Roma Gamble with Adriano Signing

Jun. 08, 2010 - Rome, Italy - epa02192104 Brazilian soccer player Adriano waves as he leaves the Gemelli Hospital in Rome, Italy, 08 June 2010. Brazil striker Adriano on 08 June was to sign a contract with Serie A giants AS Roma after undergoing medical tests at a Rome hospital. Local media reported that later in the day the 28-year-old was to meet president Rosella Sensi at the club   s headquarters and sign a three-year contract.

Finally the Emperor has returned. Adriano has gone to AS Roma on a free transfer from Flamengo, the Empreror has arrived in the capital, but will it be a smart move by Roma? Adriano’s contract is said to be worth around 5 million euros a season (plus performance-related bonuses) and it will expire on June 30th 2013. Adriano is full of confidence, and after signing his new contract here a couple of statements by the Brazilian,

“I am very happy to be at Roma and to play with the Giallorossi jersey. I hope it all goes well and am convinced we’ll have a great season. I am here and must prove what I can do. I will do it. I am ready to take on Inter.”

While Adriano is returning to the league which gave him the name “The Emperor” thanks to his imperious performances of great skill, he’s also known to be lazy and lethargic at times. After the death of his father, Adriano had a lot of difficulty motivating himself while playing for Inter Milan. Due to his lack of confidence, Adriano began to gain weight, and his performances were less and less convincing as he lagged behind a rising Ibrahimovic. Adriano had to eventually get his contract terminated by Inter Milan as he moved back to Brazil in hopes of being able to revive his career.

The emperor joined Flamengo and found his will to play again, back among the people who loved him, Adriano looked like a man playing amongst kids in the Brazilian league. In 30 appearances Adriano scored 19 goals, leading Flamengo to a wonderful title win in Brazil. So it seems like Adriano has found his form with his short spell in Brazil, but while there is a difference between the Brazilian championship and the Serie A, there’s also something else important to note.

In Brazil things are different, Adriano often arrived late, or skipped practices with no consequences because he was the big star, and he was known for spending time with drug-lords which used to be his friends back when he was a child in the favelas. In Brazil, everything was centered around Adriano’s well being, the club officials were fine with his behavior as long as he could keep on banging in the goals for the team. In Italy, players aren’t pampered as much, they’re expected to be at practice on time, give their best, and motivate themselves for the most part. So while Adriano is confident now, he’s going to have to put in 100% and stay motivated if he wants to succeed.

Let me say it now though, Adriano is joining a great team, he’s the perfect replacement for an aging Totti. With players like Vucinic, Menez, and Pizarro surrounding him, he will have good service and support from his teammates. But in the end, it’s all up to him, he will determine whether he succeeds or fails.

How do you think Adriano will do? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

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  1. Niccolo,

    You mention a good point: Adriano behaved according to his wishes in Brazil. Can he survive doing that in Serie A? It’s 50-50 here. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    This reminds me of Jose Mourinho (and I know this is totally different) who despite his success this season could no longer deal with the pressure of managing in Serie A and that’s one reason why he quit. Yes Mourinho quite because he often dreamt about coaching a big team in La Liga but he also was coming under intense pressure in Italy and he was not able to win over the Italian press.

    In England, Mourinho was treated like a genius and he was easily able to manipulate the media, but not in Italy. The point is, there is little room for error for big names in Serie A.

    1. Dear Rami,

      I understand the comparison you make with Jose Mourinho, it’s very important to remember that in the Serie A, pressure is nonstop. All coaches walk on thin ice and you saw that last season with the ridiculous amount of fired coaches. Jose Mourinho was surprised by this extreme will to win, and I think that he has changed and become a better manager after learning how to deal with these pressures.

      In the end, you’re right there is little to no room for error for almost anyone in the Serie A, great comment!

      1. Hi Niccolo,

        Do you think Adriano will be a succes and can at least last the first season with Roma? This is hard to predict but what do you expect?

        Any thoughts on Italy’s starting 11 against Paraguay and who you might see starting? It’s going to be interesting to see who will be chosen by Lippi to start and the formation used. I know Buffon, De Rossi and Gilardino will start, and if healthy then Chiellini & Marchisio will start too.

        I guess Zambrotta will play on either side of the defensive line depending on whether Maggio or Criscito starts. If De Rossi & Marchisio are in the middle then they will either have Montolivo or Gattuso alongside them.

        In attack, Gilardino will get support from Di Natale but I am thinking for the right side it will depend if Maggio does start. Maggio can roam forward and if he does start then no need for Pepe or Iaquinta because Italy will need a more defensive minded player (a midfielder) to start on the right to cover for Maggio whenever he goes forward. Perhaps this gives Gattuso the opportunity to start on the right.

  2. I think Adriano will be a success, I know it might seem strange, but to me all the factors seem to be pointing towards a successful season.

    I expect that Lippi will most likely start with a 4-4-2, with Buffon in net, Zambrotta at right back, Chiellini and Cannavaro at center half, and Criscito at left back. Then you’d have De Rossi alongside Gattuso with Camoranesi on the right, and maybe Marchisio on the left. And up top would probably the pairing of Gilardino and Di Natale.

    But I think that as the game progresses, we could see Lippi morph this into a 4-3-3, taking out Camoranesi and putting in probably Pepe or Iaquinta to play on the right side of the trident. That would leave Marchisio, De Rossi, and Gattuso holding up the midfield in front of the defence, and through this you could see Marchisio playing a bit farther in front of De Rossi and Gattuso in almost a #10 position. Then we could see Lippi take Marchisio off and put in Montolivo for the final 30 minutes to provide a bit of spark.

    The toughest thing to predict is probably the fullbacks, we know Zambrotta is starting, but we don’t know if Lippi prefers Maggio or Criscito.

    Thx for the comment!

    1. I think Lippi might spring a surprise because Zambrotta will start but no one knows which side but it seems he might be unconvinced with Criscito & Maggio in terms of their defensive presence. I wonder if he moves Chiellini to the left, leaves Zambrotta on the right, and partners Cannavaro with Bonucci in the middle as an experiment.

      If he’s going to be following the safe bet, I think you got it 100% right but just question of Maggio and Criscito. Another option which crossed my mind is if Camoranesi is still unfit he might perhaps let Maggio start on right-side of midfield as the player likes to go forward. Behind him there will be Zambrotta but Maggio will help him with defensive duties and keep moving forward.

      On the left Marchisio and Criscito will help each other on both ends of the field. I guess we will have to see what Lippi decides to do. It will be interesting.

  3. I don’t think he would try Chiellini or Camoranesi at fullback positions because he does have the options of Criscito, Maggio, and Zambrotta. I think that Lippi understands that while Italy probably can’t win it this year, he can give the younger players some experience.

    We should continue this discussion with Robert on the latest post about the Azzurri 11.

  4. I think Chiellini will start as centre-back alongside Cannavaro leaving Zambrotta to play on one of the flanks depending on whether Criscito (left) or Maggio (right) will start. It seems Criscito will start.

    I think Lippi would still like to reach the semi-final just to silence the media and critics before he leaves his Azzurri post. I think QF is the best hope because the Azzurri will then clash with Spain in that round.

    Now De Rossi might need some rest. It seems the midfield is the area suffering from most injuries or concerns.

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