EPL Talk Product Review: Fox Soccer iPhone App

As we approach the last few weeks until we enter one full blissful month of more matches, news and analysis than we can possibly handle, here’s yet another great (free) app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that’s worth checking out.

The folks at Fox have released Fox Soccer Ticket to South Africa available in the official App store for free to keep football fans constantly in touch with all the happenings of the World Cup. Featuring elegant design and a smooth, glossy interface, the new Fox Soccer app is sure to be useful during this summer’s tournament. Not unlike ESPN’s Official World Cup app or the Official England app, the Fox Soccer app is a well developed and easy to use application containing all the most recent news, fixtures, and customizable team pages for World Cup fans.

Also featured in the new Fox Soccer app is a photo gallery containing stills of some of world football’s brightest stars that will compete in the tournament. Each gallery of photos sports a different theme of pictures. For example, one thumbnail features info and stills of ten different internationals that represent a country different from where they were born. Brazilian-born Benny Feilhaber who is a US international, Senegal-born France international Patrice Evra and Argentina-born Mexico star Guillermo Franco are all featured. Quite interesting.

Another photo gallery features old photos of memorable World Cup upsets such as Bulgaria over Germany in ’94, Cameroon over Argentina in ’90 and even a great shot of England being upset by the US in 1950.

Make sure you grab the new Fox Soccer app to keep up with all the news this summer. Also, don’t forget to pick up the fantastic EPL Talk app which is also available for free featuring all the best articles, comments and podcast episodes that take place at EPL Talk. Lastly, feel free to share any other great apps that intelligent, like-minded soccer fans can use this summer and in the future to stay connected. Enjoy the football.

5 thoughts on “EPL Talk Product Review: Fox Soccer iPhone App”

  1. I wonder if FSC will look to utlize this type of app technology for the upcoming EPL season…I think if they could get it right, it would be a great addition to the app community.

    1. Shrute66, we have two versions of the EPL Talk iPhone App. One is free. One is $1.99. The $1.99 one is focused on the EPL Talk Podcast only (as well as some additional features). The free one has blog posts, comments, EPL Talk Podcast episodes, Twitter feed and more. Both are available in iTunes.

      The Gaffer

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