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US Soccer Fans Lead Chorus of "BP Sucks" Chants

usa fans wowies US Soccer Fans Lead Chorus of "BP Sucks" Chants

It wasn’t the prettiest game by either team, but Saturday’s clash between England and the United States reached fever pitch levels at sports bars and restaurants across the US and around the world. One such party was held in South Florida at Wowies Sports Grill, the host site for EPL Talk’s official World Cup viewing parties.

More than 250 people flocked to Wowies and completely filled the venue. Ninety minutes before kick-off, the sports bar was completely full and chants of “USA, USA” could be heard ringing throughout the bar. Approximately 90 percent of the people there were supporting the United States, so it was refreshing to see a crowd of US soccer fans coming out in masses to not only support their country but to support the sport of soccer.

While the events from the pub were streamed to almost 2,000 people around the world who watched the Wowies livestream from the EPL Talk homepage, the fans inside the pub were glued to the TV sets. Some fans came from as far away as Chicago and Jacksonville just to be at the official viewing party for EPL Talk.

There was friendly banter between the US and England fans in the crowd throughout the party. One of the most interesting chants from US fans were a chorus of “BP Sucks” by US fans aimed at the England supporters.

As far as atmospheres go, this was by far the best US soccer experience I’ve ever had (honestly). Like I’ve said before, I was looking for an American sports bar that had the ultimate experience for US soccer fans rather than hosting it at a British pub that would be pro-England (and where US soccer would feel like the minority).

The crowd went absolutely nuts when the USA scored and definitely enjoyed the free Heineken beer that was served as well as the USA and England jerseys that were given away at the end in the free raffle (thanks to World Soccer Shop for donating the shirts).

Here’s a slideshow of some of the pictures from the day:

On behalf of EPL Talk, thank you to everyone who visited Wowies in Boca Raton. And don’t forget that Wowies will be showing all World Cup games between now and July 11 (except for the 7:30am kickoffs). The sports bar features 31 big screen TVs, great food, three full-liquor bars and last, but not least, the Wowies girls.

If you live in South Florida and missed the England v USA game, be sure to stop by Wowies and say hello.

Thanks to Lou Bruno and Ionel Roiban for the photos.

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36 Responses to US Soccer Fans Lead Chorus of "BP Sucks" Chants

  1. Devils Advocate says:

    I was one of those hooked up to live streaming, though watching on UK television. If the outcome from an English perspective was not as expected, It was great to see a bar full of partisan supporters. It is for sure one of the best feelings ever and can only be good for soccer’s profile in America.

    I really want the US to progress with England to the next stages. Perhaps by that time, both teams will have settled in and play the quality of football we all know they are capable of.

    • lee says:

      kicking englands ass since 1776,yeah whatever ur a bunch of european immagrants who all piled on a wseaty stinking boat way back,ps,algerian fans r gunna kick the f**k of us fans trust me i was in marseille france 98 they tried it with us whey outnumberd us,differance is we didnt run,be ready,you lot deserve a beating anyway the way u stereotype ppl ur an ignorant country with ur eurotrash comments etc,even though r europeans who went on holiday never to return

      • USA!!! says:

        I love how this country is reacting to England.. Only is our gov’t would react the same way.. I think we would be much better is we didn’t pale around with Israel and England.

      • G says:

        How did yesterday work out for you Lee? bunch of cheats. I’m glad you don’t stereotype anyone…
        “ur a bunch of european immagrants who all piled on a wseaty stinking boat way back”
        “eurotrash comments etc,even though r europeans who went on holiday never to return”
        Enjoy your continuing irrelevance.

      • josh says:


        Its just a damn game. If we ever play France again. I’m sure we would have a sign say something like ” Saving France’s ass since 1917, but not this time”. All teams everyone expected to win are losing in the 1st round anyways.

  2. Richard says:

    “Wowies will be showing all World Cup games between now and July 11 (except for the 7:30am kickoffs).”

    Just as well really. Imagine getting up that early to watch the Slovenia-Algeria game. Game of the tournament it is not.

    • Scott Alexander says:

      omg that was awful. US and England should have no problem

    • oliver says:

      :-) I’m having the same trouble getting any excitement for Honduras v Chile

      • Scott Alexander says:

        Chile is fun to watch. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like the Germany destroying Australia. Disappointed a bit on the Germans’ failure to score more, they were giving out 23-1 on the 4nil, 51-1 on the 5nil, 123 to 1 on the 6nil, and 451 to 1 on the 7nil and 8nil before the match. An easy punt to pay rent early

  3. EvertonfanKY says:

    as for BP sucks what people don’t seem to know is BPs biggest shareholder is JP Morgan Chase Bank. Theres other American shareholders in BP.

    As for England same old England crap.

  4. Clampdown says:


    You will be happy to hear that the place I was at in Brooklyn had 600 people show up to watch, about 500 of which supported the US. It was a great experience and is more evidence that plenty of people in the US do care about the sport, the tournament, and the national team.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Clampdown, glad to hear that. The more all of us go out and watch these games in public, the more people will realize that this sport is much bigger in the States.

      If ever there is a tournament to watch in person, this IS it.

      Thanks for representing!

      The Gaffer

    • Allen says:

      Right now, I’m at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester (!), Tennessee. One of the new stages this year is the Lunar Stage, a huge outdoor stage with a big screen smack dab in the middle. Lo and behold, they’ve been showing the WC2010 games here and the atmosphere for the Engerland v. USA game was utterly spectacular. A couple thousand people crammed the field under the hot Tennessee sun to watch the game. I managed to get a spot right in the front row because I had camped out from the Argentina v. Nigeria match and it was so great meeting other passionate fans of the game. Watching the game in that crowd was like nothing that I’ve ever experienced before. I’m so used to watching Prem matches either alone or just with my other football-loving friend and this was just great. I guess that’s why the World Cup is so brillliant, the way it brings us all together. Anyway, endrant.

