England v Algeria, World Cup 2010: Open Thread

June 17, 2010 - South Africa - Football - England Training - Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa - 17/6/10..England's David James during training.

After an incredible draw between Slovenia and the United States, the world will now be watching England against Algeria this afternoon to see what those two teams in Group C can do.

For England, it’s more important than ever for them to win this match especially if the games in Group C will go down to the last day (next Wednesday).

So far, Sky Sports is reporting that this will be the England line-up that starts the game:

Johnson Carragher Terry Cole
Lennon Lampard Barry Gerrard
Heskey Rooney

Feel free to share your comments before, during and after this massive match. I’ll be at Wowies in Boca Raton watching the World Cup games. So, if you’re in the area, head over and say hello.

Let’s hope the England game is as entertaining as the USA game against Slovenia. For coverage and analysis of the USA v Slovenia game, visit our sister site MajorLeagueSoccerTalk.com

41 thoughts on “England v Algeria, World Cup 2010: Open Thread”

  1. Dangerously slow back line. Only cole to bail out the slow or defensively clueless. Not the 4 Fabio’s first choice by a longshot!

    1. Not Fabio’s first choice by a longshot? Terry, Cole and Johnson are all Fabio’s first choice, so that leaves just one defender that isn’t his first choice.

  2. I don’t understand why Capello doesn’t play Defoe forward with Rooney. Heskey isn’t getting the job done, and Gerrard is playing terrible today. Play Defoe with Lennon as a winger (just like at Tottenham…they work together) and you’ll get a goal.

    1. Here we go again blaming the manager. How about blaming the players who were just absolutely horrid. That was just pathetic. I was praying they wouldn’t get a goal to win this game because that would have been a shame for Algeria who were the better team.

      England just seems like a team that doesn’t get a long and has no fire.

  3. WOW.. WTF? England looks awful.. I thought this was there year. Pretty nice squad, by far most talented in that group and not a hard group..

    So far, as big as a fan I am of the game.. This cup has sucked.

  4. Hard to break these teams down though who just flood the defence, it seems like everyone just wants to defend and try and break when they play England. I almost wish we had someone good in the group, atleast they would come at us.
    Still, piss poor, you’re f**cked unless you score early against these type of teams

    1. I don’t know what you were watching. Algeria did not play that defensive and they were actually the better attacking team.

      1. Just to add to my comment. Algeria played great defensively but they did not put 8, 9, or 10 man behind the ball like Switzerland and some of the other defensive teams have. I just think they played very organized.

      2. I was watching a playing 5-4-1 who defended and broke well, i don’t remember them having a shot on target though, check the stats.
        Plus at thge end with all this play acting sitting down, oh i’m hurt, i’ve got cramp, wtf. This was their world cup final, they were jumping up and down at the end.
        I’m not trying to defend England as it’s there job to break them down but you can’t tell me algeria actually we’re hoping to score.
        The only way they we’re gonna do anything was set piece or a counter attack

  5. I sincerely hope no one says well done about that fiasco! On that performance, we should come home now!!! England were absolutely rubbish.

  6. I think it’s simply the fact that most of these players are from rival teams in the English Premiership and for most of the year they are bitter enemies. When you put them together on a national team you just have a bunch of egos and players that don’t want to play for each other.

    All the other top national teams have players that play all over the world so they are not playing against each other week in and week out. The only exception I can see is Italy but they don’t seem like they are going far in this cup either.

    Spain is made up of 90% Barcelona players. Brazil’s players play in leagues from all of the world. Argentina the same as Brazil. Germany is made up mostly of Bayern players.

  7. Technically the USA ended up gaining in the end of the day. They are ahead of England on goals scored. Still more or less the day ends exactly as it started with the exception of the goals scored thing.

    That ref in the usa-slovenia game pi$$ed me off. The only foul was from the white shirt who tugged Altidore I think it was.

    As for England…wow they stink. So overrated.

    1. Honestly, it worked out cause USA was robbed..

      It won’t matter, this right now is or one of the weakest groups. Each squad has a major weakness and it shows, I would be shocked if both make it out of the Round of 16. I think either team of Group D would beat Group C squads. Germany is still a power, they just played a man short today without their striker. Ghana and Serbia are also more then capable of beating USA or Slovenia.

        1. And they dominated the second half, and should have been given 3 points. That foul call was horrible, anyone that doesn’t think so should quit watching Soccer.

          1. I honestly don’t think you were robbed. I think they were by far the better team in the first half. In fact i thought you were piss poor.

            You were the better team in the second half and therefore you got what you deserved, 1pt.

            I don’t think you can complain about not having any luck anyway, you certainly got some with Green’s shocker.

        2. No England was piss poor the whole game today. USA played bad in the first half but they still had a couple of very good chances to score. England had zero the whole game. And you have to give some credit to Slovenia for playing a very good fist half.

          But come on. USA dominated the second half more than Slovenia dominated the first half. USA tied it up and would have took the lead if the ref didn’t blow that call. So yeah they were robbed.

          Go complain about Cappello or something. That is all you Endland fans no how to do is blame the manager. Your players were rubbish today. And I’m saying that even though Rooney is my favorite player. He looked terrible today and in the USA game.

          1. I’m telling it like I see it, you don’t have to agree with me. If you think you were robbed then that’s up to you but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with it.

