Man United Transfer Rumors: Who May Be Coming And Going

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With no more English football to watch, it’s off to play the transfer rumor game again. We all know many of these transfer rumors just end up frustrating us. However, it provides a little bit of a fix while we wait for the World Cup to begin.

Sir Alex and Manchester United have done pretty well for themselves in the transfer market over the years. They saw enough promise in an 18 year old Wayne Rooney to pay about 25 million pounds to Everton, paid around a mere 12 million for Cristiano Ronaldo, and signed a top EPL defender, Patrice Evra, for just over 5 million.

Just like with the Liverpool Transfer Rumors article, the newspaper accuracy for Manchester United stories isn’t too great. The English newspaper with the highest percentage of correct transfer predictions is (again) The Independent with about 40% accuracy. The worst appears to be The People with about 12%.

Here’s three Manchester United transfers in and three Manchester United transfers out that I think are among the more likely.

  • Joe Cole – IN

Joe Cole looks set to leave Chelsea this summer and it’s anyone’s guess as to where he goes. If I were to put money on it, Manchester United would be my bet for Joe Cole. Joe Cole’s ability to be versatile is a huge plus for Manchester United and he could even be used in a forward position for the side.

  • Jack Rodwell – IN

Everton boss, David Moyes, still insists that the youngster isn’t for sale (although we’ve all heard that before). There are quite a few clubs looking to take on the 19 year old midfield player if the sale does happen for the Englishman. I think Manchester United will out Arsenal and the likes for this player if Everton decides to part with him.

  • Karim Benzema – IN

The rumors say Real Madrid seem ready to unload Karim Benzema this summer and Sir Alex is keen to sign the French striker after a failed attempt last summer. Even though I’m listing this as one of the more likely transfer rumors to happen, I think the only way this will happen is if a certain struggling, Manchester United striker is unloaded to free up some funds.

  • Anderson – OUT

There have hardly been many rumors about Anderson but this makes sense to me so I’m putting it on my list. A falling out with the manager followed by a season ending injury seems to me to put Anderson on offer to any and all takers.

  • Dimitar Berbatov – OUT

In my opinion, Berbatov really hasn’t lived up to his over 30 million transfer this season. There haven’t been too many English sides looking at the Bulgarian but he could find his way to another European club next season. The real question is if Sir Alex is willing to give up on the player so quickly (and possibly lose millions) or if he even should do so. Generally, this isn’t the way he operates but pressure to take some of the burden off of Wayne Rooney’s shoulders may change his thinking this time around.

  • Nemanja Vidic – OUT

This is on my list despite how bad of an idea I think this to be. Vidic is a quality defender and I believe Manchester United are making a mistake if they do in fact sell the Serbian. The rumors of his leaving are plentiful, though. Vidic could find himself at any number of top European sides next season if the rumors are true.

What does everyone think are the most likely rumors to come true at Manchester United?

34 thoughts on “Man United Transfer Rumors: Who May Be Coming And Going”

  1. I hate to be THAT guy and go line by line and refuting another dude’s points but of those possible transfers, the only one that I think MIGHT have been likely is Benzema coming in.

    We won’t get anything for Berba with the way he’s played lately, Chelsea would be fools to let go of Cole with the new homegrown rule coming into effect, Rodwell (I believe) just signed an extension with Everton for something like 5 years, Vidic will likely be out after next season (unless he does incredibly well at the WC; or if Mourinho heads to the Bernabéu w/ his penchant for a defensive setup), and Fergie probably won’t be giving up on Ando just yet.

    There’s also the small matter of us being FLAT BROKE.

    We need a creative midfielder (like the guy in my avatar) and if we sign anyone I think it’ll be someone to fill that position.

    I hope I’m wrong though and that we go for Benzema and Gourcuff. But we probably won’t. And getting a striker would be quite pointless anyway as he’ll get a chance to play in our 4-5-1 setup unless Rooney is injured. Berbatov hardly played last season so any guy that comes in (EVEN Benzema) would probably get sat on the bench because Fergie doesn’t like playing the 4-4-2.

