Special 1 TV Returns: BBC3 Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming relaunch of Special 1 TV, this time on BBC 3, has been launched (see above video).

While I’m excited about the show coming back on the airwaves, I must say that I am very underwhelmed by the trailer. They could have put some effort into it rather than this weak attempt.

Let’s hope the show itself is a lot more creative. There’ll be so much fodder for the first episode that creator Mario Rosenstock may not know where to start. Rafa getting the heave-ho. The Special One being special and moving to Spain. Sven in charge at Ivory Coast. Rooney being Rooney, and so much more.

4 thoughts on “Special 1 TV Returns: BBC3 Trailer”

  1. I think we’ve hit the tipping point from Josemania to Josephobia. Never was a big fan; I’ve definitely had enough of this guy.

    No thanks.

    1. Yeah, maybe it ended at its high point, before it became a parody of itself…and I’m a fan. Well just have to see. As the Gaffer said, there will be no lack of fodder. Sven, Fabio, Wayne and SAF!

      I know, I know…”Shut up, ovalball!”

  2. GREAT!!!!!!!!–Glad to see the Special 1 back where he belongs, especially after his Treble Triumph–Hope he brings Ameobi with him

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