Pro Evolution Soccer 2011: Trailer

A trailer has been released to promote the forthcoming release of PES 2011, better known as Pro Evolution Soccer.

The above video gives you a sneak peek at some of the graphics that you may be able to see in the game. With Lionel Messi gracefully running across the pitch, PES 2011 definitely looks mouthwatering.

13 thoughts on “Pro Evolution Soccer 2011: Trailer”

  1. FIFA > Pro Evo by far. Just wish FIFA could get Champions League from Pro Evo and pick up the Europa League rights.

    1. Mhm. Unless Pro-Evo can simulate 360 degrees of movement and non-linear shooting, then FIFA will always win. Pro-Evo is just too jittery for me.

  2. Depends on taste, I suppose. For me, Pro Evo has always been >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FIFA. Whether it be through passes, fluid movement, pressure, etc. Pro Evo trumps FIFA in these departments, which are by far more important for me. And in terms of specific player graphics, etc. – Pro Evo has always been better in that department. Also, this year’s iteration is bound to a major improvement as they’ve completely reworked the game engine. FIFA is just an arcade experience as far as I’m concerned.

    1. I agree – Pro Evo’s gameplay has been better than FIFA for some time, but until they can get all the teams in there (Merseyside Red??) or add more modes of play/challenges they’ll always a step behind in everyone’s eyes.

      1. It’s not that hard to change the team names. It’d be a thousand times worse if they didn’t have the real player names, which they do.

        For me, there’s a debate between PES and FIFA, but there’s another whole debate about PES Wii, which is one of the best sports games I’ve ever played.

      2. I think that my problem with the most recent PES is in some of the most unrealistic stuff that I experienced in my first game, i.e. I crossed the ball into space and somehow, Florent Malouda managed to jump four feet into the air from the edge of the 18 and levitate over Arsenal players to head the ball into the goal when the ball was at the six yard box. I suppose that I’ve just experienced more unrealistic moments in PES than I have in FIFA, and this last iteration only compounded that problem.

  3. Er.. PES? Fluent? Better Player graphics ? err which world do you live in ? FIFA cannot be challenged by PES ever in the graphics department since EA has always been about Eye candy. And the 360 degrees movement is down right awesome and realistic. I tried PES after FIFA and PES seemed like a game from a decade ago in terms of fluidity of motion , passing , crossing etc. FIFA rules. Cant wait for 11 !! 😀

  4. – Option File for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PS3 includes:

    * Correct team names
    * Correct team squads including starting line-ups and formations
    * Correct team strips – home, away & goalkeepers
    * Correct player names & numbers
    * Correct competition & stadium names
    * Player transfers up-to-date as of Summer 2011 transfer window
    * This option file Update will work with online modes of PES 2011

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