This Summer May Be A Bad One For The EPL


Will it be another Spanish summer? Or is there hope for England yet?

No, I’m not talking about winning the World Cup; instead I’m talking about the glamorization of La Liga more and more at the expense of the Premier League.

With the three biggest summer signings wrapped up or to be soon (David Villa and Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid), the likelihood of an electrifying superstar coming across the Channel looks increasingly remote.  Instead, it looks all the more likely that Cesc won’t be the only departure.

Granted, Chelsea and Manchester United will probably not lose any crucial players, meaning the EPL’s best teams will not get worse.  But it is not clear that they will buy the classiest of reinforcements, especially as the Chelsea management has indicated a greater role for youth players next season.  Manchester United will surely look to strengthen the thin front line that arguably cost them the title this season, but again, it is not certain whether this means simply a back-up striker who scores more consistently than Berbatov, or a genuine hitman to partner Rooney up top.

The other probable bright spot in England’s summer is Manchester City, who can splurge on world-class and create a truly competitive squad.  If they can successfully exploit Liverpool’s financial weakness and the precariousness of Tottenham’s Champions League place, they will surely compete in the 2011-12 edition of Europe’s most prestigious club competition.

But who will they acquire?  Liverpool might have to offload some of the Mascherano-Gerrard-Torres spine, but the Reds will be hesitant to sell world-class players to teams who are directly competing with them for a Champions League spot.

Reports suggest Mourinho wants Gerrard at his new project in Madrid, and should the legendary skipper bail on Anfield, Florentino Perez certainly has the cash to bring him to the Bernabeau.  Besides, everyone else in Europe wants Torres and Mascherano.  Further, the Argentine has been suggesting he wants to leave since last summer.  Unless Manchester City or another club really overpay for them, these stars, if sold, probably will not end up in the EPL.

Robinho probably will not end up in England because the Citizens can afford to offload him at a cut price to a continental team that will not threaten their league ambitions.  Unless, of course, Robinho has a superb World Cup and can convince Mancini to let him stay on to complete the Man City revolution that he started nearly two years ago.

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