Poll: Should Cesc Fabregas Join Barcelona?

Football - Arsenal v FC Barcelona UEFA Champions League Quarter Final First Leg

Here we go again. Reports are coming out of the British media that Cesc Fabregas has told his friends that he wants to leave Arsenal and go to Barcelona. And, at the same time, Barcelona has confirmed that they want to sign Fabregas but note that they need to discuss the matter with Arsenal FC.

But for the good of Arsenal Football Club and Cesc Fabregas, should he leave and join Barcelona or not? Vote now.

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30 thoughts on “Poll: Should Cesc Fabregas Join Barcelona?”

  1. I’m an Arsenal fan and don’t want to see him go but this time will not improve much more under Wenger so the hell with it.

  2. The grass will always seems greener. Strikes me that with Ibra last year and Cesc and Villa this year, Barca are looking to match Madrid’s Galacticos strategy.

  3. I think once a player has got it into his head that he wants to leave then you might as well let him go. Otherwise he’ll be at a club that he doesn’t want to be at and thus wont be giving 100%.
    If i was wenger, i would slap a big fee on his head and use the money to buy a couple of players. I think nasri could probably slot right into fabregas’s roll and do a decent job.

  4. Is it just me who thinks that what happened to Aaron Ramsey this season seemed to be a turning point for Fabregas?

    1. Very good point Andrei. C. Ronaldo made similar statements last year about there not being enough protection for players in England.

  5. Isn’t Barcelona in the midst of a board election, so like a politician, the candidates will promise the moon in order to get coveted votes?

  6. Can someone explain to me how Barcelona expects to accommodate Fabregas in the midfield? Seems to me that he’d be best suited in one of the spots currently occupied by Xavi and Iniesta, but I think Barca would be crazy to separate those two even if it meant replacing one of them with Cesc. And I doubt Fabregas would thrive in, or even accept, the deeper midfield role currently held by Busquets, Toure, etc. This seems like the sort of move that is liable to leave at least one world class player starving on the bench.

  7. I would love to see him stay at Arsenal. I’m a Man Utd fan but he is a joy to watch.

    O/T but Gaffer, a forum friend on another message board informed me (via Richard Deitsch’s twitter) that John Harkes will work with Martin Tyler for the USA games.

  8. im a man u fan and want to face him instead of nasri or ramsey or rosicky or diaby or denilson. by the way if he goes who slides to his attacking midfield role.

  9. Yes he should. That’s his home town club and they are challenging on all fronts…Arsenal are not close to where he could be with Barcelona…I think Wenger knows this was going to happen one day and with any Barcelona youth product as Pique at man United…what’s incredible is that when he does get sold Arsenal will make an unbelievable profit for a player that Barcelona essentially developed but Arsenal gave him the games…I think it puts an onus on Wenger to develop players from within rather than poaching them only to see them move on when they have made it…this will happen with other players like Merida and Macheda and Petrucci at man United who were poached from big Italian clubs.

    Wenger cut your losses, sell Cesc for 35 mill and buy a Stephen Ireland or James Milner for 10 and 25 mill respectively. An unhappy player is the wrong player to have in your squad…see Ronaldo RM saga…

    1. good point but i love the epl more then la liga. by the way can we get wenger to replace rongen for usa u-21.

    2. I second that (or third). Once it’s known he wants to go, he needs to go. Damn shame to see him rot on the bench at Barca like Hleb did tho. Hm. Wonder if he’ll regret it as much as Hleb does now and realize Wenger was the best teacher he ever had?

      I’ll take Ireland too. City’s nutz to keep him on the sideline. The Gunners will be just as good with the stacks of skilled midfielders they have to fill the space.

      If he does go.

      If he actually wants to go. ‘Cause man, if he wants to stay, we know we all love watching him.

      Please stay Cesc. *sniff*

  10. I really want him to stay but if he wants to leave then fine, give us Ya Ya and 25 million pounds and he can piss off.

  11. He’s a physically weak player and in The EPL that’s a huge disadvantage. I say for is own health and let him leave and play in that holiday league called La Liga. There he can play with a mojito in his hand and still win all the games.

  12. Absolutely

    Arsenal is not going to be winning a PL title anytime soon nor challenging for a CL Title

    Go to Barca where he can win both almost yearly (well, he wont be he will prob win a few)

  13. Fabergas should stay at Arsenal. If you look back and see other players that have left they have all dipped in form.

    1. To be fair, though, none of those other players were either Catalan or 22 years old.

      But I’dve hoped he’d wait until Xavi got a little older

  14. I am a die hearted arsenal fan and it would be a sad day to see Cesc go, but the mr. Wenger need to buy quality players to support Cesc so that the club can win trpohies. trophy or torphies must be won next season, if not Cesc shuold go and Wenger would be in no position to presuade him to stay becasue he is a class player who deserve to win trophies.

  15. fabregas stay in arsenal for good because does who letf have droped from pls stay with arsenal and win some cup

  16. Let him go & rot on the bench @ Barca, he knws very wel dat any good coach wnt sacrifice Xavi or Eniesta for him, @least in Arsenal he ws guaranteed a place bt if he wnts 2 go back 2 a holiday @ Barca he should go, we dnt need unhappy players

  17. Im a barça fun, and must say it would be great to see him coming back home though obviusly its hard for Arsenal to let him go. Of course, he,s got a place in the barça midfield, Iniesta has been injured nearly the whole season and has always muscle problems and Xavi and Messi have not been enough this year to reach the Champions league final again. Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas can have 2 places in the midfield, even Iniesta has played many times as forward, so they could definitelly also play together with Villa and Messi. Arsenal will sell a player and get a lot of millions, when he came free, after having enjoyed him for 7 years, quite good deal, isn’t it?

  18. Why do Barca want Fabregas anyway?

    “We’ve got the best players. See, even the substitute bench is world-class”. Maybe this is what the coach wants to tell everyone.

    Barcelona kept pushing Fabregas to join them for years resulting in his unsettlement. Maybe Arsenal too should have done the same with one of their star players.

    Why dont you swap Fabregas with one of your talents? … Xabi, Iniesta, Messi….

    Henry, Hleb and Ibrahimovic are some examples as to what happens if Fabregas goes to Barca.

    So brother Cesc, let Arsene be your teacher.

  19. I’m glad he’s staying and I hope he stays for years to come, though I can’t see that happening.
    But I don’t see why Fabregas wants to go back, Barca carted him off to us when he was young because they thought he wasn’t and wouldn’t be a good enough player for the ‘almighty’ Barca and Arsenal doing what Arsenal do best, turn a young lad into one of the best footballers around and now they want him back, why should they get the greatest players without putting the work in (for example, Thierry Henry and David Villa). And I wish Fabregas would see that, and realise this is where he belong, we turned him into the player he is today, and he won’t find the love he gets from us at Barca.

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