World Cup Group B Preview: World Cup Buzz Podcast

Argentina’s turbulent qualifying ride is over, and now they look to be one of the stronger teams at the World Cup. To look at the Albiceleste and their group – which includes Greece, Nigeria, and South Korea – I was joined by Laurence McKenna and Kartik Kishnaiyer to break down each squad and match and determine the two teams best situated to survive Group B. Along the way, we hear views from Tim Vickery, Andy Brassell, Jonathan Wilson and Simon Hill.

Tomorrow, we look at perhaps the deepest group of the tournament, Group D, before turning our attention to Group C on Wednesday.

0 thoughts on “World Cup Group B Preview: World Cup Buzz Podcast”

  1. Sorry Robert I agree with kartik about Messi not being the MVP on the Argentine roster. I must say you are corrcet that Messi needs a good supporting cast in order for him to be Messi. The whole Argentine team are MVPs, but I think Mascherano and Veron are key players for them.

    1. I can see that view, Lloyd. Obviously I did (and do) disagree. The vagaries of important/valuable – often, they’re lost on me.

      I think I more wanted to chime in about the Argentine press-angle.

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