Newcastle United Home Shirt for 2010-11 Season: Photo

A photograph of Newcastle United’s home shirt for the 2010-11 season has been leaked on the Internet.

Newly promoted Newcastle United will feature a Puma shirt next season instead of their usual Adidas shirt. The new Newcastle United home shirt features the traditional black and white stripes that the Toon is renowned for. The shirt also features a v-neck collar.

What are your impressions of the Newcastle United home jersey for the 2010-11 season? Click the comments link below to share your feedback.

Source: Todo Sobre Camisetas

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55 thoughts on “Newcastle United Home Shirt for 2010-11 Season: Photo”

  1. Missing adidas! They have always made great Newcastle sirts. This kit was nasty! The away kit looks ok, but puma is not Newcastle, sorry!

  2. its is just the old home kit with the puma badge really and i new collar, i loved the adidas one, this just doesnt look right, missing adidas!!!!!

  3. I also dont like Puma, who is funnilly enough the brother of Mr Addi Dassler (Adidas), Rudi, his other half didn’t like his brother much as they were constantly arguing & left the company & formed Puma after the second world war.

    1. They ‘were always arguing’ is a bit of an understatement. Rudi left ‘Adidas’ because his brother was a member of the Nazi party.

      Oh, and I think that this shirt looks wank.

  4. no adidas 3 stripes down the sides:( but will have to get used to that wouldnt have minded seein a new umbro 1 like seen as mike ashley has gr8 contacts wi them (sure he has shares in them)

  5. i can imagine this is not the new kit, as there is too many similarities to the one at the moment, someone is very good at photoshop, as this is a fake aswell

  6. Are you people for real? It’s another striped Newcastle kit. Same as always, bar one or two creative Umbro efforts years ago that people did not like.

    Black. White. Black. White. that’s a NUFC kit! Chill.

  7. LOVING PUMA!!!!

    All three will be ordered. Easily the most wearable-in-public Newcastle shirts in years. I hope these are for real!!!

    KILLS the yellow popsicles, shiny silver, and purple of the past two years. Also glad to be rid of the Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

    Good riddance Adidas, HELLO PUMA!!!

  8. This is not fake!! These photos were shown to a current Newcastle player who confirmed they are the new shirts… Blue away and white 3rd. Indeed the badge does look stuck on and looks very similar to current shirt however this seems to be the real deal…

  9. Is it just me or does this strip look like a piss poor copy that you buy in Turkey for a couple of lyra!!!

  10. I agree. Will miss Adidas. Puma, not quite the same. But at least its not something like Lotto or Dunlop!

  11. Dont like this shirt!!!Newcastle have always been adidas….it just looks wrong with puma on it!!!i hate v-neck collars aswell their so old or somethin???the away shirt is OK…but still if adidas made them they would be way better!!!

  12. This has to be a fake??????? Absolutely NO thought’s gone into this whatsoever. I’ve seen some fantastic designs by fans on various forums using web design software, surely the PR/Merchandising ppl at the club should listen to what ideas the fans have as we’re the ppl who pay good money to buy the shirts. Still hoping for something better when it’s officially launched?

  13. yous all need to give ya heads a shake its black and white thats all that matters, oh no addidas is missing get a grip man will yaz!

  14. Two words: Simply awful!

    I was hoping Puma would modernise our kits and give them a fresh new look; sadly this design lacks any real thought and looks cheap!

    Like many, I have seen some excellent templates and hoped one of them might be the new kit – sadly… not the case.

    The majority of comments seem to be negative. The sad fact is that manufacturers know they are on to a good thing with Newcastle fans, therefore put no effort into their designs because they know the majority of fans will go out and buy these shirts anyway. Don’t think I’ll bother this year.

  15. Nope… I don’t get it.. there will be no excitement from me! I wanted a properly designed shirt like every other team seems to get. We’ve got that crappy iron on graphic and a CAT on our chests to show for working our arses off and getting back to the premiership first time!!! Are you serious! We should be wearing gold plated kits with logo’s of dead cats on the chest and warrior stripes! Alternatively.. They really could neaten that shirt up a little. It looks like some mechanical contraption has thrown up mid design. Not cool!

  16. these are fake man take a look at the badges they have just been stuck on you can tell and it looks lyike cheap nasty material i am a toon supporter and cant wait for the new strip but this isnt it you can tell that all of these strips are fake by looking at them come on lads n lasses look at them properly

  17. these are fake man take a look at the badges they have just been stuck on you can tell and it looks lyike cheap nasty material i am a toon supporter and cant wait for the new strip but this isnt it you can tell that all of these strips are fake by looking at them come on lads n lasses look at them properly

    thanks mark ( GEORDIE )

  18. this shirt is just like mike ashley.waste of space and fucking rubbish. i definatly will NOT be buying this 1

  19. this shirt is horrible and a discrase the one we had with adidas it was way better this shirt will make newcastle untd look cheap and tacky

  20. Addidas was better, but there’s nothing wrong with Puma.
    wish they’d put it all in centre, the logo too 1 side looks odd

  21. Meh, Who cares? You’ll just get relegated again, kit doesn’t matter. Might aswell just not turn up to games.

  22. I see alot of ppl saying look at this… photoshopped… etc.

    All three kits were posted on the net weeks and weeks ago together… They are clearly the real deal. I have recently just been given a puma top for football coaching and this year the cats on the new designs are like rubber and stuck on… not sewn. I am as disappointed as the next person but I think were just going to have to face it that this shirt is going to be our home shirt for 2010/11 season.

    The only way that this will not be the design, is that if Puma have seen the bad feedback surrounding the shirts and felt it was maybe worth changing it at the last moment, this however is really unlikely. I just dont quite understand why they have released the away and third kits and not the home.. But probs just to try and drum up more money from hard working geordies!! Bandits!


  23. Puma is a clear step down in brands. Adidas is lengendary with Newcastle kits. It doesn’t look too bad, but I cant help but think I’m trying to convince myself it’s okay. I just hope its a nice fitted kit. It would be nice if they got rid of that disaster of a sponsor “northern rock.”

  24. seems my apologises have to go out to the person that leaked this shirt and the other 2 they are genuine

  25. i think it looks canny like its an ok make wat else do u want them to do football without shirts overall i like the 2nd kit not think it is better its a new make different design so just be happy nothing brakes the geordies will and proudness.

  26. My husband wont wear anything but Puma and he is a Newcastle fan so he is a happy man. I think the 3rd shirt and training shirts have a better look to them. I agree that Puma could have gave the shirt a new look but there will always be complaints and to be fair, Puma are getting grief for a shirt that as always been the black and white stripe style. I think we should concentrate on what matters which is the game of football. Come on Magpies !!!!

  27. I love the traditional black and white fashion of newcastle united,its an icon.and again i’m happy you’re back again in the premier league.GOODLUCK!

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