Baby Bulls Put Three Past Juventus To Get Second Exhibition Win At Red Bull Arena

Juventus FC v New York Red Bulls

When this match was scheduled on the Red Bulls calendar some fans started thinking that it probably should’ve been canceled since the club’s hot five & one start has fizzled down to a current three match losing streak. But on a nice Sunday Afternoon at Red Bull Arena one of Italy’s storied clubs in Juventus did come over as the first European side to play at the new home of the tri-state area’s local club.

While you saw Alessandro Del Piero, David Trezeguet up top there were thoughts of this tag team putting in multiple goals and taking off the rest of the second half. Well when you saw the starting eleven with Conor Chinn, John Wolyniec, Irving Garcia and the rest of the reserves of Red Bull starting, this could be a possible learning experience for these young guns.

Unfortunately for Juventus, they got a dose of the future of this club from the reserves. While the match was even in the first half, RBNY pounced in the second half & never gave up at all. A great attack led by Irving Garcia in the 50th minute when he ripped a high laser that smacked the far corner of the woodwork and the rebound went towards Jeremy Hall who smacked it into the net for his first Red Bulls goal. Roy Miller would sub into the match and helped out Conor Chinn in the 55th minute.

It was a nice cross to a wide open Conor Chinn who settles it & smacks a laser, for the Red Bulls it became a two goals to nil lead. Juan Pablo Angel would come into the match in the 68th minute and earned a tally of his own in the 75th minute as Dane Richards sets up a nice low cross. After a consolation goal for Juventus in the 90th minute this day would set up in favor of the New York Red Bulls.

It’s been a fantastic surprise for the supporters as the coaching staff led by Hans Backe has worked with all the players on his roster to get them ready for any type of match that is in front of them. The real weakness this club has had either as Metro or RBNY was a strong reserve side that can come in right away and fill in the holes when needed or to play an attractive style of football. In two US Open Cup Qualifiers & this friendly against Juventus these players are getting a chance to show what they can do and so far they have passed their test with flying colors.

The coaching staff has shown plenty of confidence in their top talented young players to come in and actually do a job without a hint of worry. But while its nice to defeat a top European side, I’m afraid the good feelings must be tempered a bit. This side still has to play a US Open Cup Qualifier to enter round three proper and travel to New England, so they can get off this three match losing streak.

At the moment this win was nice, but there is still a league season to think about. Re-group & re-focus for the tasks at hand.

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  1. Great win for RB ! I kept thinking the whole game (like I did when RB played Santos) “these teams can’t cope with the speed of the Red Bulls”.
    Maybe MLS is a little more physical and a little faster than people give it credit for !

    1. I love how everyone says the MLS isn’t physical, like the EPL of course.
      Ljungberg has fallen down about 150 times this year without a foul being called. Did he do that in Europe ?
      The Sounders wouldn’t be paying $1.3 million for him right now if he did.

  2. I was at the game Sunday, great atmosphire with the crowd (first time at the stadium). I had great seats, section 128 row 6 with my dad who is a lifetime Juve fan and former soccer player. As usual with these friendly’s, European teams don’t show up for these types of games (avoiding injury), and too bad Juve followed suit on Sunday. Being a Juve fan, my dad and I were very dissappointed in the way Juve played. At least give it 100% even though it’s a friendly! I give all the credit to the RB’s as they showed lots of speed, good defense and ball control. They deserved the win and I hope the RB fan follwing grows larger as the season progresses. I really hope soccer takes off in the near future in the States and that more European teams come here to play. Good game, congrats to the Red Bulls!

  3. I wonder how much Juve was payed to play the worst possible team they could find and then lay down and take it in a certain oriface from a B team of a club in a third rate football league.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love MLS and all, but there’s no way that this win is legitimate or an accurate read of the quality of MLS relative to Serie A.

  4. My god it’s a friendly! This shows nothing about MLS’ quality. Friendlies with any club never does otherwise these remote Chinese clubs can hang with Liverpool every July.

  5. Why aren’t they playing these friendlies during the World Cup when all the talented players are away on national duty?

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