder about FIFA. First Ireland is robbed of a chance to qualify for the WC and now one of the great come backs is halted by bad a bad ref. They need some form of instant replay. At least on close goals. They should also make refs clarify what a penalty is when it is called. I know a tie in this situation is huge for the US, but I can’t help but think a win could have raised interest and more importantly for WC sponsors viewers in the US.

  5. `NO It was a NOT a Goal’ NO WAY! Just because ESPN very Biased British Parasites commentators and so many other morons keep saying its a goal, don’t make it a Goal! Only Listening to the all the Boring British Commentators (BBC) who are just SUCKING UP, what if this had happened in the game against England, then lets see what the British Parasites (BP) would have said.

    No one more then I wants USA to do well, but crying and whining about a disallowed goal make us just like the crying and whining English.
    If you recorded the game, reply it and you can CLEARLY SEE and HEAR the Refs whistle WELL BEFORE all the pushing and shoving they keep show in ESPN, Again, the whistle blew thanks to Carlos Bocanegra infringement on a Slovenia Defender!

    Watch it again carefully and LISTEN, please USA do not become whiners like the English. The fact that we did not beat the Garbage English and we allowed 2 goals in the First half is NOT Anyone fault but the Team USA. Those are just the Facts, get over it.

    For the next game against Algeria, again just the like English you can hear from the US camp that we should be able to handle the Algerian easily, that would be a big mistake.
    Every team in the World Cup is good except England, and those who underestimate any Team are making a very big mistake, just ask the English. GOOD LUCK USA! Play SMART!

    1. Man, You don’t know what you are talking about. Oficially the ‘foul’ was against Edu the goal scorer. There was no foul called on any other player, including Bocanegra. Watch the clip and, and again if you have to, and tell me when Edu fouled anyone…it’s completely utter nonsense. This should have been a goal and that’s that.

  6. Personally I find the whole thing slightly hubristic…anybody remember the Esse Baharmast incident in France ’98? He was the US referee who awarded a penalty against Brazil for Norway. No TV camera caught the foul and Baharamast was vilified for being a rookie referee, incompetent and everybody was absolutely certain Baharamast was an idiot. Then, several days later a photo was released by either a TV crew or AP photographer (I can’t remember), clearly showing the shirt pull.

    1. The problem isn’t the disallowed goal, though it is without a doubt the chief complaint. The problem is that he was moronic for the entire match, we benefited from his idiocy early in the game when he didn’t punish Dempsey for that flying elbow. Then he proceeded to make several more “huh?!” calls, including booking Findley for getting hit in the face.

      I can understand where you’re coming from, it’s happened several times, but he’s getting it because it was, overall, a shoddy performance.

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