World Cup Babes Partying in South Florida: Pictures

The World Cup is synonymous with the best in soccer. But it’s also synonymous with a global celebration that brings soccer fans together to follow the beautiful game together. Cold beer, World Cup babes and soccer are a perfect combination, so I was fortunate this past weekend to attend the World Cup Party at Wowies Sports Grill in Boca Raton, where they’ll be open at 9:30am every day during the World Cup to show live games to the residents of South Florida.

All of the World Cup babes pictured below and above are bartenders who work at Wowies. If you live near the area or will be in South Florida during the tournament, come visit Wowies — South Florida’s World Cup headquarters.

And if you’re a US fan, be sure to make plans to visit Wowies this Friday for the game against Slovenia where there’ll be a ton of US fans supporting our country. More info (including a flyer for a free beer) can be found on our sister site at

More pictures after the jump.

0 thoughts on “World Cup Babes Partying in South Florida: Pictures”

  1. Geez, did you really need to stoop to girlie pictures for your boy readers, Gaffer, just in the name of getting a sponsor? (Obviously a Hooters-esque sponsor) I’m disappointed in you and the site. If you really feel it’s necessary to have babes-and-their-boobs pictures, at least have the decency mix it in with a bunch of pictures of male and female customers of all types dressed up colorfully and enjoying themselves, and you might alienate your female readers less.

    1. Rannie, the pictures of the male and female customers of all types dressed up colorfully and enjoying themselves can be found on EPL Talk at

      I tried to mix up the photos between the different sites in the EPL Talk Network, so readers could see all sorts. You just happened to run across the female-only ones. My apologies if I offended you.

      The Gaffer

    1. They were in the back! Just kidding. They’ve got several servers and waitresses, so they work different shirts, but the one wearing the Mexico shirt was there for the second half of the USA v England game. And a few of the ones shown above will be working the day shifts for some of the big games at Wowies.

      The Gaffer

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