Poll: Which Team Has Been the Worst In the 2010 World Cup?

English fans react in a bar in central London as England play Algeria during 2010 World Cup action, June 18, 2010.  REUTERS/Paul Hackett (BRITAIN - Tags: SPORT SOCCER WORLD CUP IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Before the 2010 World Cup started, who would have expected nations such as Portugal, England, France and Australia to perform so poorly in the tournament?

But who, out of those four worst teams in the World Cup thus far, has been the worst? Vote below and share your opinions in the comments section below.

18 thoughts on “Poll: Which Team Has Been the Worst In the 2010 World Cup?”

  1. England have stunk the place out big time, anyone saying France have been worse aint been watching close enough – France v Mexico was a good watch, end to end action with decent play from both sides, can you say that about England? Atrocious tonight, excrement on a stick from front to back with the exception of Calamity. Dropping Walcott was the best thing that could’ve happened to the lad and he must now be realising as much. England will only manage a draw against Slovenia (who beat Algeria remember) on Wednesday and limp impotently home to some well earned abuse and rotten veg. Failing that if they do miracle up a win they’ll get walloped out of the last 16 by Germany. The worst England team for some time, rammed with dreck like that penguin Lennon, Barry, Heskey, The Freak, Defoe, Green, and the four players England have that are approaching world class, ie Fat Frank, Cashley, Stevie Me and Shrek are just shockingly horrific which has spread to the rest like a wildfire cancer.
    Three lions my arse. Three legged donkeys more like.

    1. Ya we only have 2 Points …… but the Yanks have not looked like utter shite …. That comeback alone vs Slovenia — made it the game of the World Cup thus far ….. Maybe if the US stunk it up with a 0-0 draw today … then we would be on the list … but the Yanks have not been that bad!

      1. That’s the difference between our two nations, your country is bouncing after two draws, Ours is swinging the sword.

        1. Nobody here is “bouncing”, Poker. We’re angry that we got cheated out of a win, even if the first half performance was far from deserving.

          The difference is that we tied one team everyone assumes is better than us (that would be you), and one that jumped out to a 2-0 halftime lead. Meanwhile, you tied a team you (wrongly) consider to be beneath you (that would be us), and the worst side (by FAR) in the entire group..and that with your side of multi-millionaires and media darlings.

          So kindly stuff your superior attitude, as the country you are looking down your nose at is currently looking down at you in the group table.

          Good luck against Slovenia.

        2. And by that same logic, Nolan, the US is also a Rob Green fingertip save and an absolute robbery by a ref from taking the full six points from their two matches.

  2. Why isn’t the US and Algeria in this poll? The US has the same amount of points as England and Algeria has less than both. Plus Portugal have only played one game. Either way the team that has done the worst so far is France.

    Our group has sucked all around whoever qualifies from it is going to get torn apart way before the finals.

    1. The US played a bad 5 minutes versus England, and a bad 45 against Slovenia. For most of the game against England and for the entire second half against Slovenia, the US has looked to be the best side in the group. It’s the momentary lapses and inconsistency that is biting us, not the lack of quality.

      Also…none of us were touting the US as a potential favorite to win the cup. Our expectations are to challenge for the quarters and see what happens. Yours, on the other hand, were laughably high, considering how poorly England has played.

      The important point is that we’re both through with wins in the final group games. Oh, and yeah…France sucks. :-)

      1. Why is it relevant that we go through if we don’t have a chance of reaching the final?

        There are no rewards for coming second in the world cup you either win or you lose.

    1. i agreed with you but its probably because they have only played 1 game, but that doesn’t explain why portugal are on the list

  3. It depends on how you define worst. Is it based on points or performance? Cameroon are already eliminated but I would not not call them the worst team in the tournament. For me, it is definitely France. They have played terrible football.

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