Man United Transfer Rumors: Who May Be Coming And Going

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With no more English football to watch, it’s off to play the transfer rumor game again. We all know many of these transfer rumors just end up frustrating us. However, it provides a little bit of a fix while we wait for the World Cup to begin.

Sir Alex and Manchester United have done pretty well for themselves in the transfer market over the years. They saw enough promise in an 18 year old Wayne Rooney to pay about 25 million pounds to Everton, paid around a mere 12 million for Cristiano Ronaldo, and signed a top EPL defender, Patrice Evra, for just over 5 million.

Just like with the Liverpool Transfer Rumors article, the newspaper accuracy for Manchester United stories isn’t too great. The English newspaper with the highest percentage of correct transfer predictions is (again) The Independent with about 40% accuracy. The worst appears to be The People with about 12%.

Here’s three Manchester United transfers in and three Manchester United transfers out that I think are among the more likely.

  • Joe Cole – IN

Joe Cole looks set to leave Chelsea this summer and it’s anyone’s guess as to where he goes. If I were to put money on it, Manchester United would be my bet for Joe Cole. Joe Cole’s ability to be versatile is a huge plus for Manchester United and he could even be used in a forward position for the side.

  • Jack Rodwell – IN

Everton boss, David Moyes, still insists that the youngster isn’t for sale (although we’ve all heard that before). There are quite a few clubs looking to take on the 19 year old midfield player if the sale does happen for the Englishman. I think Manchester United will out Arsenal and the likes for this player if Everton decides to part with him.

  • Karim Benzema – IN

The rumors say Real Madrid seem ready to unload Karim Benzema this summer and Sir Alex is keen to sign the French striker after a failed attempt last summer. Even though I’m listing this as one of the more likely transfer rumors to happen, I think the only way this will happen is if a certain struggling, Manchester United striker is unloaded to free up some funds.

  • Anderson – OUT

There have hardly been many rumors about Anderson but this makes sense to me so I’m putting it on my list. A falling out with the manager followed by a season ending injury seems to me to put Anderson on offer to any and all takers.

  • Dimitar Berbatov – OUT

In my opinion, Berbatov really hasn’t lived up to his over 30 million transfer this season. There haven’t been too many English sides looking at the Bulgarian but he could find his way to another European club next season. The real question is if Sir Alex is willing to give up on the player so quickly (and possibly lose millions) or if he even should do so. Generally, this isn’t the way he operates but pressure to take some of the burden off of Wayne Rooney’s shoulders may change his thinking this time around.

  • Nemanja Vidic – OUT

This is on my list despite how bad of an idea I think this to be. Vidic is a quality defender and I believe Manchester United are making a mistake if they do in fact sell the Serbian. The rumors of his leaving are plentiful, though. Vidic could find himself at any number of top European sides next season if the rumors are true.

What does everyone think are the most likely rumors to come true at Manchester United?


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