Berlusconi, “If I was coach, AC Milan would’ve won Serie A”

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi speaks during a news conference at Palazzo Chigi in Rome

AC Milan president came out with quite the interesting statement about his team after a political meeting. While it doesn’t seem like a direct attack at Leonardo, AC Milan’s coach for last season, it’s still a statement which shows that Berlusconi is not happy with the way things are happening at the rossoneri.

Here’s the full statement translated from Italian:

“AC Milan is the team I love the most and that’s why I am their number one fan. But this year, despite the many injuries, if I was coach I would’ve won the scudetto with five or six points ahead of second…”

It’s strange hearing this statement come from Berlusconi, not only am I one of the many who doubt his coaching ability, but I think his man management would be a disaster. But the other reason it’s a strange statement is because Berlusconi has been quite inactive with AC Milan this season, and it seemed like a takeover from a foreign investor would be imminent. Last summer when Kaka was sold, Berlusconi pocketed the 60 million Euros he received, investing very little back into the team thinking that Ronaldinho would magically win the Serie A for them. Another “interesting” move by Berlusconi was that he was able to not keep one of the best young talents in European football. The president successfuly gave away Kaka’s replacement Gourcouff for no reason, and practically no money for the amazing youngster. So Berlusconi really didn’t seem like the number one fan considering his poor investments and just disinterest in the club

But something that is important to notice in his statement is the fact that he recognizes that AC Milan has had it’s hardships due to the injuries. He notices that Leonardo has had to adjust his team’s play and formation often to compensate for the injured players. Now Berlusconi has to prove that he’s the number one fan by getting a top class manager, and investing heavily in the team so that maybe even without him in the dugout, the team can fight for the Serie A.

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