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Bayern Munich denied treble by determined Inter

 Bayern Munich denied treble by determined Inter

Ever since Bayern picked themselves up from their slouch at the beginning of the season, they’ve seemed unstoppable. With a consistent back-line (which includes some youngsters), a dominant midfield with Schweinsteiger and Van Bommel, and a deadly front-line with Ribery, Robben, and many dangerous strikers like Olic, Klose, and Muller. But this fantastic team was stopped by Jose Mourinho’s staunch and powerful Inter Milan in the Champions League final, ending Bayern’s dream of a historic treble.

The match began strangely, while we all know that Bayern play a more attacking and creative style, we’ve seen Inter Milan knock Barcelona out. Bayern Munich kept the ball well, but were scared of Sneijder’s quick one-twos with Milito. While Bayern heaped pressure on the Italian champions, Inter Milan was able to defend well, and create dangerous opportunities counter-attacking. Milito scored the first on a counter-attack, and Bayern continued to play the same way, feeding everything through Robben.

 Bayern Munich denied treble by determined Inter

While the Dutchman was slippery on the right wing, he was isolated, often having to pass back to van Bommel or the defense. While Olic and Muller tried their best to make themselves dangerous, they were shut down by Lucio and Samuel. It was Altintop that provided spark and direction to the Bavarian’s attack, often cutting in and creating opportunities for himself and his teammates. But the Turkish international was substituted by Louis van Gaal in a strange move to bring Miroslav Klose on. It was soon after that Diego Milito scored again on a counter-attack, the Bayern defense was lethargic, and the midfield was gone on the transition. After that van Gaal tried to put Gomez on to inspire the attack, but he took off the hard-working Olic off, yet another strange move from the Dutch coach in my opinion.

The whole match was strange, it seemed like Bayern Munich didn’t get into the game and they feared Jose Mourinho’s determined side. And while Bayern are full of flair and beautiful attacking football, they were unable to show it against Inter in the most important match. And while this team was denied the chance to make history by completing the treble, next year they could still come strong with the talented youngsters they have.

3 Responses to Bayern Munich denied treble by determined Inter

  1. Eious says:

    I had BM winning 2-1 and was FLOORED at how incredibly ineffective they were around the goal

    I know how great Jose’s D is with a lead but to see them constantly being denied any sort of entrance to score was amazing.

  2. Roeslan says:

    Inter never looked troubled by Bayern’s consistent onslaught because Olic, Klose, Gomez, etc lacked fire power… On the other hand, Bayern’s centrebacks (Van Buyten & Demechelis) were slow & sluggish – that’s why so vulnerable to Inter’s counter-attacks… Van Gaal made a big mistake – taking out Altintop too early in the 2nd half… :-(

  3. Yes, the organization he gets out of his players is amazing, and it’s also important to note that Mourinho’s sides are never susceptible to the counter-attack.

    Thx for the comment.

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