        3. Rakeback, you’re such a f**king troll. If it wasn’t for a truly bizarre call, the U.S. gets 3 points today and this group is all but finished. You whine about details of Slovenia’s play, but you didn’t see what has been the biggest blown call so far in the WC.

          Arrogant pricks like you are why I’m actively rooting against England. I hope they don’t even make it out of group – I’ll smile all summer if that happens.

          1. LMAO
            well you’re a day late and a dollar short because i was jumping up and down when that 2nd slovenia goal went in.
            What the f**k was that slovenian keeper doing for Donovan’s goal, he looked like he was hiding behind the post, i would be pissed at that effort. It looks like the opponent’s keepers are determined to do you a favour this World Cup.
            Altidore was at his usual piss poor level, how do you think you’re gonna break down a 9 man defence with that donkey as your main striker?

  8. Wayne ‘overrated except for last yr’ Rooney has just complained about his own fans booing the team, what does he want them to do cheer at how piss poor they were or celebrate this great draw? He’s a total dick! If he doesn’t get his head right fast he will not only help screw up England’s World Cup but he could take his last six to eight games shit form into the Premier season which is only bad for Utd.

    Poker Rakeback, I didn’t see Algeria flooding their defence they didn’t need to! they were as good as England right from the start.

  9. When one shits in one’s pants any old excuse will do. Lets hear the excuse for drawing withAlgeria.
    Rooney is obviously useless on the English team. Don’t blame other players. Take Rooney off and the English football team will fare much better.

    1. I think you’re part right, He is useless in this formation. Play him up-front on his own or you might aswell play Crouch and Defoe
      Gerrard has to play in the middle, his first 2 games were like chalk and Cheese. If that means dropping lampard then so be it.
      It’s about getting a team, not playing the best players.

  10. I think england has to start thinking outside the box. They are putting out a team of celebrities that can’t play together. I am from the US so I like the result against Algeria, but I follow the prem league so I am very familiar with the eng players. Here are my suggestions:

    1. Give some new blood a chance. Why is Walcott not in South Africa?
    2. Stop starting Heskey. He is a big strong goal kick giver.
    3. Lampard and Gerrard can not play in the same midfield.
    4. Maybe move Lampard up with Rooney as a striker.

  11. England were absolutely rubbish. If there was any team that deserved to win it was Algeria. They were able to string together passes all game long. The only passes England were able to put together went sideways and backwards. Algeria were more composed.

    The only good news for England fans is that the US drew earlier to Slovenia after the US were denied 3 points due to a bad decision by the referee. Right now England are the 4th best team in their group even if the standing say they’re 3rd.

    I’m enjoying all the upsets in this World Cup. Keeps things interesting. Keep them coming.

      1. They had one shot on target and that’s all it takes. They also had 13 shots all together. So they didn’t get on target. Oh well, it didn’t matter. Come on, what were you watching? Algeria looked much better in attack. Their passing and movement was so much better than England’s. When England had the ball it was like watching paint dry. Everytime Algeria had the ball they looked a threat even if the attack didn’t result in a shot or a shot on target.

        1. Oh one shot on target in 90 minutes? well f**k me, that’s a lot isn’t it. All i saw them do was blast 40 yard free kicks into the stands and defend for their lives.
          They played 5-4-1 and no intention of trying to do anything other than hit on the break and try and score from a counter attack or set piece.

          How England can play so shit against the U.S and Algeria and still be in this comp is mind boggling, I suppose it shows the level of said teams and their lack of effort to go and try and take the game to England.

          Piss poor group focused on defending, get some f**king balls

  12. Drop Lampard or Rooney? Why? Gerrard looked more like the problem to me. He was supposed to be playing the left flank but instead played all over the place, giving England 4 players inthe middle of the park alongside Barry, Heskey and Lampard. The whole left flank was patrolled by Cole alone and they had no width whatsoever. Rooney is supposed to be playing off of Heskey, but its so congested, he doesn’t get a chance on the ball.
    I thought Capello was supposed to solve all the tactical issues with England. Guess not cuz their shape out there is terrible.

    1. Gerrard does that because he doesn’t play on the wing. Lampard is interested in one thing: shooting. And he hasn’t done that with much success for England. Gerrard runs the pitch, and while he isn’t perfect, he delivers some good positive balls, and he makes some crucial tackles. He can also shoot from distance as well as, if not better than, Lampard.

    2. Fabio tells Gerrard to come inside when he plays him on the left. He wants him the middle, that’s the problem.
      I feel sorry for the fans out there. We had 3/4 of the stadium today, people spending thousands to watch that shit.
      F**k Fabio, he doesn’t deserve 5 million a year for that shit. He’s so stuck on his 4-4-2 trying to put square pegs in round holes

  13. Gerrard is expected to start out on the left flank, and when he gets the ball, he has liscense to come inside. I realize his natural position is central midfield, but he has to respect his position and other’s. Lampard doesn’t look like he is doing anything because Gerrard is running all over the place, completely disregarding his role, and playing in places where Lampard would make runs to.

    1. He’s not actually, I’ve heard fabio say himself, he wants him to do the defending a left winger would do, i.e help a.cole out, but when we have the ball he wants him playing in the middle and A .Cole playing a left wing type role. Well that’s the theory anyway but as we saw today, it doesn’t work.

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