The Power of Cabanga: Can Positive Thinking Win England the World Cup?

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It would not be a World Cup for England without a few injury problems and general chaos.

However Middlesborough born football legend Chris Kamara, or should I say Chris Cabanga, has other come up with his own strategy to propel England to glory despite the chaos.

Apparently he has sought the advice of a Neuropsychologist who believes in the power of words and positive thinking.  Dr Lewis- Hodgson has urged the nation to “think Cabanga” during this World Cup to harness our collective energy and support England.

Cabanga means “imagine” in Zulu and is apparently the most appropriate word to focus English energy. Chris Kamara and Chevron have jumped on this wacky statement, using social media and national radio interviews to raise the profile of their campaign.

Chris Kamara has pledged that should his facebook page “Think Cabanga” reach 20,000 members he will legally change his name to Chris Cabanga for the World Cup.

You can join the campaign HERE

I am unconvinced that this is anything but a publicity stunt, however wacky, barmy and slightly desperate, welcome an English World Cup.

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