Manchester United Away Shirt for 2010-11 Season: New Photo

A new photograph of Manchester United’s away jersey for the 2010-11 season has been leaked on the Internet.

The new design, which looks much better in this picture than the close-up photo, features a white shirt with black and red trim. Designed and manufactured by Nike, and sponsored by Aon, the new shirt will be worn for the first time during Manchester United’s summer tour of North America.

What do you think of the new away shirt? Click the comments link below to share your opinion.

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66 thoughts on “Manchester United Away Shirt for 2010-11 Season: New Photo”

  1. I will stick to what I said earlier. It’s a refreshing change in design from Nike. Simple white with bits of the club’s home colours. Reminiscent of late 80’s/90’s away templates. Decent Job Nike – well done.

    1. with all due respect but (esta loco la camisa esta fea.) i love man u and for the next season i will buy the home shirt which is also ugly but a little less ugly. and by the way aon is a indian company i heard but of what. brn442 glory glory man utd.

      1. What does it matter where the sponsors come from ?. Are you seriously saying that a an Asian company is any less viable as a sponsor of Man Utd than an American one (Such as AIG) because they are white ??? Is this a matter of getting a viable sponsor or you being a racist ??

        1. Watcher…. Read the comment properly which jose stated. He is purely asking what they did? not why we have any asian sponsor or questioning where there from. Jose, AON undetakes the following: global provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human capital consulting. Another question for you watcher…(SARCASTIC QUESTION JUST INCASE YOUR GULLABLE ASWELL AS A LITTLE SLOW) are they all white at AIG then?

      2. Aon was founded in chicago by irish-americans. Aon means one in irish as they used to be two separate companies.

  2. Wow! That’s awful! I do suppose that United might gain an advantage when the other team is too busy puking after seeing those sleeves.

  3. Its not bad.It looks better than 09-10 to me…At least it took away that “power ranger” look. Its just a simple design, glory2 Man Utd!

    1. excuse me im a power ranger fan and i liked the 09-10 look i like this years home and away the only thing about the away is in looks to much like a training top

  4. Those are pretty bad, look like the awful 90’s jerseys, really reminds me of the ’94 World Cup. Hope the other Nike shirts, mainly Arsenal’s, don’t follow the same direction.

  5. Well well well…Nike WTF ?! That’s the ugliest shirt bearing the Nike Logo that i’ve EVER seen in my life. That’s a total failure of a design, u’re trying to make it look simply while maintaining abit of color in it concerning the team that is, but what u came up with is a total fail, i’d rather buy the old shirt than this weak excuse of a shirt, go fire ur designers and get Italian ones, cz Inter’s design is surely miles apart beauty wise..nice job in making United look bad Nike, real nice job *applaud*

  6. The kit looks cheap, I was really disappointing in Nike’s last designs of the shirt, but this one takes the cake. It’s by far the worst I’ve seen in ages. Addidas is absolutely killing Nike in design atm.

  7. Don’t hate it – don’t love it. Like it more than the home/away 09-10 shirts for sure though. The sleeves remind of the early 90’s adidas kits (especially the 92 Liverpool FA Cup shirts). I’ll take simplistic over the super tech looking kids that almost look like batman suits (newer Chelski/Bolton for example).

    Are people really serious when they say they like the Inter kit? Really? Looks like something you could pick up at Wal-Mart that a 9 year old would wear. Dragons on football shirts?

    All a kit needs is the crest, a tastefully sized sponsor logo, and a tasteful use of club color. Its football — not NASCAR or F1. Keep that snazzy garbage on MLS shirts and cars.

  8. better than last seasons by far!!! glad too see “AIG” gone!! however need to step up a gear as adidas shirts lead the way….FACT!!!!

    1. thoughts exactly. This isn’t a fashion parade. Too many people here focusing on the wrapper, not enough on the product.

  9. Both designs are a massive improvement on recent shirts, especially this year’s home which was the worst in living memory (and it had a lot of competition for that title). The away shirt is classy and simple – great design.

  10. I’m not too thrilled about this shirt. To be honest I didn’t like last years away shirt in the beginning either, but I warmed up to it during the season. I’m sure we’ll see them wear this against west ham on the 29th and see how we feel about it them

  11. i personally think that the home kit is very nice, this one isnt as nice, but dont think it deserves this much abuse, simple united colours, not like its covered in grafiti (inter shirt). Aslong as good players are wairing it and winning in it, thats what united’s really about. its simple, if you dont like it then dont waste your money on it, maybe then nike will get the hint.

  12. This looks a little better than the home jersey because it doesnt have a collar, nobody likes collars. Id still buy and wear both though cuz im a Man Utd fan.

  13. I kinda like it. The problem I have: I live in Germany and the colouring on the sleeves looks a lot like the old german flag during world war 2. wearing this would make people think I’m a fascist.
    I know it’s the club colours, but it’s really not easy with these colours over here.

  14. adidias own football shirt designs.. they are the best.. always have been.. always will.. every nike football shirt are crap.. the only half decent one is inter milans new away kit.. i do kind of like this shirt but its just too plain.. SORT IT OUT NIKE!!!!

  15. Any real united fan, like myself, who actually support and love the club for who they are shouldn’t really be bothered what the shirt looks like because they shouldn’t even be thinking about putting anymore money into the glazers banks accounts!! REAL UNITED FANS: DON’T BUY ANY OF THE SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I was really disappointed with last year’s jerseys. This year’s home kit is okay, and if this is true, than that is the most disgusting jersey I’ve ever seen. I hate to say it, but Chelsea’s away kit looks pretty nice, I’ve gotta admit it.

  17. I think it is nice ….. when is it coming out ??? …….

    Chantelle Hughes
    Manchester United

  18. wow, that’s horrible! especially as your first new kit with a new sponsor- pathetic. black would have been good (maybe as a 3rd kit), but would need to have the collar too. this shirt looks more like a training top, should have a black collar to be considered as a match shirt.

  19. United is my 1 and only team, and Nike is my favorite designer. but, frankly speaking, am not feeling this, dont knw bout you. Thanks

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