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Blackpool v Cardiff City, Championship Playoff Final: Open Thread

 Blackpool v Cardiff City, Championship Playoff Final: Open Thread

Today’s Championship Playoff Final is often called the richest final in the sport. The winner stands to gain around 90 million pounds, which is far more than the 36 million pound prize on offer in this afternoon’s Champions League final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich.

Needless to say, this match is massive for both Blackpool and Cardiff City. Based on the number of articles in the press and comments posted across the Internet, it seems that most people are hoping for a Blackpool win. I am too but that’s because I’m a Swansea City supporter, Cardiff’s bitter rivals.

Whoever wins today, let’s hope it’s a brilliant match. Before, during and after the final, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below. For those of you in the States, the game will be shown live on Fox Soccer Plus and

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13 Responses to Blackpool v Cardiff City, Championship Playoff Final: Open Thread

  1. Matthew Ellis says:

    I’m hoping that cardiff will win today i am a massive fan and it’s been a funny old season, we have played well and deserve to be where we are! The club and city also need the money as it will help to secure a decent future and stability for us!

    And as for swansea, we are bitter rivals yes but unfortunately guys you lost out this season just like we did last year but wouldn’t it be nice to see a fellow welsh club in top flight? I think people need to get there priorities right!

  2. Ellie says:

    My family have been Blackpool supporters for as long as I can remember, and I am so glad that the players have been given this chance. Granted, Cardiff are a strong side, but Blackpool have a habit of pulling off wonders when it’s important. And with players like DJ Cambell and Charlie Adam, we can’t be taken lightly.

    Lest we forget- Blackpool have had a stellar season, and have earned their place in the final, or dare I say the premiership, win or lose. We have a brilliant manager, a brilliant approach to how we handle our finances, some diamonds for players, and on a good day, we can give some of the Premiership teams a run for their money (though I can admit, if we go up, we come straight back down…)

    The match is seven minutes in, and I am wishing I was watching at Wembly SO MUCH.
    Argh. So gutted.
    I wish both sides all the best – but COME ON YOU SEASIDERS!!!!

  3. Pete says:

    Also available in the US on (previously

  4. Richard the Red (Devil) says:

    What a brilliant goal by Adams. Chopra’s was top class as well. I’m partial to Blackpool in this one because I find it amazing that they might be in the top tier at the end of this one. It’s almost unbelieveable. Much like others, I fancy Ian Holloway. He seems like a good bloke. I also remember going on holiday to the “beautiful” beaches of Blackpool and the rock candy when I was a wee lad.

  5. What a game this is, it’s going to be 7-6 by the end


  6. Vimal says:

    Unbelievable, I was watching this game as a neutral, and what a game it turned out to be, but they just cut off coverage just before the lifting of the cup. If I was a Blackpool fan I would be furious! I don’t believe Setanta would have ever treated a Championship Final with such dis-respect.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Vimal, which channel switched the game off before lifting the trophy? I ended up listening to it on TalkSport.

      The Gaffer

      • Vimal says:

        Sorry, I failed to mention in my earlier post, I’m in the US and it was Fox Soccer Plus. I managed to get the trophy lifting (few mins delayed) by switching to Sky Sports News on Fox Soccer Channel.

  7. Tom says: is the greatest. Unfortunately, I forgot about this game, but just watched the trophy celebrations.

  8. olivert says: routed the CSI international video feed straight through.

    CSI stayed with the trophy presentation, the victory lap, and the victory photo pose.

  9. arsenalyevo says:

    just got done watching the game. It was awesome but damn it what idiot makes the decision to cut the feed when Blackpool are going up the stairs. I understand a few years ago we woudlnt even be seeing a big game like this in the states but not getting to see the trophy lifted is pure stupidty…best of luck to Blackpool in the league next year, i hope they stay up, they are an entertaining side..and what can we do to let fs plus know what a bunch of idiots they are!

  10. Vimal says:

    I sent an official complaint to through their website, it be interested to know if they really give two shits about the fans:

    “I have a complaint of your coverage of the Blackpool Vs Cardiff game shown on Fox Soccer Plus on Saturday 5/22/2010. This game was of huge importance to a lot of fans as it was the Championship Playoff Final, with the winner getting
    promoted to the English Premier League. The live coverage was interrupted before the trophy lifting so everyone who watched the game missed the post match celebrations. I understand that still had the live feed which did
    show the post match celebrations and trophy lifting. Instead of respecting the game, as it should have, you interrupted the live coverage just to thrown in some commercials before the next live event! I am sure I am not
    the only one unhappy with your actions, as it shows disrespect to all Blackpool fans living in the USA who would have wanted to see the celebrations.”

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