  2. Get off of this ‘Anderson out’ BS. Fergie notices the talent Anderson has, all he needs is a stage, a chance. He is a very good enforcing midfielder, but he is criticized for lack of goals. What do you want from the boy? He can only do so much. Sir Alex has stated that Berba is going nowhere. Oh, and one more thing: GET OFF THE VIDA LEAVING BIT. FFS people. I don’t give a **** how much money Madrid or Barca offer, he’s going nowhere.

    Now onto the joke comment posted by ‘Sam’. Broke, eh? Seems as though you don’t pay any attention to Gill, but I don’t blame you. Money is available. But people (like EPLTalk) think that Fergie is gonna Punk everyone and snatch 3 new players. It is not going to happen. Berba has one more year. If he doesn’t find the back of the net at least 20 times, he’s gone, along with Mikey Owen. Fergie doesn’t like the 4-4-2, eh? Need I remind you of the Treble year? Or the 07-08 double year? This season we played 4-5-1 because Rooney was latching on to everything. Fergie just wanted Rooney to get all the service because of his form. Creative midfielder my ass, bro. Free-scoring midfielder maybe, but not creative. We’ve got a few of them already. Considering the form Scholes finished the season on and having Carrick waiting in the wings, we are fine in that area, unless we are surprised a bit by Carrick being sold or the Ginger wizard retiring.

    1. I’m glad that Gill (and more importantly, the Glazers) have such a loyal follower in you Chris.

      We played the 4-5-1 this year because our midfield was so terrible at keeping possession that we had to stack it against every big team (and sometimes the small ones).

      Why would I think the Fergie is going to punk anyone and snatch 3 new players? At the very LEAST we need a creative midfielder and a lethal finisher. Carrick has regressed, Scholes is old and should not be our main creative force in the middle, all Gibbo can do is shoot from distance and what dose that leave us with? Hargo who may or may not figure into any team again? Fletch is a monster but he’s a destroyer. Anderson still isn’t there yet and he ISN’T and enforcer. He was a SS at Porto, taking players on and what not and Fergie’s tried to turn him into a defensive midfielder. It’s almost like he’s forgotten how to score and hasn’t yet learned how to defend.

      Fergie goes on and on about there being no value in the market and so he’s going to stick with the youngsters that we have because they’re apparently coming along so well. That’s precisely why when even Berba was benched, you never saw Diouf, Obertan, or Macheda. For 8-10m we had BETTER see more of Hernandez than we’ve seen of them.

      Everyone around us are making moves and you think we’re fine with our current midfield than we are with bringing in someone like Gourcuff or Benzema (relatively cheap options considering Yoann is valued around £22m and Benzema is coming off a terrible season, SHOULD Madrid decide to sell him) to make an instant impact?

      If the youngsters are so great, Fergie needs to blood them NOW and stop letting them sit on the bench. Yeah, we just missed out on the title by a point and were unlucky to get bounced out of the CL by Bayern but do you think that other teams are going to remain as they are? You think that Chelsea isn’t going to buy. Arsenal already has and while I don’t rate Chamakh too highly, he is a proven talent who actually fits into their squad.

      So we’ll just sit here and rest on our laurels. No value in the market. The Ronaldo money is there. Except if you take into account the extra £75m of debt that just showed up in our account. With the money that we rake in, if were weren’t nearly £700m in debt, we could buy whoever we wanted (though I’m not a fan of getting our pocket run simply because we’re United; but it happened with Berba and is bound to happen with anyone). Instead we’re buying Smalling and Hernandez for a combined £20m and while I think that they could do well in the future, that’s just it. The future, not now, when we need them to in order to challenge for titles. How long is Nev gonna be taking Rafael’s spot? I’m sure you think he’s fine where he is though.

      But like you said, we have the money, there’s just no area of the pitch that needs improvement.

      1. “If the youngsters are so great, Fergie needs to blood them NOW and stop letting them sit on the bench” I totally agree, and not just an if, i do think some more youngsters should be given chances. And we should look to play Ando in a more forward position where he can take on players, I hope he isn’t going anywhere, he has a lot of potential. I would rather Gibson goes!