      P.S. And I’d say the percentage of fans was about 95% USA, 5% England.

  5. MNUfan1991 says:

    Um… as much as I am glad to see the US getting a point, we DID NOT kick any English ass. They were by far the better team and we were GIFTED a point courtesy of you-know-who.
    Let’s keep it in perspective.

    • Devils Advocate says:

      MNUfan..I’m not sure they were that much better. In the cold light of day, England did not make their possession (superiority) count and as we all know, you don’t earn points for possession. Big improvements needed there!

  6. McBride says:

    “They were by far the better team and we were GIFTED a point courtesy of you-know-who.”

    This is a bit of an exaggeration. England was better, but not “by far.”

    The US goal was pure luck. But keep in mind England’s goal had elements of luck as well.

    • Devils Advocate says:

      McBride..I’d say England’s goal was crafted by drawing the US defence out of position, allowing Gerrard into the space behind and skilfully place the ball beyond the reach of Howard. Nothing lucky about that.

      • McBride says:

        “I’d say England’s goal was crafted by drawing the US defence out of position, allowing Gerrard into the space behind and skilfully place the ball beyond the reach of Howard. Nothing lucky about that.”

        And I’d say the goal happened, at least in part, by Lampard failing to connect on a pass intended for Wayne Rooney. Rooney can’t get to the ball, which finds its way to Heskey. During the confusion Clark is caught ball-watching and lets Gerrard get behind him.

        Considering the initial pass which set up the goal was indented for someone else, I’d say there was at least some luck involved.

        • Devils Advocate says:

          McBride..You’re kidding right? On the basis of your definition I’d say the vast majority of goals must have elements of luck then. I guess Maradona’s amazing, weaving runs which led to goals against England amongst others were lucky because a marking defender slipped on one occasion allowing Maradona to drift by, whilst the ball rebounded favourably off the shin for another in the course of another run. I could cite many, many examples from different players over the decades.

          • McBride says:

            “McBride..You’re kidding right?”

            Not at all. What set up this particular goal was a poor pass from Lampard. If Lampard’s pass is completed to Rooney I honestly do not think a goal is scored on this particular play. It is precisely because the US defense expected Rooney to have possession that they were caught off-guard.

            Great touch pass by Heskey, fantastic run and finish by Gerrard. But the play as a whole was created by a mistake.

            Two passes made-up this goal and the first was an error by the team with the ball. If you don’t see how that is a bit of good fortune for England then I can’t help you.

          • Devils Advocate says:

            McBride…I see it as it is, a well-taken opportunity. Defensive lapses or mistakes such as that preceding the England goal don’t constitute “elements of luck” in my view.

          • McBride says:

            “McBride…I see it through St. George’s Cross-colored glasses, a well-taken opportunity.”

            Fixed for you

          • McBride says:

            Martin Tyler sums up my feelings on England’s goal perfectly:

            “Just thought it was a little bit lucky, the way the ball got to Heskey. Maybe not the intended direction of the pass. But Gerrard was on the move, anticipating it might happen.”

            Lucky beginning, skillful finish.

          • Devils Advocate says:

            ok…Mark Lawrenson of MOTD..(the US) “failed to pick up Lampard from the throw-in. A bit too far for Rooney but Heskey is positioned perfectly to turn the ball into the path of Gerrard. Great anticipation, great execution.”

            Andy Townsend..ITV1..”Lampard’s pass to Rooney breaks to Heskey. Beautiful pass as Gerrard comes around the back and great finish from the Liverpool midfielder. A captain’s goal”

            Clarence Seedorf..”USA’s failure to close Lampard down at the throw-in sees the defender pulled out of the zone that Gerrard exploits. Heskey’s pass is placed perfectly to set up the goal”

            Poor marking at the beginning…punished for the error.

            As for the St George coloured nonsense, behave. The bottom line is your idea re. aspects of luck as they relate to these scenarios differs from the majority of informed individuals. Finally,

            “…It is precisely because the US defense expected Rooney to have possession that they were caught off-guard”.

            I’m sure Coach Bradley was well aware that Gerrard breaks forward to support Rooney. You’re not suggesting he might have missed out on this and planned defence accordingly?

    • McBride says:

      “You let yourself down sometimes America…”

      FYI: The NY Post isn’t America

      • Richard says:

        Sigh. I’ll qualify it…

        Some American’s let America down.

        • McBride says:

          Sigh all you want. I doubt you’d want (assuming you’re English) your country judged by a sensationalist tabloid

          • Richard says:

            Have you read this article? Fans chanting “BP sucks” at an England game. It’s just banter, like me taking the mick out of the NY Post.

            You need to take yourself less seriously and just laugh it, rather than getting touchy about it. Jeez.

          • McBride says:

            I’m not taking myself seriously at all. Just pointing out that a headline in the NY Post is not a good representation of America.

  7. BP Sucks Ass says:

    Chants of “BP Sucks” reminded me of a funny picture i saw on of tony hayward

  8. eplnfl says:

    The party was worth the trip from Chicago and putting up with an airline strike on top of it. It was a singular experience for the American soccer fan who has suffered so much abuse from people not only overseas but in this country about our passion. Yesterday with the national attention to the game and a result that lets us be a proud soccer nation, it was a landmark day for the sport and it’s fans.

    Wasn’t it great to see all the sports pages headline the game. A real splendid final touch to a great day.

  9. Gazza says:



  10. john t says:

    This website let’s you say whatever you want about BP!


  11. Jacky says:

    US Soccer Fans is cute anyway. They always support their own team forever. Come on.

  12. Dan says:

    Your article is invalid due to poor punctuation.
    *England’s ass

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