Fox Soccer Channel Reveals England vs USA Result Ahead of Time

Does Fox Soccer Channel have a time machine where they’re able to go into the future to find out the results of games, and then report back to present day to reveal the scores? Maybe not, but currently running on Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Soccer Plus is an advertisement promoting Fox Soccer’s new mobile app where they show USA losing to England.

Thanks to EPL Talk reader Eric Dolegowski who took a screenshot from the ad, we can now see that Fox Soccer Channel thinks the US men’s national squad will qualify for the round of 16, but will lose against England (see above picture).

35 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Reveals England vs USA Result Ahead of Time”

  1. Slovenia is a tough team. The goal difference might decide USA’s fate. US must beat Algeria by a big margin because Slovenia & US will tie and then Slovenia will beat Algeria.
    England will win all 3 games. Under Capello, professionalism and being serious are two key components of his philosophy.

  2. the bad thing for me on saturday is i will have to drink american beer instead of english. samuel adams is respectable i think. i will miss you bodingtons & tetleys & newcastle, but the best for me is guinness, go ireland. we could disagree about england v. usa but we can’t disagree about beer or has they say in deuctshland bier. i hope the writers read this article so they can write about european beer that i haven’t heard off.

    1. Try either Deuchars, Jaipur Indian Pale Ale, Abbot Ale, Moonshine or Pale Rider? Try any of those for a proper pint of British beer.

      1. Kronenbourg isnt bad. Westmalle is a good choice from Belgium, along with Chimay. Tuborg in Scandinavia is worth a try, just like A. Le Coq in Estonia. Baltika is alright, but why drink beer in Russia when there is so much Vodka?

    2. By the way, there are plenty of American beers that blow away Bodington’s, Tetleys and Newcastle. Those beers are pretty much rubbish. Have you ever heard of American Craft Beer? For christ sake there are so many great American craft beers. Stop drinking those crappy macro lagers.

      1. You can get a ton of Belgium trappist beers @ grocery stores these days. Not quite Guniess but Chimay and Duval are good for games (especially if you fancy getting hammered). A good not so well known American company you can look for is also New Belgium, I love me some Fat Tire from New Belgium.
        The above are quite a large step up in price and quality from most American lagers. The above are not for the average “light” beer drinkers either, the strong flavours seem to be a turnoff to the novice drinkers.

      2. With you all the way, Jeff. Here in NC we are loaded with quality brew pubs and craft brewers. No excuse to drink junk beer.

        On the other hand, to each his own. One of our favorite pubs sells $1.25 PBR 16 oz. drafts on Sundays. Tastes pretty damn good (to all of us) sitting on their dog-friendly patio on a summer day!

        1. Ah NC. Have you ever tried Foothills People’s Porter? That is easily one of my favorite beers. I always try to find a pint of it whenever I’m in NC. I drove to the brewpub last time I was in Charlotte on a business trip and just as I was going to ask for a growler of it the beer kicked. I was really disappointed.

          1. If you’re in NC, look up a ‘Flying Saucer’. Pub that has hundreds of different kinds of beer on hand. I’m sure you can find just about anything thats not a microbrew that you would want.

    3. Dude! Im English and can tell you that those English beers are some of the bad ones!!! Newcastle Brown is ok tho, but I was born in Cumbria and thus inclined to like it! Try and find some of these: West country beer tends to be my favorite area (maybe cos i live in Exeter, lol!) so try anything from Sharpes or St Austell, particularly Doombar and Tribute respectively. Also, give something Kentish a bash, Shephard Neame are good and are the oldest still established brewery (set up in 1648 i think, possibly 1698). Try Fullers from London, Badgers or Ringwood from down Wiltshire way or Black Sheep and Theakstons from the North. Also, if you can ever find it, Samuel Smiths, he was John Smith’s brother who set up a rival brewery, his beer is sooooooooo much better but less popular. In my eyes as well a lot of American craft brewing isn’t bad, I like Samuel Adams, also Siera Nevada Pale is a good one for the summer. If you’re going Europe go Belgian or Czech. Try to find some Belgian Trappist beer by breweries such as Westmalle or Chimay (or Rochefort if you can find it, yum!), careful tho cos these tend to be up to the 8-9% mark and you can’t taste it!! For czech beers steer clear of the classic pils of Budvar or Staropramen and track down some in the Helles style. Also, Austrian/Bavarian Wheat beers are personal favourites. If ur adventurous also try a lambic if you dare and you can find one. Hope I’ve helped!