    1. Don’t really know much about him myself – he was the top scorer in the Mexican league this year, right?

      The best answer I can give is United signed him because Sir Alex sees something in the player and he probably didn’t cost much.

  3. For all his so-called mind games, Fergie generally plays it pretty straight. So when he says Berba isn’t leaving and there’s only one more signing possible, I’d be prepared for that to come to pass.

    Of your list, I’d say that person might be Joe Cole. He’s pretty solid, if unspectacular, and the price is right.

    Forget about Rodwell…new contract at Everton.

  4. I say you sign di Maria and give him the #7. Will be interesting if England make it deep into the world cup and Utd are starting berbatov, macheda and chicharito only up front. Could be a rough start with Rooney given those games off.

    Any news about Owen? Michael not Hargreaves.

  5. I say you sign di Maria and give him the #7.

    Also will be interesting if England advance far in the WC and Utd are only starting Berbatov, Chicharito and Macheda up front. Could be a rough start but plenty of chances for all three to establish themselves. Not a berbatov fan, but knowing that Rooney will miss time tough for me to believe they will start the season without him

    1. you 4got Diouf :)
      but your right,Chicharito will need time to adjust to the premiership,
      Macheda is to hit and miss,and Berbatov is a joke . we need a new forward
      and midfielder this summer,I think Joe Cole and Karim Benzema are just what the doctor ordered but will the Glazer`s give sir Alex the money for new players? i dont think they will but i really hope im wrong.

  6. Sir Alex Ferguson is a master of the press, so I usually don’t believe a word he says. He’s very calculated. In the past, he has said they wouldn’t buy any players and they ended up buying a few. And vice-versa.

    As for Berba, if he has any hope in selling him, he needs to talk up how great Berbatov is and how he wants him to stay at Old Trafford. But the minute a decent offer comes in for the striker, Ferguson will – behind closed doors – try to flog him.

    The Gaffer

  7. I agree with the Gaffer. Fergie is extremely good at using the press. When Rooney was injured in Munich he said Rooney would miss a month yet Rooney played days later. He does this all the time and it surprises me that so many people believe him when he says these things. The first opportunity Fergie has of selling Berbatov he will do it. In the meantime he has to play up the importance of the player to try and get the most for him.

  8. Slight spanner in your works tho’ Gaz:
    Rodwell’s new 5 yr Everton contract will be announced early next week. He was never going anywhere mate – good effort tho’, keep it up.

    1. All a five year deal does is lock in a transfer fee. Rodwell’s available if you want to spend enough.

      1. In a couple of years time for a King’s ransom yes. But obviously not this year as the original poster postulated.

    1. Fergie has said that all of the Man United players participating in the World Cup will not play for United in August – so they get a break.

      The Gaffer

  9. And SAF said that Javier hernandez (chicharito) is going to go thru the same year and a half process that cristiano Ronaldo and nani both went thru, whitch I belive will do well for hernandez cuz he s got talent and I know that because I am Mexican and I’ve watched him play in Guadalajara (chivas) since he was 17 and he was also part of the U-17 Mexico squad that where world champions.

    I belive in you Chicharito you can make it to the top and make all Mexican and Manchester United fans proud

    1. jose b, i hope you are right and he is not another vela playing in the carling cup games or coming of the bench after the 75th minute. i really hope im wrong but for some reason mexican players don’t do too well in england and are better suited in other leagues. like i said i hope im wrong since we would love to see are united back on top.

  10. I really don’t like articles like this that are pure conjecture. Hope I’m not insulting anyone. Maybe I’m just bitter because other people than me write about United. But I do truly feel that so much of soccer journalism is just fanciful speculation. So in truth the speculation just builds more speculation and very, very rarely are any of the rumors based on anything. It’s time-consuming and pointless, designed really just to aggregate clicks or get headlines and whathaveyou. Who cares what might happen. Let’s talk about what’s happening, or, at worse, what happened. In hopes of achieving some sort of neutrality, I will say I don’t find the analysis here-in as off-base, just the speculation.

