Juventus begins to make changes

Andrea Agnelli

Juventus have decided to begin their rebuilding, a whole new set of staff will be deciding summer transfers and beginning the 2010/2011 season with a different mindset. Having arrived 7th this past season, Juventus will be missing out on Champions League football for next year, and they’ll have to go through  qualifications for Europa League football. It’s certainly time for rebuilding for the bianconeri, and it seems like they’re getting the right people to do it.

It was first announced that the new president would be Andrea Agnelli, and soon after that, it was announced that Giuseppe Marotta would take on the role of Director General for Sport Affairs. When Marotta was at Sampdoria, he revolutionized and reorganized the club, bringing them promotion and key signings. He brought Antonio Cassano to Sampdoria from Real Madrid, and also brought Giampaolo Pazzini from Fiorentina, two extremely vital signings for the blucerchiati. So it’s very possible that we’ll see Juventus make smarter and better signings with the help of Marotta, and as it’s rumored, the 80 million Euros that he’ll have to spend will come in very handy.

Luigi Del Neri new Juventus coach

As for the coach, Zaccheroni is gone and has been replaced by Luigi Del Neri, Sampdoria’s coach this past season. Del Neri took Sampdoria to the fourth Champions League spot but has still decided to leave the club for Juventus, and the project for Juve’s future will revolve around him. A great tactician and motivator, Del Neri also has an astute sense of the game which has helped him make smart signings and keep difficult players like Cassano under control. I for one hold Del Neri in extremely high regard, and I remember his days at Atlanta where his side would be extremely well set up, prepared for anything, and getting results like the famous 3-1 win over Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan. Under Del Neri’s direction, I think Juventus could be setting themselves up for a great future with a great Italian coach like him.

And so we see Juventus try to begin a rebuilding plan, while some were thinking that Rafael Benitez from Liverpool would arrive, it seems like the society wants to head in a different direction. They’ll probably begin to build the team around Diego and Felipe Melo, using their young Italian talent like Giovinco and Marchisio to further boost the team, and hopefully, these changes will result in a scudetto or more from Juventus.

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  1. I am not sure Juventus fans realize the amount of changes they need

    Their depth is poor, their youngsters are not THAT great, and their conditioning was a joke

    They need a few years to get back to the top-top, imo

  2. Yes, but we’ve seen the power of a motivated Juventus team, while they are missing some important things that you have mentioned, I think that what they’ve been missing the most is solidity in the management.

    Thx for the comment.

  3. Juve suffered from injuries throughout the season but what many forget is P. Nedved’s retirement. The Czech star is a big loss and then you add to that the aging care of the team in the shape of Del Piero, Trezeguet, Camoranesi and Cannavaro and you get some of the reasons behind Juve’s failure this season.

    The signings have been ill-advised and have failed to impressed, but as Niccolo mentioned the main problem is the management itself which has failed to make the appropriate decisions. The wrong players were signed and the inadequate coaches were hired from Ranieri to Ferrara to Zaccheroni.

    Even worse, Zaccheroni was hired on a short-term basis meaning the players really did not feel his authority since they knew he will be gone by the summer. The management made mistakes and the changes were necessary.

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