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South Africa 2010 World Cup Bingo/Drinking Game

 South Africa 2010 World Cup Bingo/Drinking Game
The World Cup is here; there is nothing better than watching the games with friends, having a few drinks and watching a game of football. 

In case the football is not quite enough on it’s own to entertain you, this World Cup bingo/drinking game could possibly make things more interesting.

The rules are simple watch the games and watch out for the cliché events both on the pitch and in the commentary box and tick them off/drink as directed. 

As the events below happen mark your score/drink as per the point system below 

One Point/Drink 

  • A goal is scored
    • Double Points if the player celebrates through gymnastic display (e.g. somersault, forward roll, backflip)
  • A player is booked
  • Commentator describes a carnival atmosphere in the stadium
    • Double points if the camera pans to a beautiful woman in the crowd at this point
  • The camera pans to a beautiful woman in the crowd at anytime
  • Commentator talks about a nation having a chance to be the first African nation to lift the trophy
    • Double points if no African nation is involved in the game being played
  • If a free kick is awarded and the commentator talks about how much David Beckham or Christiano Ronaldo would relish an opportunity from this range (non-Portugal games only)
  • Any mention of Roger Milla (Legend) by a commentator
  • Any mention of 1966 either by a commentator or in the studio at half time
    • Double points if  England, Germany or North Korea are not playing
  • Any time an injured player is mentioned outside of the announcement of the teams
  • The phrase ‘group of death’ is used by anyone!
  • There is a Mexican wave
    • Double points if Mexico are playing at the time
  • A commentator mispronounces the name of one of a player
    • Double points if they try to correct themselves and still get it wrong 

Two Points/Drinks 

  • The commentator mentions how close the Irish team were to the final
    • Double points  if France are not involved in the game being played
  • Any mention of the ‘Hand of God’ incident (drink to forget the pain)

 Ten Points/Down your Drink

  • A player is sent off
  • A referee does a ‘Graham Poll’ and books a player twice without sending them off
  • A manager is sent to the stands 

These are the basics and can be used for any game however you can tailor these to specific games if needed. 

I have put together some PDF score sheets for the bingo and drinking game separately which can be obtained by emailing  

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*It is not recommended that you drink ever, so please do not blame the author if you cannot be responsible

12 Responses to South Africa 2010 World Cup Bingo/Drinking Game

  1. Nice site,i have bookmarked it for later use, thanks.

  2. The_NZA says:

    i had to post this on facebook, i’d love to see more.

  3. How to kill yourself:

    Take a drink every time you hear a vuvuzela.

  4. The devil says:

    Lmao@ jean. .thanx for giving me a nice laugh dude

  5. Kristian Downer says:

    Jean you made me laugh out loud at work, naughty naughty however I did try and think of a rule for them but ran into the quandary you hint at, so settled on the carnival atmosphere rule ;)

  6. Jamie says:

    As an alternative, I invite you all to check out the Bastian Schweinsteiger World Cup Drinking Game –

  7. dray says:

    nice site! i respect you work. good luck!

  8. Platypus says:

    I was going to say you forgot a couple of rules:

    * Any time a commentator mentions the speed or athleticism of the African players, as though they couldn’t possibly have other strengths.

    * Any time a commentator mentions the beauty or creativity of the South American players.

    Then I realized that there’s just not enough friggin’ beer in the world to drink every time one of those two tired cliches pops up.

  9. Andy says:

    For all your world cup drinking needs you should definitely get your hands on the Drinking World Cup iPhone app – it sends you drinking actions as the match actually happens… Potentially VERY messy but great fun!

  10. LGZ Online says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this post before the World Cup. This may have even made watching the England games bearable!

  11. gala says:

    great article, Cheers to all! Nice job for everyone “Football Forever”!

  12. Micky says:

    Nice one guys! You’ll be glad to know we have a new drinking game too especially for the WC 2014.

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