England v USA: Open Thread and Live Streaming From Wowies, Boca Raton

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England v USA. This is the match that we’ve all been waiting for. Feel free to post your comments before, during or after the game in the section below.

We’re also proud to be sharing this game via UStream live from Wowies in Boca Raton. If you’re in the area, stop by and experience the biggest game of the World Cup so far at 7036 W. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, FL 33433. If you can’t make it, join us online for this live streaming.

58 thoughts on “England v USA: Open Thread and Live Streaming From Wowies, Boca Raton”

  1. US – Howard; Cherundolo, DeMerit, Onyewu, Bocanegra (c); Donovan, Bradley, Clark, Dempsey; Altidore, Findley

  2. Well, I applaud ESPN for hiring a McManaman for commentary before game. But your talking heads insult everyone’s intelligence. Chris Fowler calls the US merely a “road bump” for England trying to build up that the US is such a huge underdog. C’mon man, pay attention. The US is a Top 15 team and the second seed in Group B and is expected to advance to the Round of 16. This is the matchup between the top two seeds…why does the media aka ESPN have to build this up like David v Goliath?

    And can you adjust your mics so they are toward the lower sections where no one is blowing a vuvuzela instead of keeping the mics right by the riff raff in the top sections that are content to blow something for 2 straight hours?

  3. Everybody but Bradley realized that Clark isn’t good enough to start. Clark was abused on a simple give and go. This isn’t MLS or Bundesliga reserve. Should’ve gone with Edu.

    1. I agree edu or gomes entirely better options than clark. Bocanegra has also been abused by england through out so far.

  4. All credit to the USA. Well defended/played. Given the possession, England should have done better though. At least 3 occasions when final pass was poor and Heskey/Wright Philips ought to have scored. Rob Green…what the h*ll!!!

    1. OC…(polite reminder) It was England you “took on”. Patriotism is a great thing but I think the USA can consider themselves very fortunate on this occasion.

  5. That is the biggest keeper boo-boo I’ve seen in 19 years of football-watching!
    What the heck was that? My grandma could have stopped that shot.

  6. I picked England to go further, but not to win it, but I got to ask. This is the team England is going to win the cup with?

  7. Great result for the US team. But boy what an awful game… The worst game so far in this tournament with France vs Uruguay coming close second. Slow tempo, no creativity in the midfield, shaky at the back and complete disaster with the goaltending: not much positives to take out of it for the English… As for the USA great result but too tentative and too much respect for the English and a lot of luck. More is needed from both teams if they want to go far in this tournament.

    1. I thought the game was great, alot of chances.. Both teams playing with emotions. How you can rate this behind the France/Uruguay game is beyond me. Unless your a English supporter and expected a 4-1 win.

      1. I only saw one clear chance from each team: Howard save from Heskey and Altidore hitting the post. England goal was a defensive lapse. And should I even talk about US equalizer? Before that gaffe US had practically no chances and England was strangely not in the game either. I thought that the equalizer would add some energy to the game but it didn’t really happen. There was probably a bit more effort in the second half but much in the skill and execution department. US struggled put more than two passes together. England for the most part looked like they ran out of ideas and didn’t know where to go from there.

        For the neutral observer, France/Uruguay game was equally boring but there was more skill involved.

    2. Andrei…Disagree with your assessment. There were several positives from both teams albeit a neutral scoreline. History shows teams are often tentative/cautious at outset of WC’s in order to secure group position. As for tempo, matches at altitude are inevitably played at different pace. USA’s strategy was clearly containment and hit on the break.

      I found this a better game than the France v Uruguay.

    1. I’m giving you a thumbs up because this reaction from England fans might be my favorite thing about this result.

      1. Exactly. More delusional bullshit from England supporters. The US was every bit as good as your side. Be f&&king honest instead of arrogant for a change. Dicks!

  8. As an England fan I’m not by any means disappointed with this result. I would like to see Joe Hart in goal, even though I know that David James will probably get the next start. The US has a good side, so I would be happy to see these two teams go on to the next round.

    1. Great Post Nick and I agree, I kind of think the sport needs the USA. I would love to see the USA make a huge run now that this game is over.

      1. “I kind of think the sport needs the USA”

        As an Englishman living in the US I want to see the sport continue to grow in popularity in this country and I hope that both England and the US advance to the next round

        However, I don’t think the sport needs any country at this point. It has survived many World Cups that have lost better teams than the US or England.

        As an aside, I thought a draw was a fair result.

  9. The Goal by Dempsey was bad, but I thought play was even. You can say Altidore had the best chance of the match and hit the post. Rooney seemed to come on later, but really never got going. But to say USA was totally outplayed and lucky is false IMO.

  10. After the 1st goal I expected England to come full force, but luckily they didn’t. They could of killed us if they attacked more.

  11. Also, I thought Capello made a huge mistake when he brought SWP on for Milner. Philips was quite terrible. I would have put Joe Cole on instead.

      1. I agree that not bringing on Joe Cole was very surprising. SWP did okay when he came on against Japan recently, but has seldom impressed in competitive internationals.