    1. The criticism is accepted and I understand what you’re saying.

      But aren’t I talking about “what happening”? Clubs are currently not playing and the main targets for these teams right now is to sign or disregard players.

      Just like with the Liverpool article I did (, it’s purely for fun. Most of us know that a lot of these things fall through (it’s likely that none of my 6 “more likely” rumors come true) but it’s what EPL fans talk about during the off-season.

      Also, just to clarify – I’m not saying I think all 6 of these rumors will come true. I’m just pointing out three transfers in and out I think are not too far fetched.

    2. That’s the general idea of Blogs!! I understand where you’re coming from but this is part of the post season drama that fans get their tuppence in! Most of us have asinine views but are happy to have some place to express it!

  11. Okay first of all. I think ManUtd should get rid off these players :
    1. Dimitar Berbatov (Because he is really, really bad, not a team player, no motivation to run after the ball).
    2. Michael Owen (I think he is done).
    3. Owen Hargreaves (But if he can recover from his injuries, then keep him).

    The players that Man Utd should pursue are :
    1. Either Igor Akinfeev, Manuel Neuer, Hugo Lloris (Remarkable GKs, either one of them great replacement once Van der Sar retire).
    2. Marek Hamsik (This dude is amazing. Hands down the most capable player to replace Paul Scholes).
    3. Gareth Bale (He is the Wizard, again, great talent to replace Ryan Giggs).

    I don’t really know ’bout this, but I think that Rio is not what he used to and I think Man Utd should find one or maybe two defensive player such as, Simon Kjaer maybe. For forward, if Benzema really joining Man Utd, lets hope that he won’t be like Berbatov.

  12. why should we sign out anderson,vidic and berbatov? and why joe cole out of all players ,please fans lets sign stars and why not david villa

  13. I do agree with your opinions of what transfers are most likely. However, I don’t actually feel Utd will sell any main players or bring in any either. After signing Hernandes and Smalling the squad has plenty of depth. Players like Owen, Hargreaves and Anderson will hopefully be returning after injury. Fergie seems keen on keeping Berba. Vidic seems to be happy to stay although at one point he seemed to be interested in moving to Spain. Carrick is another possibility to leave after a very disappointing season. Another left winger is also a possibility seeing as Nani seems to prefer playing on the right.

  14. Oh come on! Anderson is a top player. Dont sell him. He has all the potential of becoming a goal machine for united. The only thing that dissapoints me is that Fergie is not playing him in an advanced position. He should be given a some matches to prove his talent next season.JUST DONT SELL HIM!
    IF Karim Benzema is not doing well at Real , how will he at old trafford. Dont buy him!
    We should sell Gibson because the only thing he can do is to blast a ball from far away. He doesnt know about playmaking like Paul Scholes, And fletcher. Scholes is a golden oldie, his abscense will be felt alot after wards. So Man u should get a midfielder like Hamsik or Luka Modric.

    I agree on the point that Manchester live in the future. I like fergies transfer stategies but there is a problem. The youngsters afterwards when they become stars leave. Lokk at RONALDO! So a solution can be that u buy youngsters who are already regarded as stars. Eden Hazard and Holtby are never talked about much, but if one of the comes to old trafford Chelsea will be blown away. And come on get rid of Berba, use him as a make wieght for a better player.
    I also think that we should get some Brazilian spice like Roubinho or Marcelo who are very fast players and are fit for the EPL
    O.K buy for now , Hey no bad words for comments

  15. BERBATOV:fergie have give you opportunities but you refused to make use of it so, i am advicing youto change you style or otherwise you will continue on a bentch looking for OWEN and CHICARITO in a field scoring goals for RED DEVILS.

  16. I will Berbatov, Anderson and Rooney bee sold and kosovo, serbia of montenegro and fd yugoslavia come in. A hate Turkey more than sweden.

  17. ryan giggs will be retireing soon next january ryan giggs is retireing the legend has won over 15 diffrent trophies with man united and he is now leaving football we will miss the legend but we must say goodbye to ryan giggs

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