Poll: Robbie Findley or Brian Ching? Who Should Bradley Have Picked?

Bob Bradley’s selection of his 23 men for the World Cup this summer has conjured up a lot of controversy this afternoon over the pick of Robbie Findley instead of Brian Ching.

Did Bradley make the correct decision or not? Vote now in the above poll. And share your feedback in the comments section below.

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  1. It was never Ching or Findley. It was Ching or Buddle. Findley is there cause he is fast. Not comparable to Ching.

    Findley – fast, good late game sub, 1v1 in isolation where he can run by people
    Ching – holds up the ball, helps bring in his teammates, good in the air
    Buddle – holds up the ball, helps bring in his teammates, good in the air, red hot form.

    Out of those three I would choose Findley and Buddle. Findley for speed, Buddle because he does the same thing as Ching except for he’s red hot right now. Bradley made the right choice.

  2. Tough to compare the two, but if I had to choose, I’d choose Conor Casey, because he is much better than Ching, and the holding/target play of Ching/Casey is much more valuable than the pace of Findley, who won’t be able to run past players on the international stage like he does in MLS. Of course, I’d be happy to be wrong, but Findley hasn’t really impressed with his few caps, but then again, Ching hasn’t really impressed with his bazillion caps.

  3. @Dave

    Absolutely agree with everything you said… If we get down a point late in a game and we have to start playing deep balls, we need people who can run behind the defense.

  4. Buddle can play both positions at forward. I don’t see him soley as a target man that took away Ching’s position. Buddle can play the withdrawn forward to Altidore’s target position.

    It comes down to the best 4 forwards and Ching should have been among them, because Findley is the fifth or sixth best forward that the U.S. could have used.

  5. Findley making the team actually makes sense because he brings an element that NO one else on the roster can give…blazing speed. In form or not as a goal scorer, you can’t have all of your forwards bring the same skill set, there HAS to be diversity or you are screwed. He’s on the team because no one else they have healthy can run faster than he can. Same reason why Gooch was a no brainer despite his injuries and lack of any playing time for 7 months…because injured or not, he can lay the smack down in the box because of his size that no one else can provide. Diversity and match ups…that’s the key to winning. You have to be able to show different looks or you become too predictable. Example? Past US Men’s basketball teams…most talented team in the world, but still got embarrassed because everyone could jump out of the building, but no one could hit a damn three, while the Europeans took us to school from downtown. Bradley was smart enough to avoid that mistake. Go USA!!!

  6. Yes it is about speed. When the team bunkers down against a better opponent, they need speed to counterattack. I thought Ching looked good in his last couple caps though.

  7. Ching all of the way. Ching makes everyone around him better. Holding up the ball and distributing. He is great with his back to goal and solid in the air. I have to think he must not have been in top form during camp, but then again, he has scored 2 goals in 4 days since being cut.

  8. both players should have never been considered for the national team. Robbie Findley RUINED the national team and its chance of moving on. These are truthfully the worst two players i’ve ever seen on the national team. Bob Bradley should be fired, but the sad thing is he’ll be around because he got them to the round of 16.

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