Wayne's World: The Importance of Rooney

It seems every World Cup, England puts together a solid team, that somehow depends upon the brilliance of a single man, who can take the merely good players around him, and make them into world beaters. In years past it was Beckham, and this year it’s Wayne Rooney.

Ask the common man why Rooney is so important to England, and he’ll say it’s because of his goals, of course. Top scorer in the qualifying campaign for his country, scores often, and in a variety of ways in the Premiership and Europe, the man finds the back of the net. However, his worth is far more than the goals he scores, his real value is how he makes the entire English offense around him much better.

Rooney is not a one-dimensional striker, while he can latch onto a through ball and finish, but he can also create his own shot, and this season he has become a threat in the air as well. All this means that he is going to demand more than one defender from the opposition in order to close him down. When that happens, Rooney’s constant movement means that the two center backs are going to be closer together, and often even parallel to each other, opening space through the middle for interplay between Rooney and the midfielders going forward, (there were times this happened in the second half against Mexico with Gerrard).

If one of the fullbacks comes over to plug the middle then Rooney’s neat passing game can find a winger, who will then be free to use the only asset Capello’s wingers posess, sheer pace. With England’s backs also capable of bombing forward, having a fullback out of position for the opposition is exactly what England want, letting the likes of Walcott cut in from the sides for layoffs and crosses.

This is only possible because of Rooney’s sheer work ethic, compare him to Manchester United’s other big name striker, Berbatov. He has a better touch than Rooney, and better vision, yet he doesn’t score or contribute good passes against strong opposition because he doesn’t move. Berbatov takes up position in or around the box and waits for the ball to be played to him, making him simple for the center backs to control, for long periods, he can be marked with just one man, leaving the other back to roam and close down other players, and then come back and clog the middle. Berbatov then often becomes a ball-stopper because of how quickly he can be closed down and the offense stagnates.

Rooney never allows this, because he is constantly working to get between the center backs, thus drawing both of them towards him, meaning they take up less space through the middle, leaving large holes for others. So oftentimes even though he doesn’t score, it is his initial effort that has cleared the area for others to get to shooting spots. While I do expect him to score goals in South Africa, England cannot win with him as their only form of offense, he needs to continue to do it all, both get himself shots and get his teammates looks on goal as well.

8 thoughts on “Wayne's World: The Importance of Rooney”

  1. I think Rooney is by far the most imporant player for England this world cup hes like the ultimate cure to Englands striking ailments.

    If Capello can utilise Rooney as well as Fergie has there isn’t any reason Rooney won’t be one of the top scorers + top asissters at this World Cup. I hope his relentless drive has a similar effect on other players around him oftentimes it seems like half the players on the pitch just don’t care.

  2. Mark Rooney and England has no other

    If it weren’t for us you’d all be Krauts
    If it weren’t for us you’d all be Krauts
    If it weren’t for us If it weren’t for us If it weren’t for us
    you’d all be Krauts

  3. Breaking news! Rooney is a good player, important to England team!
    Next on Obvious Weekly, reports suggest the sky is blue!

  4. Rooney is the most overated player ever and a goon.
    A 10 year old striker could make the goals he gets because
    everyone on his team gives him the pass a 10 year old striker
    is suppose to score. However in the World Cup if you are a goon
    and depend on the perfect pass you look like Rooney who
    still has problems controlling simple passes to his feet and does not
    create. The guy who wrote this article must have naked pictures
    of Rooney I mean Gooney in his locker

  5. I believe in Wayne Rooney and The Manchester´s team. I believe The Manchester team can do it in spite of the ausence of Wayne Rooney.
    I think that a really good fan always is going to support,encourage and cheer up to his team at the end of the game. Manchester´s team is a great team and it has good players.
    ! YOU CAN DO IT!

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