England v USA: EA Match Simulation

The techie folks over at Electronic Arts have created a simulation of what the final score of the England versus United States game may be.

It’s set to the sounds and graphics of their 2010 FIFA World Cup game which was recently released in stores. EA went ahead and performed simulations of all of the games in the World Cup and found that the eventual winner of the tournament was Spain.

Don’t take EA’s predictions too seriously, though. When they performed a similar simulation before the 2006 World Cup, they predicted that the Czech Republic would win it.

8 thoughts on “England v USA: EA Match Simulation”

    1. Whether Heskey scores or not, England scores a lot more when he or Crouch is on the field as opposed to when Lampard/Gerrard are paired together in central midfield. Heskey is a good foil for Rooney as he was for Owen before him- I don’t get all the hate towards him.

  1. Landon from a free kick=yes; he scored from a similar spot against Honduras. Beyond Heskey getting a goal, Bornstein is on the field. A 2-1 victory against England with Bornstein even sniffing the pitch is a success for this US fan. A final piece of evidence that this EA simulation is shite: Bob Bradley has never shown that much emotion on the pitch. What’s a simulation of US soccer with Bradley yelling on the sideline?

  2. If Heskey scores off a volley, ANYONE on the US scores from a free kick, and Bornstein sees field time, I will strip down at Dempsey’s on the Lower East Side and move around like Shakira.

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