  3. I can get Tetleys, Boddingtons, and even Samuel Smith at my local liquor store. However, I will be busting out my smuggled John Smiths to quench my thirst as the US squeaks out a draw versus England.

    Why not get old fashioned and buy a bottle of Pimms?

    My local Publix in Georgia carries Heinz Salad Cream!

  4. Is Jaipur Indian Pale Ale available in the States? I have been dying to try this beer and any other beer from Thornbridge brewery.

  5. Funny thing is that every England match I’ve ever seen in a pub, that vast majority are drinking Stella. I’m getting a six pack of London pride, to toss in the ice for Saturday along with some Dogfish mix case, some miller lite (for those who don’t like beer). and a case of Stella. Food is burgers and curry. Walkers and Herr’s… and a bowl of smarties and m&ms and we have the HP sauce for the burgers.

    My wife hung the St. George’s cross and a crap load of English bunting on the house. I have the driveway lined with US flags. It will be interesting to say the least.

    1. I am thrilled to hear that someone is taking this seriously.

      It goes against all my pre-game rituals to even invite people over for the match.

  6. oh by the way this article wasn’t about beer, i just noticed that. my bad. i will gladly take the prediction. lets talk about serious soccer not beer people.

  7. ok people my last mention of beer for now, in the spirit of this african world cup my friend from kenya today gave me beer from her country it’s called tuskers not bad.

  8. Does their time machine allow them to know whether or not they will exist in 5 years?

    Year-to-date, FSC is only averaging 32,000 viewers in Prime Time, and 27,000 viewers in Total Day. Absolutely pathetic.

    How long Fox Cable Networks puts around with those numbers before re-branding with different content is anyone’s guess.

    1. Media Man, in the 2008-2009 season, Fox Soccer Channel averaged 90,000 viewers per Premier League game. I’m sure the number was higher in the 2009-2010 season. So your estimates above for total day averages are incorrect.

      The Gaffer

      1. I don’t know. What about all those non-Premier League hours…24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Averages can get you some funny numbers.

        Media Man does raise an interesting question, though a little on the dark side. What is “good enough” for Fox headquarters? Remember, the channel has been re-branded before.

  9. USA 3, England 2.

    England will out possess and outshoot the USA. USA has great speed on this roster, with some awesome finishers up front. They will counter attack, and they will do it very quickly off English turnovers in the USA final 3rd of the field.

    now i will say this, IF the english can limit sloppy passes, and keep the USA from using their speed up front, then the USA will have a slim chance at a win. I just dont see that. Would not be shocked either if it ended up a 2-2 draw or something like that. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

    1. lmao. wat is “proper football” anyways? If you want to learn how to play SOCCER then watch brazil or spain…they play it the right way

  10. I feel very un-patriotic saying this but the English team is a bunch of seperate egos. Its a group of star players not a team. Unless they can put their egos aside they will struggle to win.

    Don’t want to be mean but the English players on paper will absolutely crush the US side. But, I think you guys stand a good chance cos u play for love not money or fame and thus might be happier passing the ball!!

  11. i totally dis-agree. on paper, this wasnt a complete mis-match. England has more individual talent…but its not like the USA team is a bunch of losers. Hell…the USA beat Italy, Spain AND took brazil to the brink in that earlier tournament in S. Africa. I dont imagine there are many teams that can say they have a string of wins like that.

    Now i will admit…the 1st 5 minutes of the game vs england…the USA looked like a deer in the headlights. But i dont think it was the USA’s intention to every really go ahead and attack england for a sustained period. i could be wrong, but it looked like the USA was playing not to lose, instead of playing to win. I am more shocked that Rooney was almost completely shut down in this game. that was the last thing i thought was going to happen.

    Great goal keeping england! thank you 😀

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