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Blackpool Promoted to Premier League

 Blackpool Promoted to Premier League

Blackpool’s promotion to the best league in the world today was exactly what the Premier League needed. In a season with plenty of highs and lows on and off the pitch, it was down to feel-good stories from Fulham, Portsmouth and Blackpool this season to end the 2009-10 football calendar on a high.

Congratulations go to Blackpool on promotion to the Premier League. They won a hard fought game 3-2 at Wembley against a strong Cardiff side.

This was an unbelievable season for Blackpool and their manager Ian Holloway. The manager has got his side into the top flight of English football for the first time in 40 years. And he did it by getting his side to play as a team rather than a team of individuals.

Blackpool getting promoted to the Premier League would be the US equivalent of Coney Island or Seaside Heights getting promoted to Major League Soccer (if promotion existed in MLS). This is an incredible achievement for a Lancashire club who will definitely be one of the stories of the 2010-11 Premier League season.

Congratulations once again to the Tangerines!

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6 Responses to Blackpool Promoted to Premier League

  1. wouldn’t exactly call Portsmouth a ‘feel good story’ considering how many charities, local businesses and people they have screwed over this year.

    • The Gaffer says:

      True, but it’s been a feel good story on the pitch where they’ve played some wonderful football and showed an incredible self belief even despite everything that was happening off the pitch.

      The Gaffer

  2. Lizzie says:

    Hope you do surpass derby!!

  3. Bruce Gottesman says:

    Great finish for Blackpool, one of the four clubs to beat Newcastle in the Championship next year (any “Viva Blackpool” headlines yet?). I am a little disappointed that neither of the two Welsh sides won promotion. Cardiff are going to have some financial difficulties, but Swansea should be one of the favorites to go up next year. Obviously Portsmouth is in deep trouble, and Hull may sell off a bunch of players too. The top 6 in the Championship next year could look like Burnley, Forest, Swansea, Leeds (how can you not root for them?), Boro, and Sheffield United.
    Anyway, I always argue that US sports should have relegation/promotion. Why should cities like Louisville and Omaha have no chance to ever have major league franchises? Why should a team (like my own Florida Panthers) be allowed to be terrible for year after year without any worry that the cash cow that is a major league television rights package will ever go away?

  4. Pakapala says:

    As they stand right now do Blackpool meet the requirements to be in the EPL? I know in all likelihood they will use the money the receive and go to work right away to upgrade their stadium. But let’s say they fail to meet those requirements on time, which team would be rewarded their spot: the team ranked 18th in EPL season 09-10 or playoff finalist Cardiff?

  5. Atlanta Seasider says:


    Yes – we meet the requirements to be in the Prem… its a small ground compared to others, its not finished yet either but believe you me – Blackpool will be playing Premier League football… have no fear of that ..

    Theres are rules but not like NCAA rules like you have here if you want to go from AA to AAA

    We are living the dream …

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