        1. Realistically, Milner was getting beaten as if he had stolen Cherundolo’s car on thursday. I mean he was absolutely getting torched out there every single time they were one v one. A change had to be made. (For the record I would have gone with Cole as well but I would have started Hart from day one so what could I possibly know)…

          On a side note, I have never seen a team defend services from the endline as well as the Americans did tonight. Its almost as if they were planning on Lennon screaming past Bocanegra and therefore began playing for the oncoming cross instead of keeping the run at bay and off the endline. The only one that made it past the first american wave was well behind the 2 oncoming attackers. was I the only one who saw this?

  12. And the funny thing is. . . when the US supporters would point out that maybe the English defenders and the English goalie may not be good, we were told that we just didn’t know all that much about the game. It’s not just that the England team is rubbish, their supporters don’t know much about the game, either.

      1. Actually, Rakeback , you were one of the dipshits I was talking about. Let me know who you like in tomorrow matches. It’s like printing money. TY YTB!!!

        1. You do know that it is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are an idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt.

          Just something to keep in mind when you are having a go at people that watch and play the game from the moment they can walk.

    1. what are you talking about? you clearly know nothing about the english and thier passion for football (even if we don’t have the best team). and anyway, americans play weird sports that the rest of the world don’t give a shit about; american football? no-one plays that but the fatties! and you call actual football “soccer”! what is that about? it’s called FOOTBALL, you clown. go back to your pies.

  13. This is a great game for the conspiracy theory loonies. Scenario: With BP causing a disaster in US waters, the UK government (or maybe BP – scary big corporation with masonic influences blah blah) won’t want to risk further upsetting the US public with a huniliating defeat of their football team. The instructions to Fabio? – get a draw. Blame the altitude for an under par display. Personally I don’t believe anything like that would happen but I’ll bet David Icke will post something.

    1. I live in Louisiana, and it’s safe to say that everyone here (including myself) are furious with BP. At the same time, I was upset to see a few US fans calling their draw with England a “payback” for the oil spill. Payback? A measly draw with England isn’t going to fix any of the problems that will plague my state for the next 100+ years.

  14. Losing 2 points in your opening match is not a good way to start. At the moment I think Slovenia are likely to beat Algeria. Slovenia are also likely to give the US and England a good run for their money.

    It may very well be that England or the US come second to Slovenia in the group. Having to face Germany is not going to be ideal, never underestimate the Germans even with Ballack out.

    I don’t think its a good result for either team especially not England who were up at 4 minutes and putting together some great football. Gerrard looked amazing tonight tearing through the defense and offense on both sides of the pitch. Lampard had a nice touch(and from that range with his left he is a scary man) and Rooney got some decent passes going and had some opportunities too but there were a lot more misses than hits.

    I don’t know what Green was doing but he cost England the match in a pretty bad way. Dempseys goal was a lot of luck but neither side really produced much that was goal-worthy aside from the 1 goal a piece.

    I hope England step their game up if they were playing Spain or Brazil tonight it would have been 7-0.

  15. same old performance from england.. :) get a grip england you are not that good.. over hyped & overpaid stars… :)

  16. You guys will probably f**k it up anyway, I think I’m right in saying you managed to get a draw against Italy in the last world cup. How did you do in that one?
    Oh yeah, how did Italy do?

    I wouldn’t start sucking each others dicks just yet.

    1. Doesn’t matter.. Bottom line from what I saw today, unless something amazingly changes, this England team is going nowhere. They will get beat bad by the likes of Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Neatherlands.

  17. Robert Green should be put on gardening leave. Couple of side notes:

    Does the ESPN / ABC technical director get some kind of bonus when they show a slow-motion replay of something completely irrelevant?

    Can Alexei Lalas go with Robert Green on gardening leave, or on a blind date with Jordan van der Sloot? Is this guy not the worst in-studio personality since Rush Limbaugh was doing NFL for ESPN?

    1. ESPN/ABC has no control over the video feed. Every broadcaster carrying the game worldwide gets the same feed from FIFA.

  18. First Carson, now Green…!@#$%^ ameteurs. Tired of this school boy nonsense. Please play David James Mr. Cappello.

  19. Lalas is the one blot on an otherwise excellent job by ESPN. Gullit and Martinez look embarrassed to be alongside him. Lalas is a fool from the O’Brien/Foudy/Balboa/Old Onion Bags school of punditry. Utter gibberish, and if I hear that Maradona might be “crazy like a fox” one more time, I might need to get a new TV.

  20. Am I the only one that is rooting for Slovenia and Algeria to come out of this group? The USA and English fans are down right embarrassing. Neither squad is that good and it showed in a pretty lame performance today. Lucky for both they played one another. Their fan bases are down right comical.

  21. Wait. Where are all the geniuses that predicted a 5-0, 3-0, 3-1, England win? Oh right, spare us your expertise. D-bags.

  22. england should’ve flattened america, they’re clearly the better team. we just made so many stupid mistakes, and couldn’t get it together to score again. drawing with the yanks – the shame of it ):

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