Everton Launch Pink Away Shirt for 2010-11 Season: Photo

Everton today launched their new away shirt for the 2010-11 season. And it’s pink, yes pink. Don’t say we didn’t warn you (we posted a sneak peek of the shirt last week).

Everton’s new away jersey is described as “lightning pink” with a navy blue bar across the chest. According to the club website, the shirt color “combination that has been designed to make players more visible in their teammates’ peripheral vision.” You can say that again. There’s no doubt that players, fans and TV viewers won’t notice the bright pink shirts!

Designed and manufactured by Le Coq Sportif, the new Everton away shirt is inspired by the Everton of old explains Everton chief executive Robert Elstone: “This new kit takes its inspiration from our Club’s history, indeed it dates back to the 1890/91 season when Everton were crowned league champions for the very first time. The old pink kit saw Everton crowned champions, we want this new kit to help take Everton to the next level.”

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31 thoughts on “Everton Launch Pink Away Shirt for 2010-11 Season: Photo”

  1. Hahahahahahahaha, can’t wait for my blueshite mates to be wearing this and claiming its not pink but salmon, like they did last time

  2. It just looks like a f*cking t-shirt though. A £40 t-shirt. Call me old fashioned, but I like my football shirts to look like football shirts, regardless of colour.

  3. really not sure about this kit.will have to wait to see it properly but at the moment i do not like it. i know its our traditional colours which i have no problem but plz le coq sportif sack your designer my 6 year old daughter could of done better.

  4. “There’s no doubt that players, fans and TV viewers won’t notice the bright pink shirts!”

    Shouldn’t this read “There’s no CHANCE that players, fans and TV viewers won’t notice the bright pink shirts!”…or alternatively, “There’s no doubt that players, fans and TV viewers won’t FAIL to notice the bright pink shirts”?

    Call me a grammar-stickler if you want, but the current sentence suggests that it is undoubtedly true that no one will be able to see a player wearing fluorescent pink.

      1. Orange & White vs Pink & Blue? My god man, our eyes will bleed! 😉

        In all honesty, I liked the black with pink stripes they had last year. Honestly a little sad they decided to leave it behind. Also fairly confident I won’t be picking this particular kit up for myself.

      2. Ummm… won’t Everton just wear their blue and white 1st kits when they play Blackpool.
        It is not actually an “Away” kit it is a “change” or “2nd” kit.

  5. Unlike Rafa the idiot, who has issues with his sexuality, grown men can wear pink, Juventus once did, their’ 90’s kappa pink re-issue is a collector’s item if you can get one. The template for this shirt is the disappointing part. Typical mediocrity from Le Croq

  6. The shirt is awful. Pink, salmon, whatever the color. Are they playing for a particular cause? Leave the cancer curing to doctors and researchers and go play football. Everton’s “cause” should only be 1 thing, “Winning the Premiership Title.”

    Unfortunately, neither winning the title nor curing cancer will come next season.

    1. Winning the premiership? Based on that comment they should probably have a cause for mental illness as well. Everton are more likely to find a cure for cancer than win the league fella.

  7. That is just NASTY looking–Never thought I’d see a worse shirt than that ugly orange thing Barca used last year, but that Pink is way worse

  8. I like it. It makes a statement. One thing I’ve been taught in my life, never lip off to a man in either pink or a plaid skirt if you wish to see the next day.

  9. I am surprised at how many do not like it

    It comes off to me as quite a good shirt. It is different, stylish and not some sort of pure publicity stunt

  10. In my opinion this shirt is the best shirt we have released! Just because it’s pink it doesn’t make it gay!! Stylish and modern and as pre mentioned in an earlier comment ” snacks originality rather than the generic kits these days”. Well played EFC for making this kit rather than a boring old white one! I’ve just wornthe shirt in SA at the England games and had more positive comments than negative!!

  11. Note that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All NFL teams in the U.S. are wearing at least some pink during the month of October to show their support.

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