Blackpool v Cardiff City, Championship Playoff Final: Open Thread

Football - Cardiff City v Leicester City Coca

Today’s Championship Playoff Final is often called the richest final in the sport. The winner stands to gain around 90 million pounds, which is far more than the 36 million pound prize on offer in this afternoon’s Champions League final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich.

Needless to say, this match is massive for both Blackpool and Cardiff City. Based on the number of articles in the press and comments posted across the Internet, it seems that most people are hoping for a Blackpool win. I am too but that’s because I’m a Swansea City supporter, Cardiff’s bitter rivals.

Whoever wins today, let’s hope it’s a brilliant match. Before, during and after the final, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below. For those of you in the States, the game will be shown live on Fox Soccer Plus and


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