ITV HD Viewers Miss England's Opening Goal After Major Flub

Imagine you’re ITV, one of the biggest TV networks in the United Kingdom, and you have the rights to the live match between England and the United States. It’s the biggest match of the World Cup thus far. And it’s the added bonus of being in HD.

As ITV, you begin showing the match but then the worst case scenario happens.

Just as England is advancing towards the US goal, the network accidentally cuts to a video promo. But by the time they return to the live action, Steven Gerrard has scored a goal in the third minute.

That unthinkable scenario happened exactly like that tonight on ITV. Cue upset football supporters who missed England’s only game of the match. And US soccer fans think that Fox Soccer Channel is bad? ITV makes US soccer networks look world-class.

It’d be bad enough if this was the first time this ever happened to ITV. But they did something very similar during a crucial Everton versus Liverpool match and cut to a commercial right before Everton scored a goal to clinch the win. See video below.

Hat tip to 101 Great Goals for the video.

21 thoughts on “ITV HD Viewers Miss England's Opening Goal After Major Flub”

  1. Yep I was one of the people watching it (or not as it turned out) F**king dickheads at ITV, they are gonna burn for this. They should have the rest of the games taken off them and given to the BBC

  2. Absolutely inexcusable!

    You wait four years for a World Cup and then miss the opening goal! An Absolute disgrace and a feeble apology from the presenter at half time!

    BBC should be given all the remaining games.

  3. The biggest screw up in years…. what a bunch of idiots, and I am sorry, but those responsible should be sacked!!!!!! frigging incompetence idiots.

  4. ITV HD not only missed the opening goal but showed the game from 40 minutes onwards in standard definition. Amateur at best but totally incompetant.

  5. And i thought i was having problems with when they wouldn’t let me turn up the quality on the feed. this is absolutely deplorable.

  6. adrian chiles should be sacked as he didnt show the compassion that he needed too. Missing the first england goal , was a nightmare and his pathetic bland nonsense is not good enough, you need someone real.
    Chiles is a politically correct twat towing the line. sack him and grade.

  7. It wasn’t only just missing the goal. Most of the transmission of the game was then shown in standard definition. They didn’t even manage to sort it out during the half-time break. A complete failure of ITV HD.

  8. Problem is ITV have England’s next game against Algeria. BBC should be given all the remaining games. Pop them on BBC 2 & BBC 3. Anyone remember Croatia v Australia on BBC 3. Steve Wilson on his own, witnessing one of the most underrated games in World CUp history. F**k ITV.

  9. Absolute disgrace. Invited all the family round, bbq, beers, sun, great day and then we settle down to watch the game in HD!!!!!!! 4 mins into game, coverage disappears and we’re watching some shit advert……30 seconds later goes back to game, only to witness Gerrard peeling away celebrating…..something…..Oh he’s scored…..ITV u r shit. HD coverage disappears for the rest of game. NO APOLOGY after game. ITV just f**k off. Go back to covering Saturday afternoon wrestling. Brian Moore would turn in his grave. DISGRACE……………absolute disgrace. Dickie Davis would go completely grey……DISGRACE………just simply a complete and utter disgrace.

  10. What a prat Chiles is! Call that an apology, what an idiot! Can’t believe me and mates missed the goal. ITV should be ashamed, people should be sacked for this, a f*****G disgrace!

  11. Was fuming when ITV did this. Was fuming even more by the poor apology. And the game switched to standard definition sometime through the game. Disgrace.

  12. F**king moaning bast*rds, you don’t even pay for itv. It’s funded by those very adverts that interrupted your game for 28 godamm seconds or so. Is that how sad your lives are to be this pi**ed of at a game whose result doesn’t really matter anyway. “oooh people should be sacked” … that would be nice for their families.

  13. They’re investigating sabotage as this has happened at least 3 times now and by the same company ITV trusts with the broadcast.
    Gerrard scores for England and the goal is covered up by an advert for a sh*t car
    Everton score a decisive goal to knock Liverpool out of the FA cup and the same happens
    Man United lift the Champions League trophy in 99 and seconds into celebations and actually lifting the cup, yep you guessed it…..Adverts
    Sounds like a disgruntled Liverpudlian to me, gues now he’s pi**ed with Gerrard now for not committing to Liverpoo


  15. It´s no problem ! England will go home and will never win the cup again !

    Germany rules !!!!!

    I Love ITV !!!!


  16. when a match like the world cup final is shown on two channels how can anyone watch itv with all its advert breaks and well talentless hosts bbc show it all no interuptions to sell you cars there and you dont miss the goals either come on united kingdom suport the bbc and dump itv

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