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Anger With The Referee And How The USA Got To Their Predicament

 Anger With The Referee And How The USA Got To Their Predicament

Just as all of you & I saw a great comeback from the USA against Slovenia, what was highway robbery was that third goal being taken away by the officiating crew from Mali. Leveled at two apiece from a fantastic tap in by Michael Bradley it seemed about three to four minutes later from a free kick a fantastic match winner from Maurice Edu was thrown out by Mr. Koman Coulibaly.

From joy to disgust as the players went to the referee and asked him why it wasn’t allowed to count and they got no response in either English or French. Well I can make a few decisions on my own why it wasn’t allowed to stand. The first one is probably embarrassment as he must’ve realized that he made a giant error in disallowing a legitimate goal.

Or if you want to go another route, there are certain people who still think we can’t play this game and in their minds believe that we shouldn’t be allowed to play this game. Some referee’s might claim fair play and fair decisions, but there has been too much anti-American sentiment sprinkled around the world and sometimes their political beliefs cloud their judgment.

Maurice Edu will forever be known as a hero at Rangers for his late minute heroics against Celtic and he will also be known for his late minute heroics against Slovenia even if the legit goal was wiped out. While it’s great to see our boy’s comeback from a two goal hole and make this fantastic run to get any form of points, I have to say it right now I am getting sick and tired of it.

I am getting fed up by this squad that seems to get smacked in the face and allow an early goal, just so they can make the miracle happen. If it’s not ball watching on Steven Gerrard, it’s giving to much damn respect and too much space to allow Slovenia a free chance on goal and make something happen for nothing.

I can understand if it was England making these types of chances and punishing our boys to no end and go to school. But while Slovenia is a side that is nothing to sneeze at & their miracle playoff win to reach the World Cup is a fantastic story, you can’t give that much room and allow them to make their chances count and once again Tim Howard was left high and dry.

Yes it was ESPN Analyst John Harkes who told Ian Darke that once they get that slap in the face it will be a wakeup call to them, but the first half wasn’t just a slap in the face. There was a punch to the gut afterwards and I am getting tired of it. The USA has talented players and technical players that can perform but what I am getting sick and tired of is to see this side STARTING THE MATCH FLAT & UN-INSPIRED!

When will these great players start to realize when the ref blows his whistle to start the match, it should equal the alarms ringing and do some damage. But it’s sad to say and if you are a WWF/WWE fan, our boys are like Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. They need the first twenty minutes to warm up before they can really get going.

When it came to the starting eleven against Slovenia I was happy to see Jose Francisco Torres get a chance and he looked great in the first half with his free kick chance that nearly went in and served some nice balls from the far corner. But why hasn’t Edson Buddle been allowed to start these past two matches is beyond me. He has destroyed the net in MLS & he took the Aussies to school with his first half brace in their World Cup tune-up. Robbie Findley is a nice player with speed, but right now he doesn’t have the confidence to make any real plays nor does he have the imagination to do the amazing and while it was a bad call that got him booked and suspended for the next match he should’ve sat on the bench and waited for a substitution card.

Bob Bradley is playing a dangerous game right now as he is expecting to destroy Algeria in the final group match and if they change the script that Bob has laid out, Algeria could pull an upset just like what they did to England this past afternoon. I am tired of seeing our boys start like crap and end the match with a draw when it should’ve been a win.

I understand the referee took away a legit goal, but if the USA didn’t fall behind by two at the half in the first place, they wouldn’t have been in this damned position and now they need to go all out to win against Algeria. At this point in time our boys don’t deserve to advance into the knockout stages and Bob Bradley needs his head examined. But if they can have a fantastic start on Wednesday Morning, June 23rd then all is forgiven and we can be ready for either Serbia or Ghana in the Round of sixteen.

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0 Responses to Anger With The Referee And How The USA Got To Their Predicament

  1. Yank says:

    I think Bob Bradley should be commended on his tactical changes. If it weren’t for his quick response the US would be packing their bags right now.

  2. David Mellor says:

    Spell check.

    You look like an idiot.

  3. Phil says:

    USA should of won i doubt that referee speaks English, and learn too spell check

  4. Kicker says:

    @Phil- Maybe you should learn to spell check yourself before calling out someone else. “learn *too* spell check”? it should be “learn *to* spell check. wow.

  5. jose says:

    if we keep starting slow and having to comeback, we will eventually lose.

  6. dude says:

    you’re just not a good writer.

  7. GI Joe says:

    Please, stop crying with the refs decision, it was bad, yes it was, but you aren’t the first, and for sure won’t be the only team to suffer this kind of mistakes in World Cups! So, just deal with it in a more adult way!

    • Seminole Gunner says:

      I agree that we should attempt to handle things in an adult way, but at the same time I think this ridiculous decision has highlighted a major problem with FIFA and the sport in general.

      A referee is permitted to disallow a potential winning goal, in the World Cup, and must provide no indication of why he is doing this beyond blowing his whistle and pointing the other way? Soccer fans all over the world are robbed of one of the greatest comebacks in World Cup history, and we don’t even get an explanation?

      That is no way to run a sport and if some complaining from fans gets us a little ways down the road to changing that, I’m all for it.

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