Will You Be Suffering from World Cup Fever This Friday?

CHANGCHUN, CHINA - JUNE 10: (CHINA OUT) A soccer fan kiss a model of FIFA World Cup Trophy as he watches a live broadcast of the World Cup 2006 on June 10, 2006 in Changchun of Jilin Province, China. World Cup fever has swept through China and millions of Chinese stay up after midnight to watch live coverage of FIFA World Cup, despite the Chinese team's failure to qualify for the finals. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Ladies and gentlemen, take a second and place the back of your hand on your forehead to check to see if you have a fever. I have a gut feeling you may be suffering from World Cup Fever. But if you’re feeling 100% healthy, perhaps it’s time to check your paid time off balance to see if you have time available to skip work on Friday.

After all, Friday marks a must-see double act of USA versus Slovenia at 10am ET followed by England against Algeria (2:30pm ET).

For those of us who live in the United States and who work office hours, the two games are played during work hours. But these are two games that you definitely should not miss live. Wherever you live in the world, be sure to get out of the house or office and watch the game with soccer fans at your local pubs, sports bar or other venues that are showing the games. It’s time to wear your nation’s colors with pride and to get behind your country. A win for the United States is just as important as a win for England. If both nations can get wins on Friday, this will significantly increase their chances of both teams going through to the next round. It won’t be easy for either team, but they need your support. Go to your local watering hole and cheer for the red, white and blue.

What are your plans for Friday? Do you plan on calling in sick, taking the day off work, watching it from your desk or do you have another plan in store?

10 thoughts on “Will You Be Suffering from World Cup Fever This Friday?”

  1. I can’t take off this Friday and I’ve been listening to the games on my ipad but I will TIVO both games and watch them when I get home. Hiopefully nobody will tell me the scores of either match.

  2. im calling sick on friday to watch the u.s. game. i heard slovenia was talking smack that they were going to beat us. just like my boy tim howard i will laugh it off.

  3. I work a job during the overnight hours so I sleep from 7 – 2 pm roughly. So I will have to get on ESPN3 as the replay for the USA-Slovenia game will probably be available by then. The trick is to avoid any web site that has the results. I look for the USA to kick some major butt in this game as finishing 1st in the group is very important in order to avoid Germany.

  4. The managing partner at work walked into my office at 6 tonight, and I told him that about 7 of us (that I know of) are taking off Friday to watch the games…he smiled and he said that we might as well shut down on Friday (he is also a huge soccer fan). A large portion of the e-mails today circulated about a co-worker at a remote location who is building a house in Brazil and how everyone is invited there in 4 years, and how he will be in Brazil for the Brazil/Ivory Coast game on Sunday. Friday’s TV numbers will be very high again!!!

  5. I work 10 hour days so that I can have Fridays off normally. So, now that it’s the World Cup, it sucks because I can only get in 2 matches per night, but I will be off work on Friday. And, I took off 3 days next week so I can be sure to catch up on matches I missed and watch the US vs Algeria live.

  6. why is this must see? both usa and england are sub-par teams. when brazil, germany or argentina play, that’s a different story.

  7. I’ll be sitting in my work truck watching the games on my iPhone, I will not be getting much work done tomorrow. Must win for our boys!! C’mon you Yanks!!

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